INTEGRATION – Week 3 – Pt. 1

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How inner peace can help us to sleep well

Dear Creatrix,

How are you today?

Do you feel well-rested? Did you try some of the techniques yet, that make it easier to fall asleep at night? How did it go?

In the past few lessons, I’ve already mentioned the science of sleep and how there are certain things that we can do during the day to sleep better at night.

These involve food (and when and how we eat during the day), exercise, and how we can use temperature, design and lighting to create an environment which allows us to sleep well.

And we will go into more detail with some of these in the next two lessons.

We also looked at the different tools we can use to help us fall asleep at night (in the last lesson).

But there is one thing, that I believe, is most important to have when it comes to sleeping well.

And that is inner peace.

It seems to me that everybody is making this into something that’s very difficult to attain, when really, I think, it takes nothing but human decency.

When we think something is difficult, it is.

When we think that it is not, it is not.

So we might as well change the narrative here, today.

To live with inner peace is actually the easiest thing.

All you have to do for it is to stop lying to yourself and others.

And then to forgive yourself and all other people for everything, always.

Just imagine how easy and love filled your life would be if you did this.

Also, you can allow yourself to stop getting mixed up in other people’s business and only mind your own. (Really, this is the greatest relief in the world, at least it was for me)

And as an addition, you get to always be kind to yourself and all other people and beings.

If you mess up, you own your mistakes, apologize, learn and move on.

And every day, you do the best you can, simply by acting, knowing and being aware that the choices you make are based on what’s best for all – and not just to please your ego.

I am actually writing a book about how to put this into practice, and you are very much invited to read the introduction here and wait for the publication, if you’d like to familiarize yourself even more with the practice of living a joyful, peaceful and fulfilling life.

Because the more we practice this, the easier all of our lives get.

And you can really only win with this in every way.

Abraham Maslow, who came up with the concept of self-actualization and coaching as an alternative to psychotherapy, said that we have certain needs that have to be met, to develop fully and freely and shape the world around us creatively.

These include our Physiological needs (housing, food, water), Safety and Security (peace, freedom to move and express), Love and Belonging (friendships & family), Self-Esteem (ability to contribute and be respected) and Self-Actualization (to know and express in the best possible, most fulfilling & useful way).

As I see it, though, we often have to act from a place where we don’t have all these things.

In times of war, change and financial crises, security seems relatively unattainable, for example.

But even more general and in all times, life is uncertain and loss and death are immanent.

And so, to live with inner peace, authentically and to express creatively, we move from trying to control our circumstances to cultivating our inner security, certainty, trust and hope to be able to stand strong even in the face of uncertainty.

There is actually also a science of hope, which points out that hope is the most fundamental element we need to create change.

We need to be hopeful that we can actually feel better, if we want to change our lives.

We also need hope to think that we can actually step into the role of becoming the custodians of our planet (again) instead of exploiting it and destroying ourselves.

So, to trust that we can actually create the changes we need, and have hope for our future, and thus live with inner peace, as we feel we are contributing to this in the bet possible way, we have to create a belief system that supports us in this and allows us to see that everything in this world is actually working in our favour – even if it might temporarily not seem this way.

So, today, in this lesson, I would like to invite you to come and explore with me, why there is hope, not only for humanity and our planet, but also why we have all the reasons to have a positive outlook on our future and how we can contribute in the best way, to create a peaceful future, not only for ourselves, but for all.

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There are so many things that I have just recently understood that I wish I had known all my life.

You are incredibly powerful.

One of these things was to …

🌈 You have the power to create your reality.

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