How are you?

I’m Verena and I am here to help you clear space for more love and freedom in your life.

I’m also a coach, author, speaker, explorer, artist, house renovator, dog and plant mum, friend, cook and many other things.

I made this website to inspire you to live your best life as your best self and I’d be delighted to be able to help you get there. Book a free call with me, check out the blog or sign up to my newsletter for free information, or book one of my courses.

Do you think it’s time for more love and freedom in your life?
Yes? I thought so.

I might not know where you are at right now and what your specific questions are, but I’d love to find out.

What I do know is, that for most of my life I did not think I would be able to live a life on my own terms, and find happiness, love and freedom doing it.

Instead, I kept up a facade, did what, I thought, was expected of me and secretly dealt with addictions, fear, anger, depression and a lot of confusion and frustration.

It was only when I found the right teachers, methods and tools and understood that I needed to change my beliefs, free myself of other people’s opinions and tune into my own inner guidance that I could move beyond confusion and actually be of service in this world, without sacrificing my own well-being.

If you’re curious to learn more about how you too can overcome all challenges in your life and contribute to this world fuelled by love – apply for a free, safe and confidential 30-min consultation call to see if working together is a good fit.

I know that you can achieve great things in your life and that you deserve to be happy and enjoy your life.

And I know that our world needs more of your input and to hear your unique perspective.

You are already whole and perfect. You are a gift. It’s time for you to start living your best life.

Ready to give it a try?

Verena, portrait in front of grey wall

Thoughts I relate to

“Knowledge is only a rumour
until it lives in the bones”

– Asaro tribe

“It’s no measure of health
to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

– Jiddu Krishnamurti

“The aim of each thing which we do
is to make our lives and the lives of our children richer and more possible.”

– Audre Lorde

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”

– Mary Oliver


Practice a year full of exploration, love and liberation.


To create a world in which every human being and all other life can flourish, a world which is based on love, collaboration and the freedom to choose.

To see more people become aware that we are nothing more or less than a fantastic & incredible part of nature, each with our own unique role to play – each of us powerful, creative and responsible for our own lives and the future of our planet, yet no one ever alone in this.

To see more self-actualized people, conscious businesses and a shifted sense of responsibility and governance so we can all live in a world filled with love and freedom.

What could self-actualization look like on a personal level?

We know who we are, what we want and need, and when we have enough. We understand that we can only flourish and secure our future if the people and environments around us flourish as well. Not only that, but we also understand that there is enough for all and that we do not need to compete.

We acknowledge our privileges and actively unlearn our prejudices. We meet each other and learn from each other and see the abundance in our different experiences and the potentials that come from that. We become aware of our interconnectedness and global responsibility as well as the responsibilities for our own lives.

We create safe and inspiring communities and work places, so that no one has to face hardships alone, and we can all rise up together. We show solidarity with all other beings and make the protection of our earth and ecosystems a priority. So that each being can flourish, thrive, contribute in their own ways and receive support when needed.

We become more conscious and resilient, live our lives with ease and care and let ourselves be guided by love.

How can we start to live self-actualized lives?

We start the work with ourselves. To find out who we are, what it is that we really want and need, and what we can let go of so that there will be enough for all. We understand that we are one part of a system that needs all of its parts to work together and not against each other, for each of us to flourish.

We do the hard work of unlearning our prejudices and lack mentality. So that we can see the beauty in our differences, build trust in our mutual support, and realize that every problem, crisis, challenge is nothing more or less than an opportunity to transition and grow and that there is enough for all.

We put what we learn into practice and take it into our communities, work places, governments so that we can all flourish together and that the ripple effects we create may influence more people.


To offer high quality and highly effictive one-on-one and group coachings, workshops, retreats and self-learning programmes that support self-actualization for individuals, businesses and other institutions.

To provide resources on how to reach self-actualization and unleash your full potential to anyone interested, independent of their budget –  on this website, in my newsletter and through talks, guest-articles, collaborations and other engagements.

To never stop choosing love and freedom in any given moment. To never stop growing, listening and practising critical self-reflection, testing new ways and leading by example.

Would you like to enter deeper into your self-actualization journey with me?



In September 2021 I started the InnerMBA, a nine-month immersion program organized by Sounds True, LinkedIn and wisdom 2.0. The program features leading wisdom teachers, business academics and researchers, as well as conscious CEOs all offering their teachings on how to increase self-awareness, create exceptional teams, and turn business into a force for good. Some of my teachers in the programme were: Tara Brach // Jack Kornfield // Rose Marcario // Amishi Jha, PhD // Michelle Maldonado // Jeremy Hunter, PhD // Sharon Salzberg // Richard Strozzi-Heckler, PhD // Ari Weinzweig // Lorna Davis // Steve Macadam // Caroline Myss // Dan Goleman // Lisa Lahey, EdD // Melissa Carter. It’s been a wonderful learning opportunity and I’m really excited to be able to share some of the wisdom with you.


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Verena’s BIO

Verena Spilker (°80) is a coach, anthropologist, writer, speaker, artist and designer living in Lower Saxony (Germany). She holds an MA in Cultural Anthropology, Political Sciences and Russian philology and graduated with honours from Leipzig University in 2010.

Since then, she’s been working for different NGOs in Germany and Ukraine, is engaged in various fields related to music, art, anti-racist and queer-feminist work. She’s the founder of Transnational Queer Underground and was the host of a radio show for 17 years.

She’s been working as a freelance web and media designer since 2014 and as a freelance coach since 2022.

Formal Education

2022 // Start of Naturopathic Training
2022 // Graduation Inner MBA
2010 // M.A. from Leipzig University
2000 // High School Graduation
1998 // Foreign Exchange Semester USA

2010 // Abschluss Magistra Artium [Note 1,7]
Studium der Ethnologie, Politikwissenschaft und Russistik
2001-2005 Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
2005-2010 Universität Leipzig

2000 // Abschluss Abitur
Gymnasium Bramfeld, Hamburg
Leistungskurse: Englisch und Kunst
Prüfungsfächer: Philosophie und Mathematik Stufensprecherin [12. und 13. Klasse]

1998 // Auslandssemester Chula Vista High School, San Diego, USA


German – mother tongue
English – fluent
Hungarian – good knowledge
Russisch – good konowledge
Spanisch – good konowledge
Ukrainisch – basic konowledge
Romanes – basic konowledge

Special Knowledge

Html/CSS – very good
WordPress – very good
SEO – very good

W3C-Standards – very good
Microsoft® Office – very good
Adobe® Photoshop® – very good
Adobe® InDesign® – very good
Adobe® Illustrator® – very good
Sound Studio® – very good
Native Instruments® Traktor – good

Drivers Licence BE C1


Winner Berlin + East Germany Prestige Awards 2020 – Web Design Specialist of the Year


2022-now // Self-Actualization Coach – freelance coach for individuals, groups & companies.


2021-2022 // InnerMBA A nine-month immersion program.
2022 // Optimize Coach Training – A 300-day training programme on virtuous and optimal living by Heroic.
2021 // Professional Life Coach Training – Transformation Academy
2010 // Conflict Management Training – Together For Peace / Batumi, Georgia

Web and Media Design

2002-now // web and media designer, freelancing, Göttingen, Leipzig, Berlin. Since 2014 self-employed, working for a.o. Amadeu-Antonio-Stiftung, Lola für Lulu in MV, DeutschPlus, Initiative Burak Bektas.


2014-jetzt // neue Entwicklungen im Berieich Webdesign, gendergerechter Zugang, Sicherheit, Datenschutz und Barrierefreiheit im Internet, Berlin.

2013 // Webdesign und Programmierung, Berlin. HTML5, CSS3, CMS, SEO und JavaScript.

2013 // Barrierefreiheit im Netz, Berlin.

2002 // HTML-Kurs an der Georg-August Universität Göttingen

work experiences

2016-2018 // Coach, self-employed, Expath, Berlin – Supporting highly qualified workers from different countries to transition to living in Germany.

2018-2020 // support worker at a therapeutic shared housing facility, KommRum e.V., Berlin.

2010-2011 // Koordinatorin Freiwilligendienst, Amaro Drom e.V., Berlin Registrierung für und Aufbau von FSJ und Europäischer Freiwilligendienst.
Betreuung von fünf ausländischen Freiwilligen, Entsendung deutscher Freiwilliger, Organisation, Betreuung und Abwicklung von internationalen Jugendbegegnungen und Seminaren.

2009-2010 // Mentorin, Roma-Gadje Dialogue Through Service
Betreuung von zwei ausländischen Freiwilligen in Berlin. Organisation und Durchführung von Seminaren für alle Freiwilligen des Programms in Deutschland.

2008-2009 // Freiwillige, Diakonisches Jahr im Ausland, Uzhhorod, Ukraine
Webdesign, Design, Übersetzungen, Unterstützung der Menschenrechtsarbeit in Roma NGOs. Entwicklung und Leitung von Seminaren für Freiwillige.
Vertiefen meiner Sprachkenntnisse (Ungarisch/Russisch).

2002-2005 // Verkäuferin, DisRecords, Plattenladen, Göttingen Verkauf, Veranstaltungsorganisation, Einkauf.

2000-2001 // Freiwillige, Diakonisches Jahr im Ausland, Szernye, Ukraine. Betreuerin im Kindergarten einer Roma-Schule.
Kritische Auseinandersetzung mit Armut, Segregation, Rassismus und Religionen. Erlernen einer neuen Sprache (Ungarisch).



Transnational Queer Underground e.V. – head of organization
FG Gender – founding member


2019 // Practitioners’ Lab: Arts and Culture under Pressure, Zagreb, Croatia
2019 // Tallinn Feminist Festival, Tallinn, Estonia

2019 // ArtGora Forum, Riga, Lettland
2011 // Study Visit, Discover Caucasus – Volunteering in Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgien.
Aufbau und Ausbau von Strukturen für Freiwilligendienste. Austausch von best practices.

2012 // Teamerin, Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste, Uzhhorod, Ukraine. Leitung des Summercamps, Organisation und Kommunikation vor Ort, Vor- und Nachbereitung, Abrechnung.

2011 // Teamerin, Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste, Uzhhorod, Ukraine. Leitung des Summercamps, Organisation und Kommunikation vor Ort, Vor- und Nachbereitung, Abrechnung.

2011-2015 // Herausgeberin, Make Out Magazine, Berlin
Auswahl und Redigieren der Beiträge, Vertrieb, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Veranstaltungsorganisation, Webdesign.

2010 // Veranstalterin, be_cunt, FLT*I Sex-Party Reihe, Berlin
Programmgestaltung, Raumgestaltung, Veranstaltungsorganisation, Webdesign.

2010 // Veranstalterin, Lad.i.y.fest, Berlin
Programmgestaltung, Raumgestaltung, Design, Veranstaltungsorganisation.

2011 // Study Visit, Volunticipate – Volunteering in Roma and Jewish Organisations, Bánki Tó, Ungarn.

2010 // Conflict Management Workshop, Kobuleti, Georgien. u.a, Austausch über regionale Konflikte mit Menschen aus über 20 Ländern, Gespräche mit IDPs, Forum-Theater Workshop.

2009-2020 // Herausgeberin, Transnational Queer Underground, Berlin Programmentwicklung, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Veranstaltungsorganisation, Web- und Mediendesign, Finanzverwaltung.

2007 // Ethnologie Exkursion, Shutka, Mazedonien
Sprachkurs Romanes, 50 Unterrichtseinheiten + Exkursionen.

2005 // DAAD Stipendium, Sommerschule Lviv, Ukraine. Sprachkurs Ukrainisch 85 Unterrichtseinheiten + Exkursionen.

2004 // DAAD Stipendium, Sommerschule Bischkek, Kirgistan. Sprachkurs Kirgisisch 44 Stunden, 5 landeskundliche Vorlesungen + Exkursionen.

2004 // Teilnehmerin, EU Presidency Enlargement Arts Event, Dublin, Irland Mitarbeit an einem Kunstprojekt zur EU-Erweiterung. Repräsentantin für Deutschland

2006-2007 // Veranstalterin, Queerer Lesekreis, Leipzig Textauswahl, Diskussionsleitung

2006-2007 // DJ & Veranstalterin, A Queer Night Out, Staubsauger, Leipzig Organisation der ersten queeren Partyreihe in Leipzig.

2005-2008 // Journalistin, Persona Non Grata, Leipzig Musikrezensionen, Interviews, Artikel, Radiomoderation.

2004-2005 // DJ & Veranstalterin, Analog Disco, Kabale, Göttingen – Organisation der ersten queeren Partyreihe in Göttingen.

2003 // Teamleiterin, Children International Summer Villages, Knoxville, TN, USA Betreuung der deutschen Kinderdelegation.

2002-2004 // DJ & Veranstalterin, Musik & … , Rodeo Bar / King Kong Klub, Göttingen – Monatliche Partyreihe zu bestimmten Themen in Göttingen.

2001-2017 // Moderatorin und Programmdirektorin, Radiosendung balm&creak, Stadtradio Göttingen, Göttingen. Moderation, Programmgestaltung (Musik und Themenauswahl), Interviews.


2019 // Transnational Queer Underground and queer life + work in Berlin. Bedtalks Berlin, Deutschland

2019 // A queer Perspective on Art, Culture & Activism, TALFF, Tallinn, Estonia

2019 // A queer Perspective on Art, Culture & Activism, KRETS Malmö, Sweden.

2019 // Identity in Germany, NY Universtity, Berlin, Germany.

2019 // A queer Perspective on Art, Culture & Activism, ArtGora Forum, Riga, Lettland.

2012 // Roma zwischen Romantisierung und Ausgrenzung, Hamburg, AG Queer Studies, Universität Hamburg, Deutschland.

2011 // Roma und Sinti in Europa, Hamburg, Kolloquium Forschungsgruppe Intersektionalität, TU Hamburg

2010 // Queer Music, Wiesbaden,
Gegenbeispiele zum Sexismus in der Popkultur, Schlachthof Wiesbaden

2009 // Queer Music – Repräsentation und Manifestation, Leipzig, Gender Kritik Reihe II, Universität Leipzig

2009 // Wert- und Wortverschiebungen bei Roma in Transkarpatien, Leipzig, FTF-Netzwerken – Workshop für Wissenschaftler_innen

2009 // Economy and Prestige in Roma-Families, Uzhhorod, Ukraine, Roma-Gadje Initiative Dialogue Through Service, Seminar for Volunteers

2008 // Romani Education and Family Relations, Oradea, Rumänien, Roma-Gadje Initiative Dialogue Through Service, Seminar for Volunteers

2008 // Roma/Ciganyi in Transkarpatien, Leipzig, FTF-Netzwerken – Workshop für Wissenschaftler_innen

2005 // Die Rolle der Frauen in Roma Gesellschaften, Münster, Training für Lehrer_innen und Sozialarbeiter_innen


2019 // Lola Magazine: Local Hero
2018 // Siegessäule: Stirn Bieten
2018 // GAY.CH – Einmalige queere Kultur-Sphäre

Publications (selection)

2019 // Fool’s Journey – Wheel Of Fortune
2018 // Leopardskin & Limes – Horses
2018 // S_he’s Amazing! – Dogs are Amazing!

2011 // Post Privacy – Denkanstöße vom Gender Camp
In: Sona, Zoé u.a. (Hg.): Make Out Magazine # 1: Nerd-Issue

2011 // Queere Subkultur – Geboren aus der Randständigkeit, bedingt durch den radikalen Moment
In: Engelmann, Jonas u.a. (Hg.): testcard #20: Access Denied – Ortsverschiebungen in der realen und virtuellen Gegenwart, Ventil Verlag

2010 // Queer Theory – Queer Music. Making an Appearance.
In: Nagelschmidt, Ilse u.a. (Hg.): Interdisziplinäres Kollquium zur Geschlechterforschung, Peter Lang Verlag

2009 // Unter Anderen – Roma und Homosexualität in Mazedonien
In: Streck, Bernhard (Hg.): Shutka Shukar. Zu Gast bei Roma, Askali und Ägyptern, Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 2009

Exhibitions (my own work)

2019 // Suwon Festival: MirrorLand, (group exhibition), 1.-10.11.2019, Suwon, Korea.
2019 // Batumi Photo Days: MirrorLand, (group exhibition), 30.08.-15.09.2019, Batumi, Georgia.
2019 // Drawing/Connection (single exhibition), 14.06.-31.07.2019 Frauen*Nachtcafé, Berlin, Germany

2018 // A Window To The World (Gruppenausstellungen), Altes Spital Viechtach und Bahnhof Kötzting, Juni 2018

Exhibitions (curated)

2019 // Berlin, Germany – Photo Exhibition: Climate Crisis/Climate Change
2019 // Malmö, Sweden – Photo Exhibition: Climate Crisis/ Climate Change
2018 // Berlin, Germany – #TheGalleryProject

2017 // Prague, Czech Republic – #TheGalleryProject
2017 // Podgorica, Montenegro – #TheGalleryProject
2017 // Sofia, Bulgaria – #TheGalleryProject
2017 // Tallinn, Estonia – #TheGalleryProject

I live in an old house in the beautiful German countryside, I have two dogs and I’m on a journey to practice zero waste living. I have an M.A. in Cultural Anthropology, Political Sciences and Russian. I am the founder of Transnational Queer Underground. I hosted a radio show for 17 years and worked in different NGOs in Germany and Ukraine. I have also worked as a self-employed web designer for 15 years. I went to school in the US for a while and have a strong affiliation with the Roma community in Ukraine, with which I worked and lived for two years. I am committed to creating a better world not just for myself and those I know, but for all people because I believe that we can only flourish together. I like to get my hands dirty, grow my own food, and I’m always excited to learn and grow and discover new things. I am extremely grateful for where I am in life and excited to shape our future – together with you.


Practice a year full of exploration, love and liberation.