Hi, nice to meet you.

I’m Verena Spilker & I’m here to support you to become your most loving, kind, powerful, authentic, happy, successful, trusting & relaxed self — yet.

I’m a spiritual teacher, self-actualization coach, writer, speaker, explorer, artist, house renovator, dog and plant mum, friend, cook and many other things.

I’ve recently created the Sustainable Business Directory to support female*, non-binary and ally-run businesses worldwide and make all of our lives easier.

I’ve built this website (myself, I used to be a web designer) to connect with you.

I’m a healer at heart, and I practice my gift in the traditional way, which is to help you discover your own healing powers, to meet yourself, to learn to trust yourself completely – so that you don’t have to depend on me or anyone else, but can freely choose who you’d like to collaborate with and how.

To support you on your journey to discovering your true authentic and incredibly powerful self, I offer a great tool, called the Wheel of Colours, which can give you unique insights into how you work and what you need to fully flourish.

And to deepen your understanding of yourself and to practice what it takes to become your true self, I’ve founded the CREATRIX School.

In the CREATRIX School we bring clarity, confidence and connection into all areas of your life – and you can either join as a member or buy the 13 different courses individually.

I’m also always happy to hear from you if you’d like to interview me or have a request about working together and supporting each other. ✨

🌈 You have the power to create your reality.

Start creating the changes you seek.

Confidence Coaching, Success Coaching, Happiness Coaching, Self-Actualization Coaching – I’m here to help you to discover all your superpowers – and if you don’t know if you have any, I’d be happy to show you that you do.

Because we can only create a better world if we believe that we can.

And for that, we have to (re)build the trust in ourselves.

The more you begin to trust yourself, the more your life & the world around you will begin to change for the better.

Verena with dogs at Tempelhofer Flughafen

If you’d like to work with me, you can order your personal Wheel of Colours from me, join the CREATRIX School to bring clarity, confidence & connection to every area of your life, or submit your business to get listed in the Sustainable Business Directory.

Or you can invite me to speak at your podcast or event or to develop a tailor-made learning/empowerment programme for your company/employees or yourself.

What does Self-Actualization look like in practice?


Being able to tap into genius or flow, a state of true knowing, connectedness and creativity, easily.


To experience freedom, purpose and joy in every aspect of your life.


Being open and able to give and receive unconditional love.


To be free of prejudice and judgement, and to forgive easily.


To live centred in yourself and in your connection to the universe/god/source/life energy.


Knowing and understanding yourself and being able to communicate your needs, desires and boundaries easily.


Processing and feeling your feelings so that you have the clarity and the freedom to react to a situation and not to your past.

We are all able to live this way. In fact, this is our most natural state of being.
But through cultural and personal conditioning, trauma, learned limitations and behaviours, we have removed ourselves from this state. Yet, we can come back and fully regain all our powers through deep-inquiry, and living a life true to ourselves – and I’d love to show you how.

Who is Verena Spilker?

If you tell me that there’s something I can’t do or that something can’t be done – and I’d like to do it – I’ll prove you wrong.

If I can think it, I can do it.

And the same is true for you.

If you’d like to learn how you can make all your dreams come true – join the CREATRIX School.


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Interview: Enlightened Empowered Evolved

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My entering into this world wasn’t easy. In fact, I (almost) died and had to be brought back to life – and my feeling is, that this somehow enabled me to be a bit in-between the worlds.

I always understood universal (spiritual) laws, talked to my guides, god, passed relatives and just couldn’t figure out why the people around me didn’t live a life that would make sense (to me, god, or the spiritual laws) or why they made life so complicated for themselves and me.

But as it is, when we grow up around people who only know things to be one way, they try to pass that way on to their children.

Whenever I said something true (according to spiritual laws), I was told that that’s not how the world works.

Even though it is. But it wasn’t how humans around me lived, or what they believed in, at the time.

So I (im)patiently waited, to finally be old enough, to go on my hero_ine’s journey and find other people like me.

To find out who I really was, and why I’m here.

And it took me more than 40 years to arrive at a place, where I feel like I can finally, happily, live a life that makes sense to me, that feels right, where I feel right, and loved and like I belong – and if you ever felt like you don’t quite fit in, then maybe, possibly, I can help you to soon be able to say the same about your life.

How did I get here?

As soon as I learned how to write, I had a pen-friend in a different part of Germany (I was born in Hamburg, in the north of Germany). I even went to visit her on my own, when I was eleven or twelve years old, to go to school with her – and it fascinated me to see how school and life worked somewhere else.

The second I learned English, I started writing to people all over the world.

We exchanged music (recorded cassette tapes which we mailed around the world) and cut out pages from magazines to learn about each other’s lives and cultures.

I had friends in Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Lithuania, Yemen, France, Ireland, Korea and so many more places – with some I’m still in touch.

One disappeared when the political system changed in her country, and I still sometimes wonder what might have happened to her.

Then I went to the US as an exchange student to go to High School in San Diego when I was 17 years old.

This time I learned about life on a different continent, in a different family, in a different school.

As a teenager, I had been diagnosed with Epilepsy, after some personal tragedies in my family, so I was only allowed to stay in the US for six months because my parents were worried about me and my safety and well-being – even though my father’s employer’s would have paid for me to stay and learn there for a whole year.

The reason why I wanted to go in the first place, was because I wanted to experience myself in a new setting, I always felt like there must be something else about this life, than what I got to experience where I was born and raised, and after six months there, I felt I had only just arrived, but not yet had a chance to really experience myself there.

So I made another plan and applied to every organization that would consider my application to volunteer somewhere for a year after graduating from High School, without having to pay for it (as my parents saw no need for me to go abroad again).

I ended up in Ukraine – something that changed my life forever.

Now, as life so kindly always had my best interested in mind, I did not get what I wanted, but what I needed.

My idea of leaving was all about being fully independent and free, I was 19 after all.

And, I’m laughing as I write this because, 19-year-old Verena, brought up in the German suburbs, with food from the supermarket, a warm home and running water every day of her life – ends up in a village, with a few hours of electricity a day, an outhouse, a wood burning stove and no one near who spoke any of the languages she knew (and she knew three).

At the time, the unemployment rate in Ukraine in that area was 80% and people lived from what they grew in their gardens – so instead of celebrating my freedom and living my independence, I had to find out how to eat and be warm in a place where nothing I knew was relevant in any way.

And what’s even funnier is, that people in Germany were so impressed that I went to Ukraine, a country few people even knew existed in 2000, to help poor people in the East (which I didn’t – I went there to meet myself – I did not feel like I could help anyone, really) – while the Ukrainians thought that I was the poor one because I clearly didn’t have a family who loved me enough to keep me safe or which was careless enough to allow me to go to strange lands without any survival skills.

But I got to see, what I guess, I came to find out, and that was that what I grew up with, the way people felt, the way people saw things, the way people lived, was just one way of living, among many others, all equally valid – and deeply rooted in and depending on the historical twists and turns and the stories people told each other – but that nothing just was.

And very lovely people, most of them belonging to the Roma community in Ukraine, took me in, and showed me how to live there, and I owe a lot of what I have in my life now, to them.

Through them, I had the privilege to learn about unconditional love and community and being there for each other in joy and pain, like I feel I could have never learned in the West.

We cooked, we laughed, we cried, we feared, we danced, we sang, we were cold and hot, took long train rides together, told stories and learned from each other.

I’m still friends with many, and saw a whole village grow up over the last twenty years.

I have four god children from there and a part of my heart will always be in that village in the west of Ukraine, where I first learned about unconditional love.

(I also wrote something about my thoughts on Ukraine, especially about the situation of the Roma community, at the beginning of the war, which you can read about here.)

So, while I had found a major piece of what I was looking for in life in that village – how to live with unconditional love and that cultural rules and norms are just made up and can vary – without really knowing beforehand that I was looking for that – I also intuitively knew that this wasn’t all I was looking for and that there were still more things I wanted to find out about and that the answers for those unknown questions were still waiting elsewhere.

And so I ventured on to go to University in Germany, first in Göttingen and then in Leipzig, to study Cultural Anthropology, Political Sciences and Russian.

University taught me a lot about how to really dive deep into a topic and explore it fully, but most of the important things, I find, were again learned in community.

I started a radio show with a friend, which I moderated for more than 15 years, while living in different cities and hosting it with different friends over the years, I started djing, worked at a record shop, and organized parties and events – mostly queer and d.i.y.

I even started my own NGO and cultural platform, TQU, which I ran for some years and which also taught me a lot. But being idealistic as I was, I never did this for money and at some point it got too big to be a side project, so I decided to give it up.

After graduating from University, I started working for an NGO, or two really.

And before graduating, I volunteered for two NGOs in Ukraine as well (I went back to live in Ukraine for another year while still enrolled in University and wrote my master thesis there, while also volunteering again)

But what I saw everywhere I worked, were burned out people, lacking the funds to actually do the work they could and would love to do.

And at that point I had no idea what to do about that, or how to even begin to change that, though I always knew I could – I just didn’t know how yet.

Now, because I am someone who is born with special gifts (just like everyone else), but I didn’t know that at the time, as by that point I had suppressed my magical childhood quite effectively, seeing everyone suffer in their work settings, made me extremely uncomfortable.

One of my special gifts is that I know many things about people. Often, after a while, I can feel their whole life stories around them and clearly see why they act how they act and are how they are, so working in an office surrounded by conflicts and life stories that were swirling all around me, was nothing I could do long term.

At the time, I saw that as, or feared that to be, a personal failure.

But I was also practical and resilient.

And so I put two and two together – my web design skills that I had picked up along the way – and my deep wish to help create a more just world, and started freelancing as a web designer for NGOs, organizations and artists.

But when you come to this world to do a special job, the same problems reappear, no matter how many times you turn away from them – until you begin to take steps towards resolving them and I eventually saw that too.

Like in the NGOs I worked in previously, the people I worked with now, didn’t believe in themselves fully either, or thought that they had the power to actually create the changes they wanted to see – and neither did I – it just seemed like those in power were always crushing us and like there was nothing we could do about it because everyone I worked with and knew was over worked and underpaid.

We were all kind of hopeful and hopeless at the same time.

We coped and got by. There was work and then there was night-life.

There were our ideals, and our inability to live up to them.

And at some point I just had enough of that all. I thought about suicide – A LOT, but I wasn’t ready to give up just yet.

Somehow, I still felt hope, like there must be something I could do to change things.

I didn’t know what or how – at all – I just knew that the way I lived and what I saw was not how I wanted to continue to live – and I wanted to help the people around me out of this state of imbalance as well.

I knew I wasn’t powerless, some memories of my inner magic were still alive, but years of being told that I was, left me confused about whom to trust.

So, at first, I quit alcohol and cigarettes and late nights, then I quit the city (Berlin) and then my job.

I needed a break, to think clearly and feel myself again, and every step I took just wasn’t enough.

I could see where my life was headed, still, and it was nowhere nice.

At that point, I wasn’t even 40, and I had lost so many friends to suicide or drug related health issues, or cancer, and those who were still alive, and that included me, were either functioning well and arranged themselves with what was, or depressed, or both.



No one I knew was happy. Sure, we all had happy moments, but no one I knew was content with life.

I realized that I had never met a happy person or someone who was confident and excited about what they did or their lives in a believable way.

While I had been studying human behaviour in all its forms all my life, first at University (anthropology) and then because it simply fascinated me and I didn’t feel like I knew all there was to know yet, I began to intensify my research even more.

I knew there was something we could do to change things.

At that time, audible thought I was a man in my midlife crises, and started offering me books on how to pick up girls.

Fortunately, I never needed that 😉

But I’m an incredibly good researcher and very stubborn, and I have the strongest will of anyone I’ve ever met. I can sit and read and learn for days, weeks, months, and even years, it turns out – and I love it.

I happily (though also a bit scared) embarked on a new journey, this time one that didn’t require me to leave my physical home, but one that took me deep within, and helped me to learn all there is to learn about life and how to live it well.

Happily, because it gave me a reason to live, and because it fuelled my hope, but also scared as no one wanted to go with me, or even believed I could do it, as this was nothing people like me or where I came from, did – we were taught to not believe in ourselves too much, or get our hopes up about anything.

And often enough I wasn’t sure if I wasn’t going crazy for real.

But I allowed myself to go where my interests took me and rediscovered a lot of what I had previously tried to hide about myself, and, that’s when the help slowly started to come in as well.

Not from other people, but from the spirit world and the surrounding nature.

Archangel Michael came, Jesus visited a few times and many others.

So, finally coming to and enabling all of my senses, and beginning to trust myself again, I decided that I was going to find out how to live a happy life, one that is not based on exploiting others or our planet, and to see what it would take to start my life as the first happy, fearless person I (personally) knew.

And it was a fascinating journey to go through so many dark nights of the soul, alone, let the demons come up and pass through, to be surprised by wonderful moments of enlightenment, to experience the orgasm like full-body joy of it, and to finally settle into a feeling of inner peace and to begin to centre myself in love.

Looking back, I have to admit that I would have never done it just for myself – I simply didn’t value myself enough for that.

And I’m so glad that I did it anyway because on the way I also learned to value myself enough to understand that it would have been OK if I had just done it for myself.

But when I started, I did it to show that if it was possible for me – someone who comes from a place, where people strive to be normal – to break out of the system that makes so many of us unhappy and sick – if I could find out how to get from where I was, broke, disillusioned, but hopeful, to live with ease, in joy and abundance – then it must be possible for everyone else who wants this, too.

Because everyone who is human right now and lives on our planet deserves to and CAN live the most amazing life, experience the most magnificent joy and peace and love – and remember who they truly are.

We can continue the struggle, or try something else – the choice is always ours, and the knowledge about how to live the life of our dreams is all here.

At first, I really just wanted to know what it feels like to be fully alive.

And what it would take to create my own life, to allow myself to be myself, without restrictions and limitations, to just be me for a day – as god or source energy or the universe has created me – and to share what I learn with others.

I longed to be able to create something, not just for me, but for anyone who is interested, to learn how they can create the life they always longed for themselves – not my life, or a life like mine, but their lives, to meet their unique needs and wishes, without having to invest lots of money or feel like they are on their own, like I did most of my life, when I couldn’t afford the help I might have needed – and that’s why I founded the CREATRIX School.

I wanted to find out what it takes to really make up your life from scratch, to (re)discover who you really are, and for that, I strayed far, far away from the trodden path and the expectations others had for me – and stayed mostly by myself, with my two dogs, in the countryside for more than two years – to reset myself.

No news, no noise, just birds, rivers, nature and me.

It wasn’t easy, but it was the best decision I ever made – because I didn’t even know how wrong I was about so many things, how caught up I was in the common storylines and how much we as humans, have forgotten about our true abilities.

I rediscovered how powerful I truly am and how powerful you truly are, how powerful each of us is, even when we have forgotten, and how much support there is in the spirit world for us and how magical life can be – every single day.

And as a result of this time-out I took, I’m here now to show you, if you like, how you, too, can have and be anything you wish for, or don’t yet dare to wish for, and how to live in a way that makes you truly happy and fulfils you – without having to distance yourself so much from your current life as I did.

Because once you rediscover who you truly are and what your unique superpowers are, life becomes more fun and change becomes easier every day. And it’s even more fun and less hard when you have someone by your side who’s already turned their life around and can fully live in their power now, and can show you how it’s done, step-by-step.

I’d be thrilled to be that someone for you and guide you to become all you can possibly be.

But I have to admit that I, like all people (whether they are open about it or not), have an agenda and a reason for why I do what I do – and that’s one of the few things that hasn’t changed since I embarked on my journey to fully become myself.

My goal is to reduce the suffering on our planet and to help people to learn how to heal themselves and live the lives they truly desire.

Like I said in the beginning, I can see, hear, feel people suffering.

And not just people, animals, plants and our planet.

I can feel it, and, while over time I learned how to consciously tune out of that, to improve my life quality and ability to act wisely, I don’t want to ignore it.

Because we are all one. If one suffers, we all suffer.

So I’m here to serve and help us all to level up together.

I don’t have to watch the news to feel what’s going on in the world, I can just tune in and feel the pain and the cries. And I’d feel so much better if I heard less of that and could feel more of the joy and empowerment, hope and action towards peace, towards trust, towards abundant lives for all – because I know that that is possible – if we all work on this together.

And for that to start, it just needs you and me.

Because of the abilities with which I was born, I can also speak with our planet, god/source energy, animals, plants and connect to people’s spirits, which can be a lot of fun and is usually incredibly insightful. And with that help, luckily, it only took me about 40 years of thinking about how to reduce the suffering in this world effectively, to find an answer (and to find out that I’m not the first one to ask the question 😉 ).

The answer I found is as simple as it was difficult to find: The happier each individual person becomes, the more peaceful our world will be.

And if you don’t like the term happy, you can replace it with content, empowered, thriving, feeling grounded and centred, at peace, knowing who you are in this world and why and what you need to feel good in life, and live as your true, authentic and magnificent self.

In our world, right now, people exploit other people, animals, this earth because they don’t believe there’s enough for all, forever, when there is, as creation is ongoing.

And following the law of as within, so without: If we don’t believe that there’s enough, it’s because we don’t believe that we are enough – so we know where we have to start to create a change here – and that is by realizing that we are and can be everything we wish to be.

That we are abundant, powerful and have limitless possibilities.

So we need to change the stories that we believe in and tell each other, as with that, we can change our world.

The solutions to all the problems are already there, we just have to trust ourselves to be able to implement them. And on our way, we can happily find out that this means winning on all levels – for everyone involved.

The only things we have to give up are the ones that caused the suffering in the first place: greed, bitterness, fear, hate and all the different shapes emotions can take, that are not based on love.

Everything we need to create everything we wish for – we already have.

It’s just a matter of building the trust in ourselves to find it and to be able to use it.

Now, I don’t offer quick fixes because they never work and if you dare to be honest with yourself, you see that too.

Is a weekend course or a one-week course really going to change your life?

It might make you feel good for a moment and give you some insights – but real change takes time and practice – and that’s what you can get here, and why the CREATRIX School is designed to bring you new insights for a whole year.

Working your way out of all the conditioning isn’t always easy.

So I invite you to do the deep, real, continuous and transformative work that lasts and can bring light to all your shadows – if that’s what you want.

Because to be free, there’s no way around facing your inner demons and forgiving yourself and everyone else around you – for everything.

And in the process of getting there, every step counts because every time we open up to more love and more possibilities, we win, and we feel that, and it feels pretty great.

Often, people even have incredible breakthroughs, and realizations right when they start. And while this work can occasionally be hard, every time we cross a valley of fear, anger, or pain, we find the most incredible flowers on the other side, that we wouldn’t have even dared to imagine before we started to (re-)discover ourselves.

You have no idea how often I thought it cannot possibly get better than this – yet it always does.

Looking back at my 43 years of life, I’m incredibly amazed to see all the things I’ve done, while struggling to see the point of my life, battling depression and drinking far too much.

Ever since I stopped self-destructing, in the last four years or so, I’ve healed my epilepsy, other chronic diseases, my anger, my disappointment and built a whole new life, one where I can freely and glamorously and weirdly be me, help others to be themselves, I founded the CREATRIX School, the Generous Life Movement, the Sustainable Business Directory, created two Oracle Cards Deck, I’m finishing my first book, I renovated part of a house, moved twice, fell in and out of love, learned so much, and I honestly can’t wait for what’s to come – and how I will rise to the occasion.

Because we will all have to.

Our future will bring many changes, we’ve already seen the beginning of this in the last few years.

So the better we know who we are, and the more confident we become now, the stronger we will be able to stand and the more fearless we will be, and the easier and more joyful it will be to make the best out of the changes that we are going to see – and to thrive despite or because of it all.

What I teach and share, in the CREATRIX School and through the Wheel of Colours, will not only transform your life, it will enable you to inspire transformation in many other people as well.

Because the new you will shine so bright that other people are going to want to know what you did to become so confident, radiant, successful and wonderfully YOU.

When I started, I really had no idea where I was going, I just knew that I wasn’t going to continue to live in the reality that I saw – and with me everything around me changed as well.

I haven’t resolved all the suffering of the world yet because if you are still struggling, worrying, unsure about yourself or your future, I need you to jump on board and to want to find inner-peace and to open up to activating your superpowers, so we can resolve more together – I can’t do that for you, but I’ve already helped to resolve some – and every bit counts.

To do more, I will need your help and your willingness to start working towards living your dreams and to become all you can be.

For that, I have two offers.

One is the Wheel of Colours, which comes as a 46-page PDF and is something I make individually for each person. It basically translates your subconscious into something that you can use to understand what your unique gifts, talents, and life lessons are and what you personally need to be creative, to collaborate, to feel safe, to trust, to learn with ease, to hear your inner voice, to use your senses best and so on – it’s a manual to guide you to live your best and an enlightened life if you wish to do so.

My other offer is the CREATRIX School, which is a year-long course that teaches you all I’ve learned on my journey here and helps you to bring clarity, confidence and connection into every area of your life.

It’s fun, it’s challenging and rewarding 🙂

You can join as a member for one year and get access to all thirteen chapters (and try it out for free for 30 days), or buy and work through each chapter individually.

Surprise yourself. It will be worth it.

And I can’t wait to meet you and to see you shine and live in your full power.

🌈 You have the power to create your reality.

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Verena Spilker

Verena Spilker (°80) is a coach, anthropologist, writer, speaker, artist and designer living in Hamburg (Germany). She holds an MA in Cultural Anthropology, Political Sciences and Russian philology and graduated with honours from Leipzig University in 2010.

Since then, she’s been working for different NGOs in Germany and Ukraine, is engaged in various fields related to music, art, equality and queer-feminist work. She’s the founder of Transnational Queer Underground and was the host of a radio show for 15 years.

She was working as a freelance web desinger since 2002 and now works as a freelance coach since 2022.

Formal Education

2022 // Heroic Coach Certification

2022 // Graduation Inner MBA

2010 // M.A. from Leipzig University

2000 // High School Graduation

1998 // Foreign Exchange Semester, USA


2010 // Graduation University M.A. [Grade 1,7]
Subjects: Cultural Anthropology, Political Sciences and Russian Philology
2001-2005 Georg-August-University Göttingen
2005-2010 University Leipzig

2000 // High School Graduation
Gymnasium Bramfeld, Hamburg, Germany
Majors: English and Art
Minors: Philosophy and Math
Grade representative [12th and 13th grade]

1998 // Foreign-Exchange Student Chula Vista High School, San Diego, USA

Other Work Experiences

2002-2021 // web and media designer, freelancing, Göttingen, Leipzig, Berlin. working for a.o. Amadeu-Antonio-Stiftung, Lola für Lulu in MV, DeutschPlus, Initiative Burak Bektas.

2016-2018 // Coach, self-employed, Expath, Berlin – Supporting highly qualified workers from different countries to transition to living in Germany.


German – mother tongue

English – fluent

Hungarian – good knowledge

Russian – good knowledge

Spanish – good knowledge

Ukrainian – basic knowledge

Romanes – basic knowledge


European Enterprise Awards 2024 – Best Self-Actualization Coach (Germany)

European Enterprise Awards 2023 – Best Self-Actualization Coach (Germany)

European Enterprise Awards 2022 – Best Self-Actualization Coach (Germany)

Winner Berlin + East Germany Prestige Awards 2020 – Web Design Specialist of the Year


2022-now // Holistic & Spiritual Self-Actualization Coach – founder of the CREATRIX School, the Sustainable Business Directory, the Generous Life Movement.


2021-2022 // InnerMBA A nine-month immersion program.

2022 // Heroic Coach Training – A 300-day training programme on virtuous and optimal living by Heroic.

2021 // Professional Life Coach Training – Transformation Academy

2010 // Conflict Management Training – Together For Peace / Batumi, Georgia


2024 // Enlightened Empowered Evolved Podcast

2019 // Lola Magazine: Local Hero

2018 // Siegessäule: Stirn Bieten

2018 // GAY.CH – Einmalige queere Kultur-Sphäre

2018 // Kaltblut – #TheGalleryProject – a queer art exhibition

2018 // Pelican Bomb – Queer Traces: Transnational Queer Underground’s #TheGalleryProject

2017 // Sleek Magazine – The Platform Showcasing Queer Art From All Over The World

2017 // NoStrings Nigeria – German journalist talks about exhibiting Queer Art with NoStrings

2017 // FELGTB – #TheGalleryProject

2017 // LULU FM – Kunst verbindet – und das weltweit.

2016 // Stichting Quast – Glimp!

2016 // Fair Planet – Help to change history written by white men

2015 // couch.fm – Queer Music


2018-2020 // support worker at a therapeutic shared housing facility, KommRum e.V., Berlin, Germany

2010-2011 // Coordinator for Voluntary Service Programmes, Amaro Drom e.V., Berlin, Germany

2009-2010 // Mentor, Roma-Gadje Dialogue Through Service, Berlin, Germany

2008-2009 // Volunteer (full-time), Diakonisches Jahr im Ausland, Uzhhorod, Ukraine

2002-2005 // Sales Clerk, DisRecords, Record shop, Göttingen, Germany

2000-2001 // Volunteer (full-time), Diakonisches Jahr im Ausland, Szernye, Ukraine.

Network & Projects

2019 // Practitioners’ Lab: Arts and Culture under Pressure, Zagreb, Croatia
2019 // Tallinn Feminist Festival, Tallinn, Estonia


2019 // ArtGora Forum, Riga, Latvia

2011 // Study Visit, Discover Caucasus – Volunteering in Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia

2012 // Team Leader, Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste, Uzhhorod, Ukraine

2011 // Teamer Leader, Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste, Uzhhorod, Ukraine

2011-2015 // Publisher, Make Out Magazine, Berlin, Germany

2010 // Organizer, be_cunt, FLT*I Sex-Party/Events, Berlin, Germany

2010 // Organizer, Lad.i.y.fest, Berlin

2011 // Study Visit, Volunticipate – Volunteering in Roma and Jewish Organisations, Bánki Tó, Hungary

2010 // Conflict Management Workshop, Kobuleti, Georgia

2009-2020 // Publisher, Transnational Queer Underground, Berlin, Germany

2007 // University Excursion, Shutka, Macedonia

2005 // DAAD Scholarship, Summer School, Lviv, Ukraine. 

2004 // DAAD Scholarship, Summer School, Bischkek, Kirgistan. 

2004 // Artist Residency, EU Presidency Enlargement Arts Event, Dublin, Irleand

2006-2007 // Organizer, Queer Reeding group, Leipzig University, Germany

2006-2007 // DJ & Event Organizer, A Queer Night Out, Staubsauger, Leipzig, Germany

2005-2008 // Journalist, Persona Non Grata, Leipzig, Germany

2004-2005 // DJ & Event Organizer, Analog Disco, Kabale, Göttingen

2003 // Team Leader, Children International Summer Villages, Knoxville, TN, USA

2002-2004 // DJ & Event Organizer, Musik & … , Rodeo Bar / King Kong Klub, Göttingen, Germany

2001-2017 // Radio show host balm&creak, Stadtradio Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany.


2019 // Transnational Queer Underground and queer life + work in Berlin. Bedtalks Berlin, Deutschland

2019 // A queer Perspective on Art, Culture & Activism, TALFF, Tallinn, Estonia

2019 // A queer Perspective on Art, Culture & Activism, KRETS Malmö, Sweden.


2019 // Identity in Germany, NY Universtity, Berlin, Germany.

2019 // A queer Perspective on Art, Culture & Activism, ArtGora Forum, Riga, Lettland.

2012 // Roma zwischen Romantisierung und Ausgrenzung, Hamburg, AG Queer Studies, Universität Hamburg, Deutschland.

2011 // Roma und Sinti in Europa, Hamburg, Kolloquium Forschungsgruppe Intersektionalität, TU Hamburg

2010 // Queer Music, Wiesbaden,
Gegenbeispiele zum Sexismus in der Popkultur, Schlachthof Wiesbaden

2009 // Queer Music – Repräsentation und Manifestation, Leipzig, Gender Kritik Reihe II, Universität Leipzig

2009 // Wert- und Wortverschiebungen bei Roma in Transkarpatien, Leipzig, FTF-Netzwerken – Workshop für Wissenschaftler_innen

2009 // Economy and Prestige in Roma-Families, Uzhhorod, Ukraine, Roma-Gadje Initiative Dialogue Through Service, Seminar for Volunteers

2008 // Romani Education and Family Relations, Oradea, Rumänien, Roma-Gadje Initiative Dialogue Through Service, Seminar for Volunteers

2008 // Roma/Ciganyi in Transkarpatien, Leipzig, FTF-Netzwerken – Workshop für Wissenschaftler_innen

2005 // Die Rolle der Frauen in Roma Gesellschaften, Münster, Training für Lehrer_innen und Sozialarbeiter_innen

Publications (selection)

2019 // Wheel Of Fortune – illustration, published in Fool’s Journey – Poems by Jane Flett

2018 // Horses, in Leopardskin & Limes (online literary publication)

2018 // Dogs are Amazing! in S_he’s Amazing! – a queer zine, published in Berlin, Germany

2011 // Post Privacy – Denkanstöße vom Gender Camp
In: Sona, Zoé u.a. (Hg.): Make Out Magazine # 1: Nerd-Issue

2011 // Queere Subkultur – Geboren aus der Randständigkeit, bedingt durch den radikalen Moment
In: Engelmann, Jonas u.a. (Hg.): testcard #20: Access Denied – Ortsverschiebungen in der realen und virtuellen Gegenwart, Ventil Verlag

2010 // Queer Theory – Queer Music. Making an Appearance.
In: Nagelschmidt, Ilse u.a. (Hg.): Interdisziplinäres Kollquium zur Geschlechterforschung, Peter Lang Verlag

2009 // Unter Anderen – Roma und Homosexualität in Mazedonien
In: Streck, Bernhard (Hg.): Shutka Shukar. Zu Gast bei Roma, Askali und Ägyptern, Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 2009

Exhibitions (my own work)

2019 // Suwon Festival: MirrorLand, (group exhibition), 1.-10.11.2019, Suwon, Korea

2019 // Batumi Photo Days: MirrorLand, (group exhibition), 30.08.-15.09.2019, Batumi, Georgia

2019 // Drawing/Connection (single exhibition), 14.06.-31.07.2019 Frauen*Nachtcafé, Berlin, Germany

2018 // A Window To The World (group exhibition), Altes Spital Viechtach und Bahnhof Kötzting, Germany

Exhibitions (curated)

2019 // Berlin, Germany – Photo Exhibition: Climate Crisis/Climate Change

2019 // Malmö, Sweden – Photo Exhibition: Climate Crisis/ Climate Change

2018 // Berlin, Germany – #TheGalleryProject

2017 // Prague, Czech Republic – #TheGalleryProject

2017 // Podgorica, Montenegro – #TheGalleryProject

2017 // Sofia, Bulgaria – #TheGalleryProject

2017 // Tallinn, Estonia – #TheGalleryProject

„I had a virtual meeting with Verena, and I felt really safe and comfortable opening up about my struggles with Verena.
She is such a good listener and she shared with me a list of practical and efficient tools/solutions to change my mindset and the way I talk to myself. It was eye-opening. I totally recommend talking to her - her expertise can be a precious resource for everyone!“ - Francesco

"I am at a stage in my life where I can (and want to) make a shift, but struggle envisioning the right direction to take and the action needed. Verena helped me to focus on my desires and what is keeping me stuck. Her approach is sympathetic, calm and down-to earth. It felt like she truly wanted to work with me towards my goals and my wellbeing, through small, concrete steps and kindness. She made me feel more confident, and now the change seems more approachable." – Elena

Verena holds compassion for herself and for me, listens and allows space and treats me as an equal.
She shows up with curiosity & presence, reminds me to listen to what's important to me, suggests simple, manageable practices, giving me concrete things to work with, all in one 60-minute call. Thank you again for this gift! – em

I always admired Verena's ability to bring together people of very diverse backgrounds and give others the space and the freedom to be who they are and to express themselves. It was amazing to watch her transform her life and herself and become much happier in the process. – Corinna

I’m so thankful for the email you sent yesterday about being a conscious digital citizen. 🙂 It really sparked my day and I must have agreed with every word you said […] maybe even more as I am opening up to start presenting my thoughts and work online to wider audiences, it is so important to be concise about adequate behaviour in the digital world and lead by example 😉 Thank you for reminding me of that! 🙂 😉 – Luisa

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