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⭐️ Live with clarity, confidence and connection and start designing the life of your dreams.⭐️

a magical year - courageously creating change

Welcome to the beginning of the best days of your life!

Are you ready to begin the rest of your life? 🍀

No matter which goals, hopes or dreams you have for this year, or your life, it’s time to actually make them happen. 💥

Because that is what you came to do in this world.

You are here to live a fulfilled happy and successful life and to discover all your superpowers and proudly share them with the world.

We are unhappy when we feel disempowered, when we don’t think we have what it takes to change our situation.

But we always do.

More often than not, we simply don’t know HOW.

And the how is what you will be able to learn as a member of the CREATRIX School, or by working through the 13 chapters of the CREATRIX School individually.

You can find a link to all individual courses below or in the menu.

So, let me ask you again: Do you have enough of what was and are ready for something new?

Then you’re so incredibly welcome here.

🌈 You have the power to create your reality.

Where Do You Want YOUR Life To Go?

The most important question we all have to answer is: What do we want?

What Do YOU want from life?
Once you figured this out, the next step is to find out how you can get exactly that.

And I’m here to help you go from not knowing what you want or are missing in life exactly, to becoming a conscious CREATRIX of your life and experiences, so you can live life fully, become your authentic self and with that find the happiness, love, confidence, abundance and joy, you are looking for.

If you are interested in finding out in personal consultation how I can best serve you on your growth and self-actualization journey, find what you are looking for, and most likely a lot more – book a first coaching session with me.

Or start right away by joining the CREATRIX School, ordering a WHEEL OF COLOURS, or taking one of the wonderful, deep and transformative courses below.

✨ There’s no better time than now to start living the life you were always meant to live. 🔮

Join the CREATRIX School

Are you a CREATRIX - yet? A CREATRIX masterfully directs her life instead of reacting to life's circumstances. If you'd like to find out how - come and join us. You can now get a 30-day free trial, to see if this is the right thing for you.

I AM CREATOR School - Join Now

Clarity - Confidence - Connection

In the CREATRIX School we bring clarity, confidence and connection into every area of our lives - and we look at a different topic each month.

This month is all about community, and thinking about how we can best work and come together with others - so that we can build the world we want to live in together.

It's fun, it's exciting, and it is surely also challenging, as we have to become honest about our wants, needs and desires.

What are yours?

4-week courses

In the CREATRIX School we look at the 13 most important areas of our life. If you're not ready to commit for a whole year, you can also take the courses individually. Each course can be taken in 4 weeks, but you can also take as much time as you like.
You'll get all the materials as a PDF download to keep forever.

I’m Verena, and I will guide you through these courses.

Hi, I’m Verena and I will be your teacher and guide in the Creatrix School.

I am a spiritual teacher, a guide to help you uncover all the beauty that you hold within you, and a supportive companion who wants to see you become your most powerful, joyful and loving self.

I’m here, and I created this programme, to offer a patient, kind and open and very intentionally and consciously created space for us to meet.

It’s my goal, with this programme, to support you to discover, develop and explore your unique strengths and expressions in this world so you can become the bright and shining, unique and powerful being you truly are.

And if you doubt that this is what you are, then the CREATRIX School will be even more valuable for you.

We will look at a different aspect of our lives each month. In each aspect, we always see a reflection of the whole. Everything is connected and with each aspect that we fill with clarity, confidence and love we will also find more of that in other areas of our lives. This way we can safely spiral up, and bring in more and more awareness, joy and love, step by step.

You can join the CREATRIX School any time.

I don’t want to create more stress in your or my life, but less. So this offer is here for you, whenever you are ready.

Just be aware how quickly things slip our attention and if you scroll away today, you might forget about this quickly. But you can also start today (and try it for 30 days for free) and begin to see your life change.

Of course, you will get the most benefit if you stay for a whole year, but you choose if you want to pay for a whole year or month by month for more flexibility. This is for you.

Do what feels best.

VIP and FULL Membership options are only available for a limited number of people, so sign up now, to make sure you won’t miss out on this special opportunity to be coached by me personally.


In the hasty day-to-day business, it can be difficult to take a moment and to use all our senses.

They are such a great support system, though, and can help us to fully experience the present moment.

The same is true for our feelings, they are here to guide us, but to achieve that they need to be heard.

We will practice both during each course, so sensing and feeling your feelings can become part of your routine and take some of the responsibility away from your mind.

For more ease and peace of mind.


The things that bother and limit us the most are the ones we’re not looking at.

Or maybe we are looking at them and dislike them, but don’t ask them why they are there.

Usually, they have all the reason to be there, and once we find the reason and hear them out, they disappear.

Journaling is a wonderful exercise for that and something we will be practising regularly during the programme.

When we understand that even the most difficult things are here to help us, life becomes much more joyful.


Children learn what we model, not what we teach – and so do we.

When we read about something, think we’ve understood it, but don’t practice it, it remains a rumour.

The same is true when we share what we’ve learned, but not what we practice with others: We spread rumours.

The same will be true for these courses.

If you only consume the information, but don’t put it into practice, you will only accumulate more rumours. You won’t know for yourself if it works.

But you have the chance to find out, all you have to do is try.


Where in your body do you feel pain? What does it feel like when somebody is disappointed with you? Or when you are really happy?

We will put what we learn into action and start listening to our bodies more.

With practical exercises and experiments, we will learn to navigate our worlds and lives with much more ease and joy.

Nature can help us with this, and so can dance and movement of all sorts.

It’s going to be an exciting year!

Let’s get started.


„I had a virtual meeting with Verena, and I felt really safe and comfortable opening up about my struggles with Verena.
She is such a good listener and she shared with me a list of practical and efficient tools/solutions to change my mindset and the way I talk to myself. It was eye-opening. I totally recommend talking to her - her expertise can be a precious resource for everyone!“ - Francesco

"I am at a stage in my life where I can (and want to) make a shift, but struggle envisioning the right direction to take and the action needed. Verena helped me to focus on my desires and what is keeping me stuck. Her approach is sympathetic, calm and down-to earth. It felt like she truly wanted to work with me towards my goals and my wellbeing, through small, concrete steps and kindness. She made me feel more confident, and now the change seems more approachable." – Elena

Verena holds compassion for herself and for me, listens and allows space and treats me as an equal.
She shows up with curiosity & presence, reminds me to listen to what's important to me, suggests simple, manageable practices, giving me concrete things to work with, all in one 60-minute call. Thank you again for this gift! – em

I always admired Verena's ability to bring together people of very diverse backgrounds and give others the space and the freedom to be who they are and to express themselves. It was amazing to watch her transform her life and herself and become much happier in the process. – Corinna

I’m so thankful for the email you sent yesterday about being a conscious digital citizen. 🙂 It really sparked my day and I must have agreed with every word you said […] maybe even more as I am opening up to start presenting my thoughts and work online to wider audiences, it is so important to be concise about adequate behaviour in the digital world and lead by example 😉 Thank you for reminding me of that! 🙂 😉 – Luisa

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