Change starts with ourselves

As a coach, I specialize in working with changemakers, activists, entrepreneurs, leaders and artists – people who want to create the changes we as people and our planet as a whole need – because I believe this change is possible, if we all work together and combine our skills – I call this fierce interdependence.

Before I started working as a coach I ran a transnational NGO for 10 years, worked in different NGOs in Germany and Ukraine and ran my own business supporting other organizations working on LGBTIQ* and anti-discrimination issues as a web and media designer.

I know what the work is about and about the challenges that come up in these fields, and I know how tricky it can be to find the right balance between meeting life’s emergencies, making a difference and pausing and meeting our own needs.

But we need to slow down if we want to sustain ourselves and our planet. And we need to be prepared for and start moving from an I-centred world to a we-centred world.

My programmes and offers are tailor-made for those who wish to get effective support, to prevent burn-out, to and to live truly happy and fulfilled lives, as their most relaxed, powerful and magical selves.

If you want to learn how you can help yourself and others to overcome personal and collective trauma, master life’s obstacles and take really good care of your body, mind and soul, so we can all lead a free, joyful, peaceful, loving, and generous lives – this is for you.


To start working with me is easy.

it’s an opportunity to make your life magical! ✨

I’ve created an easy system for you:

Book a First Session so we can get to know each other and decide if we’d like to work together for a set of 12 sessions.

If we do, you book 12 Coaching Sessions and get reimbursed for the first session.

If we decide not to work together, I’m sure you’ll have a benefit from this first meeting anyway.

If we decide it is beneficial to continue working together after the first 12 sessions, you have the option to book 6 Extra Sessions or 1 Extra Session.

Doesn’t that sound great?
Let’s get you started!


What makes my work special?

I’ve found 10 golden rules that can help you become your best, and most powerful self yet, and it will help you to release all the magic you have to share with the world.

I will introduce one of these golden rules in each session, and give you practices related to each rule to try out and start practising until the next session.

This will take up about half of each session, so that in the other half we can work on topics that are relevant for you to look at in each week from your daily life and your circumstances.

The first of the 12 sessions will be dedicated to making a plan for the sessions and to get crystal clear on your goals and hopes and dreams so we can make them happen in our time together or at least lay a very solid foundation for a magical rest of your life.

The last session will be looking back at everything you have achieved (and enjoyed!) in our time together, making sure you continue on your journey and to wrap up any open questions.

Over the course of four months, you will notice incredible changes in your life if you fully commit.

Coaching always takes place in the first three weeks of the month and always starts in the first week of a new month.

This is not only going to make your life a lot easier, it will also fill it with so much more joy and love.

I can’t wait for you to get started with your 12 sessions!

You will get to discover all the things you are capable of, that you wouldn’t even believe now, and bring a new feeling of confidence, clarity and connection into your life.

Let’s make your life magical!

Fill your life with Magic

bring more love & freedom into your life

start being your true self

handle stressful situations with ease

learn to listen to & trust your inner knowing

really enjoy the rest of your life

– you deserve it! ❤️

My mission is to help you become fiercely interdependent.

and to make your life magical! ✨

Growing up, nothing seemed more thrilling than to finally be independent. And everything around us supported us to believe that independence is key.

But the truth is that we need each other. Always have, always will.

Every step we take, every word we say, and every choice we make has consequences not just for ourselves but for everyone and everything around us. We are interdependent and that is great.

Because once we realize and accept that, we can also see that we are never alone and that can allow us to take some of the pressure off that we took on, when we thought that we had to do everything by ourselves.

But to be able to contribute in positive ways, we also need to know who we are and what we need, what we are good at, what we want and how to be good team players, listeners, partners, community members, supporters and general earth inhabitants.

We need to be able to fiercely be ourselves and be there for ourselves so that we can contribute wholeheartedly and don’t cause more damage than good.

And we can learn to be ourselves, to feel free, to be loving and curious, to grow, to dare, to learn and to experience with joy.

I can help you to achieve this, with proven tools and simple, yet effective methods I’ve developed to unlearn, (re-)discover and start thriving.

It’s a new time. The world is waiting for you to be your true self.


Would you like to book a course, or a coaching session or buy other digital products, such as an archetype poster? Visit the SHOP 🛍

First Session

This is a good choice if you'd like to get to know me to make sure we get along, and if booking a set of 12 sessions with me is the best way for you to go forward.

I've developed a system with ten golden rules which we will work through in these twelve sessions to make your life magical!

Get an experiential understanding of how I can help you to become your best and most powerful & magical self.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

A Magical Year

This is a self-learn course with monthly live Q&As, exercise, practices and a good and cost-effective way to really turn your life around. 

By bringing in constant improvements, which are actually fun and don't feel like work, you can make your life magical, and yourself more happy, relaxed, stress-resistant, creative, loving and feel a new connection to the world around you.

A Magical Year is a transformational 12-month journey to find more joy, love, clarity, confidence and connection and start living a truly fulfilled, generous and magical life.

Archetype Posters

Working with archetypes can support you on your journey to strengthen your intuition, to get to know yourself better, and to empower you.

Recognizing yourself in these archetypes can help you to see your life and your role in it more clearly, and will allow you to step back enough to let your life unfold in the best possible way.

All 109 Archetypes I've developed are available as posters in the shop.

Use code 5for4 until Christmas to get a free poster, as these will make excellent gifts for yourself and your friends and family!

Sustainable Business Directory

The Sustainable Business Directory presents businesses hand-selected for excellent products and service, sustainable production, employee and animal welfare.

All businesses listed here are run by women*, non-binary people and allies and they are based all around the world.

You can apply to get your business listed here, or simply enjoy this new shopping experience. What are you looking for today?

„I had a virtual meeting with Verena, and I felt really safe and comfortable opening up about my struggles with Verena.
She is such a good listener and she shared with me a list of practical and efficient tools/solutions to change my mindset and the way I talk to myself. It was eye-opening. I totally recommend talking to her - her expertise can be a precious resource for everyone!“ - Francesco

I am at a stage in my life where I can (and want to) make a shift, but struggle envisioning the right direction to take and the action needed. Verena helped me to focus on my desires and what is keeping me stuck. Her approach is sympathetic, calm and down-to earth. It felt like she truly wanted to work with me towards my goals and my wellbeing, through small, concrete steps and kindness. She made me feel more confident, and now the change seems more approachable. – Elena

Verena holds compassion for herself and for me, listens and allows space and treats me as an equal.
She shows up with curiosity & presence, reminds me to listen to what's important to me, suggests simple, manageable practices, giving me concrete things to work with, all in one 60-minute call. Thank you again for this gift! – em

I always admired Verena's ability to bring together people of very diverse backgrounds and give others the space and the freedom to be who they are and to express themselves. It was amazing to watch her transform her life and herself and become much happier in the process. – Corinna

I’m so thankful for the email you sent yesterday about being a conscious digital citizen. 🙂 It really sparked my day and I must have agreed with every word you said […] maybe even more as I am opening up to start presenting my thoughts and work online to wider audiences, it is so important to be concise about adequate behaviour in the digital world and lead by example 😉 Thank you for reminding me of that! 🙂 😉 – Luisa

Our world needs you.
In your full power.

Start exploring new ways to be in this world.

How can I benefit from coaching? Life is precious, and it's a limited period of time we have on this earth, in this form. We can use this time to grow, experience, love, serve and learn.

Each of us gets to choose in every moment how their life is going to continue, but often we don't make the choices we want, but the ones we think are expected from us. And that leads to chaos, unhappiness and confusion because we're not aligned with our inner knowing.

Once we realize that we have the power to choose and change our circumstances, life enters into a more natural flow.

But to get there, we have some unlearning to do. We need to uncover the subconscious believes that keep us stuck, we need to leave our comfort zones and stretch ourselves, and we have to form new habits that serve us better. And that's what I'm here for, I will help you to become fiercely interdependent.

If you would like to work with me as a coach, I can guide you to find new options that are more aligned with your inner knowing, and to learn to trust your inner voice, to clear blockages that have been holding you back and to open up space for what really matters in your life.

On this journey you can find clarity, confidence, love, freedom, connection and so much more.

Getting Started is Easy


book a call

Book an explorative, safe and confidential Zoom meeting with me to evaluate your needs and goals.


If you'd like to meet regularly, you can book a package of 3, 6 or 10 sessions so we can cover all your growth needs.


We're always better together. I will guide you to practice what you learn in the sessions & you can share your new knowledge with others.


find out how working with archetypes can help you find clarity