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All change has to start with our own transformation – to work towards self-actualization means to discover our full potential and to live it.

I offer one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as group coaching and self-learning classes, to support you on your journey to self-discovery and to find a place in this world that truly fulfils you.


We have to rethink how we work. Creating a mindful, environmentally friendly and inclusive workplace has more benefits than you might know.


Leadership needs to be on board to equip any business or organization for a sustainable future, but it requires all people in the company to make it happen.

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4 Pillars to Become a Force For Good

4 Pillars to Become a Force For Good

Why be a force for good? – As women, we have always had to use all our strength to be recognized for what is inside of us. Just by being ourselves, we have developed many superpowers that can benefit us in the current challenges.

At this point, we all have to rethink our world if we want to preserve it. And for that, we need you more than ever – as a force for good.

The one thing you can always count on!

The one thing you can always count on!

It is, and always has been, my dream to find ways to live together, that respect our resources and are supportive, including finding beauty and richness in our differences, valuing and protecting vulnerability and thereby allowing each other to live freely.

In the last two years of the pandemic, we learned to live with so much less. Fewer activities, fewer opportunities, viewer distractions. Which is why it is …

Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

It’s a scary feeling to have a war so close to home, something that I never hoped to experience. As a sensitive child who has heard many horrible stories about the first two world wars from my great-grandma and my grandparents, it was always my biggest fear.

I still remember the panic I had when I saw submarines practising in the Baltic Sea in the nineties when the war was going on in Yugoslavia and how I couldn’t stop crying. And how my Mum kept saying that it wasn’t here, that they’re not fighting here, but how I was unable to feel that separation.

Our world needs you.
In your full power.

Start exploring new ways to unleash your full potential.

Why Self-Actualization Coaching? A self-actualized person is someone who lives their highest potential – free from prejudice, able to accept facts, overcome fears, someone who is creative, acts appropriately to any given situation, lives generously, and someone who is in touch with their inner guidance.

Self-Actualization Coaching can help you to become that person. Self-Actualization Coaching can help you to unleash your full potential.

It can also help you to be come an (even more) inspiring leader and to build excellent teams.