INTEGRATION – Week 2 – Pt. 3

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Let’s get practical

Dear Creatrix,

Now that we’ve looked at why we need to sleep and rest more than most of us most likely do, and have talked about why that is, it’s time to put what’ve learned into practice.

As you might have noticed by now, my most favourite question is:

What do you want?

This question will help us to start today’s lesson as well. Because, whatever we might want, is, what determines our subconscious choices.

And it influences our conscious choices as well.

If we’re not clear about what we want, it’s impossible to make the best decisions. And if we don’t know what we want then it is our responsibility to find out – if we don’t want to be confused anymore.

For me, the question of what I want is easy to answer: I want to live in heaven on earth — now.

And I don’t just want to make that possible for myself, I also intend to show every person who’s interested in finding out how they can make that possible for themselves – how.

That’s why I founded the CREATRIX School.

So, to begin, just think about what heaven on earth would look like for you.

If you’d like some inspiration, Sarah Landon and Diana Cooper both published books in which they describe what it could look like, feel like, and be like, if we lived in heaven on earth.

Peace, love, abundance and health, all can become possible for all, first on an individual level and then also collectively.

To start, we don’t need to wait for anything, nothing really has to change, we simply have to start allowing for the things we desire to come to us and get in the flow of life.

And the most wonderful thing is, that heaven on earth can look different for every person.

As we have discussed and explored in the chapter on Purpose, we, as humans, are here on earth to enjoy ourselves, and to learn and to grow.

We’re not here to struggle, suffer and try to fit ourselves into boxes, built by other people to make their lives easier or more convenient.

We are here, especially at this time, to discover our authentic selves, find our superpowers, and strengths, do the things we love and to use our unique abilities to contribute to the highest good of all.

But most people don’t yet live that way.

Having grown up in a world in which most people deal with trauma, collectively and individually, we experience lack, fear, sickness, confusion, hate, anger and insecurity.

And more often than not, we are so busy, trying to meet demands and expectations, that we don’t even allow ourselves the time to think and explore what we really want to do and also what we could do best.

Have you discovered your superpowers yet?

Do you know what you can do that nobody else can?

Do you know exactly what you are doing and why, and feel confident that you use your unique abilities and gifts in the best possible way for the highest good of all?

And how about your friends and family?

How many people do you know who have a great work-life balance and really love what they do, as it truly fulfils them and seems like the best use of their time?

How many people do you know who are undervalued at work, who don’t have the chance to share their full potential at what they do?

And how many people do you know who don’t think they could live their dream life, spend time the way they wish to, and have all it takes to live according to their deep desires and wishes?

Is this true for you too?

Now, if you wonder, what this has to do with resting, the answer is very simple:

If we don’t spend most of our days doing things that fulfil us and that allow us to live as our authentic selves, we try to use our spare time to fulfil our soul’s needs and express ourselves, or to distract ourselves from the unhappiness we feel about feeling unfulfilled most of the day and therefore don’t allow ourselves enough time to rest and relax.

And without rest and relaxation, we don’t have the time to think about and know what’s best for us, to heal, to explore, and to discover.

We are caught in a vicious circle.

And this circle is a loop of getting sick, feeling overwhelmed, overworked, unfulfilled, and it definitely does not allow us to live our best lives or feel like we live in heaven on earth.

But things can always change, if we decide that that’s what we want.

So, let me ask you again: What do you want?

If you, too, want to live in heaven on earth, then I will show you exactly what to do to get there.

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Not that long ago, I talked to a friend.

She works as a teacher and said that almost everybody comes to work sick, even …

🌈 You have the power to create your reality.

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