INTEGRATION – Week 2 – Pt. 2

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Let’s Seize the Day

Dear Creatrix,

Have you ever been without electricity for a longer period of time?

Most of us were born in a time and space where and when being able to turn a light switch and light up a room is the most common thing in the world.

So much so, that few people born in the west ever lived any other way.

In a way, we were (seemingly) born with some kind of god power, that enables us to be the god_desses of night and day.

Since the invention of artificial light, we are no longer forced to rest when the sun goes down, but can freely choose our waking and active hours.

Our body, though, has evolved for a very long time and is designed perfectly to go with the natural rhythm of night and day.

We can count the few generations before us on one hand, which have grown up with electricity in their homes.

So while light and electricity have existed all our lives, and seem like the most common and natural thing to us, who have never lived without it, our body still works in tune with the natural rhythms, and if we turn our nights into days, we confuse our body and work against its natural rhythm.

Why am I saying this? Because it’s important to question the things that are common in our society, but not necessarily good.

I’m no fan of conspiracy theories, and I don’t think that there is an evil force that keeps us from making the right choices in our lives.

I do believe everybody is always doing their best at all times.

It’s just, that while celebrating our technological advances, we’ve neglected to look at their side effects.

But they do show. I’m not going to prove the negative effects of not sleeping regularly to you, if you like, you can google that yourself.

I’m simply asking you to tune into your body and listen to its needs, and I promise you it will guide you towards what the right decisions for yourself.

And we can always come back to the question of: What do we want?

Do we want to be healthy, happy and free in an almost effortless way? Or do we want to struggle through life, exhausted and stressed?

If you choose the former, then we don’t need to make it harder on ourselves, by going against our natural rhythm.

Now there are theories out there, that say that some people are night owls and can work better at night and so on, but I would really ask you to be honest with yourself here if you think that’s you.

I most definitely thought I was one of those people, a night owl.

But it turned out I wasn’t (like no one is, as we’re all natural beings, biologically primed to go with the natural rhythm of time).

When I’m honest, then what I really liked about the nighttime and why I could get so much done then, was the fact that there are just not that many distracting energies around when most people are sleeping – something I’m very sensitive to.

Plus, no one was calling or wanting anything from me at night, so I enjoyed that peace and quiet to do the things I loved.

But now I also have that when I get up early, plus by learning to set and protect my boundaries, I can also choose when I’m available to calls and distractions during the day.

I really learned to value my sensitivity.

But instead of letting it make social situations uncomfortable for me, I learned to shield and protect myself so that I can live a free life and choose what’s best for me and am not forced to act in certain ways to avoid others or situations I can’t handle because of it.

So, if you consider yourself to be a night owl, just see if this might be true for you as well and decide how you want to live.

You have everything it takes to set your boundaries and live a life that supports your needs – and you can learn how in the CREATRIX School.

If you choose a free life, centred around your needs – so that you can also contribute to this world in the best possible way, and explore and enjoy as much as you like of it – then we will start setting up a new sleep routine now, and I will share all the science and tips and tricks we can use for that with you.

Today, we will begin by seeing how and why it helps us to flow through life with the daily rhythms instead of working against them.


As humans, we are creatures of habit, so having a routine, especially when it co…

🌈 You have the power to create your reality.

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