INTEGRATION – Week 2 – Pt. 1

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How to relax in a busy world

Dear Creatrix,

What did you think about the aboriginal statement I shared with you in the last lesson?

Did it help you to slow down your life?

Did it help you to relax?

Or did it make you feel uneasy? Was it too slow, too mindful?

Can you imagine yourself paying the outmost attention to everything that you do?

To know that whatever you do is the most important thing and nothing in the world is worth hurrying for?

Over Christmas, I went to watch Perfect Days, a film by Wim Wenders, about a person who cleans the public toilets in Tokyo – very mindfully and respectfully.

And just like the protagonist in the film takes his job very seriously, so does Wim Wenders when portraying his life.

It’s a great film, and I can highly recommend it, but, as it is with most things – it’s not for everyone.

Some people I talked to after the film, who lead very busy lives, found the pace of the film incredibly difficult to handle.

When you don’t allow yourself to quietly watch the stars and the seasons change, or find pleasure in watching the leaves play with light, it’s not easy to watch other people do these things.

And we all have free choice and can live our lives as we please.

In fact, it is most important to me that you do only what you feel comfortable with and what you feel serves you well in this chapter, and in the CREATRIX School in general.

It’s your life, so you need to make your own decisions and only change things if it feels right and makes sense to you.

I, however, can only tell you what I believe in and what I know – what I have learned and experienced.

And that is that my mind is happiest when I’m quiet.

That my life is most fulfilled and joyful when I’m at ease, at peace, relaxed and have the mind space and capacity to be fully present with and to what I do.

Actually, science does back this up.

And you always have the chance to find out for yourself – by trying.

Changes, trying new things, can make us feel odd and uncomfortable at first – that is very normal, but it doesn’t mean that it is bad for us, or something we can’t do. It’s just an invitation to be OK with being uncomfortable.

Studies have shown that even five minutes of meditation daily has a positive impact on our lives; on our sleep, on our performance, on our overall health.

One of my teachers, Daniel Goleman, PhD, co-wrote a book with Richard Davidson called Altered Traits. For the book, they went through thousands of peer-reviewed studies on meditation from the best scientific journals and found the 60 most effective meditation and mindfulness practices.

And they found out that mindful breathing is the absolute best. I’ll show you how it’s done in an upcoming lesson.

Being quiet and meditating allows us to come back to our default setting – at peace and as one with all there is. No thinking, no differentiating, no judging.

And this is what allows us to breathe and relax and recover from the business of life.

We have discussed the importance of meditation and quieting our minds in the CREATRIX School before, and if you follow this link above, you can also learn how to set up your regular meditation practice right now.

Today, however, we will have a look at the questions from last week, and introduce a new ritual that will help us to understand ourselves better and will allow us to find new ways to meet our needs in the future.

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Let’s start with the first question from the first lesson. I asked you to check in with yourself to see if you needed mor…

🌈 You have the power to create your reality.

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