Community – Week 3 – Pt. 1

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What’s your unique superpower?

Dear Creatrix,

How was your weekend?

Did you take some time to reflect on your life, your interactions, and how to process what happens instead of suppressing it or punishing yourself and others, from now on?

I know that it takes courage because it’s still not so commonly practised in the West.

But I believe in you and your courage and beauty and power.

I’d like to bring some of the things we’ve talked or thought about in the past two weeks, back to our awareness, before we start to think about what and how we can best contribute to our communities, today.

And the first thing is, that no matter what we wish to do with other people, in communities, that we meet and unite and combine our powers for a common goal, wish or idea, to create something new, rather than to destroy something that is there or to team up against something or someone.

There is a good reason for that, too, that goes beyond the law of attraction or thinking about where our energies go.

And that is, that when we decide to join together for a positive cause, for a common goal or effort, that is a decision that is based on love, which allows us to make wise choices and act calmly and creatively.

When, on the other hand, we are against a group or something, that is usually based on fear, and fear is not a great advisor when it comes to making decisions and can lead to destruction and more pain, fear and the resulting counterreactions, much more easily than to the outcome that we actually wish for.

Which means we end up with less and not more.

At the same time, anger, and fear are absolute legitimate emotions, especially when we look at or experience oppression, exploitation, abuse, killing, pollution, injustice and all that is going on in the world.

But we’ve learned in the last lessons and previous chapters of the CREATRIX School, that we can feel our emotions, work through them, and act only after, when we feel calm enough, resourced enough, and ready to do so.

And for some of us, that might not be this year.

Maybe you still have so much to work through in your personal history, that makes you mad, or upsets you, or you feel like you are just starting to find a new way of seeing this world and are learning how to deal with triggers and how to overcome them and so on – that it doesn’t feel like now is the time to create change beyond the personal level – and that is absolutely OK.

You are what is most important here, and it’s much more important that you find peace and happiness for yourself in your life first and then, once that is there, you will automatically begin to feel the urge to be around like-minded people more and to give back.

So, I’d just like to ask you to not put any pressure on yourself to get involved in ways that you’re not ready for. You’ll know when the time is right. Trust that.

It’s important to get out of our comfort zone, but if we push ourselves too hard, then we might just get disappointed, find ourselves in conflicts we cannot yet resolve and have to build ourselves back up again – and all of that is fine, as well, as long as we see everything we do as something to learn from and to help us fine-tune what we’re doing and not as failure.

So let’s keep an eye on making conscious choices about moving into the practical realms and the things we will be talking about this week – and allow yourself to do what’s right for YOU.

Then we brought in the Source Archetypes – Energy and Destruction – which are not that different from making sure that whatever we do is based on creating something new, a vision, being for something, rather than destroying something or being against it.

We have to decide what we want to do with our energy.

Do we want to create more life or bring it to a stop?

We get to decide that in every second, with every thought word and every action.

And sometimes we need to stop and pause too. But only to reflect, recharge, sort, make up, apologize and then move on and create more – with more love and consciousness.

Because we all need each other.

Let’s also remember, the most effective way to make something disappear is by not paying any attention to it, and instead focusing all our energy on the desired outcome – that way the universe can fill in the gaps and arrange everything that needs to be arranged to support us in reaching our goals.

We’ve also seen that almost all people are just looking for safety in what they are doing, so no matter how much we might disagree with them, by threatening or opposing them, they will not feel more safe, and so if they feel threatened, they will continue whatever they were doing even more forcefully.

And we’ve learned that it’s key to not take what other people do or say personally, and that we can use every trigger not to blame or exclude people, but to grow and heal.

Equally, we can notice our judgement and use it every time we see something we don’t like, again not to blame, or shame someone else or tell them what they should be doing instead, but to help us decide what it is exactly that we want for ourselves – so that we can do that.

We’ve also looked at how punishment is never a solution. And how we can see that in the big and the small.

Punishing ourselves, working with shame and guilt and fear never leads to growth, but to suppression and possibly sickness, and the same is true for other people.

Exclusion, like suppression, is a reaction born out of overwhelm, and we can value it for that, but we can also begin to acknowledge, individually and collectively, that if we want to create lasting change and allow ourselves and others to be happy, loving and successful, we have to resolve the root causes for our and other people’s suffering and don’t just suppress them or lock them away for a normal reaction, given the circumstances.

With this, I think we have found answers to the most common problems in communities today and can begin to think about how and in what ways we would like to act to contribute to the well-being, growth, safety, creativity and expansion of all.

And for that, I’d like for you to get out your

🌈 You have the power to create your reality.

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