Let the Colour Pink fill your Life with Creativity

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The Colour Pink – Creativity, innovation & unique expression

The Wheel of Colours has 13 fields and 13 colours – each field represents a different challenge, gift or lesson which we have to master in our lifetimes and the colours in our unique wheel show each of us how we can master them best, with our unique abilities.

We are all made up of the same colours, but the colours are arranged differently for each of us on our wheels.

For example, pink is the colour for creativity, innovation and unique expression.

We all have the ability to express ourselves creatively, but the question is: How much do we actually do it?

And how much do we do it consciously to use it for our own well-being and that of others by allowing ourselves to express freely?

Some of us, usually those who have pink at the beginning of their wheel, already allow themselves to express in unique ways, and live unique and creative lives, while others (those with pink in the second half of their wheel) have to put in more effort to nourish and build the confidence to allow themselves to express in their unique ways by going through the lessons they have to learn in this lifetime.

Which is true for you?
You might be able to guess, looking at your life and how you feel.

But if you want to be sure, you may also order your unique Wheel of Colours from me, to find out.

If you have your wheel already and/or think you can use some help to fine-tune your confidence when it comes to using your creativity to express yourself – then I’d be happy to show you some practical ways to do that, in this article.

The classical field for the colour pink in the Wheel of Colours is the fifth field.

The fifth field shows us what we need to express ourselves creatively.

It makes sense to have pink as the classical fifth colour because, well, to express ourselves creatively we need to be able to do so ;).

If you had blue in your fifth field, that would mean that you’d have to activate your intuition to be creative, or if you have red there, it would mean that you’d activate your trust, passion and confidence to be creative and so on.

In the same way, wherever pink appears in your wheel, that’s where you are especially creative and for those who have pink in the classical position, it means that they are creative and inventive in all areas of their lives.

The classical position of the colour red in the Wheel of Colours

So how do you feel about your creativity and ability to invent, to go new ways, to feel free to express yourself in possibly strange or new ways?

Because, if you, like me, were raised around a lot of western ideology and rational thinking, you were most likely not trained very well to reinvent your world to your liking and to use your unique views and abilities to create meaningful change – unless you went to art school, maybe.

But either way, whatever we have now is all we need to begin to nourish and explore our unique ways of expressing ourselves.

1. What exactly are we talking about?

Have you ever been to a live drawing class? Everybody is looking at the same objects or model – yet each person draws something different.

The way we hold the pen or a brush, the way we draw a line on a piece of paper, the way we use colour or not, shows our unique way of expressing.

But not only that. We can also see that in the way we decorate our houses, in the clothes we choose to wear, in how we bake, cook or decorate and even in the way we run our businesses or interact with other people.

It can be found in the words we choose, the languages we speak, how we express joy and enthusiasm, or sadness. It’s in what we share and collect, see and showcase.

I think the Wheel of Colours is really beautiful as it brings together all the different colours and their qualities.

Traditionally, the first colour on the Wheel is red, which stands for trust, passion and confidence, as everything in our life starts best when we enter into it with that.

The second colour is yellow, which stands for love and support, again the best addition to the first colour to support us on our way.

Then, as the third colour, we bring in intuition, blue, to make sure we are also on our specific way, and make the best choices for our unique journey through life.

Then we bring in the driving power, green, intention, inspiration and commitment and begin to think about what we want to grow and create in life.

This then leads us to the fifth colour, pink, which shows us how we create in the most unique and creative and new ways.

So pink it’s the perfect next step after green, which is our intention to create something, as it shows us, how we can create something so it becomes our unique expression, creation or thing – our unique contribution to life and this world.

The Wheel of Colours guides us through everything we may need and experience in life and helps us to see our unique abilities clearly and thus allows us to use them in the best possible way.

And today we will delve a bit deeper into understanding why it is so important for each of us to discover and use their unique creative ways of expressing.


of all People have pink as their centre colour*


of all People have pink in the first half of their wheel*


of all People have pink in the second half of their wheel*

*According to the wheels I’ve made so far. I will update this occasionally.
The centre represents our core, our essence, the first six fields show the colours which come to us naturally, that we are born with, and the later ones represent the colours/lessons we have to learn, often painfully, to thrive in all areas of our life.

If you’d like to find out in which field the colour pink is especially important for YOU, order your Wheel of Colours now.

2. Creativity and Change

If pink appears in the first half of your wheel, or especially in the classical position, it means you most likely have a strong drive to express yourself creatively, and you might get bored easily when you have to do things in ways others do them or have done them.

I have pink in the classical position, so this need to do things my way has brought me as much joy and applause as it has brought me suffering and scolding in a world in which people value inventiveness, yet, at the same time, aren’t always happy to do change or do things in new ways.

So this is the balance we have to hold, currently, in the way the world works.

But as with everything, the more we bring this to our awareness, the easier it becomes to use this for our own well-being and thriving and that of others – and to create the changes necessary for that.

People want innovation, but they don’t want change, yet a lot of change will be necessary if we want to create a world, in which every person can live in peace and thrive.

And we always have the choice, to create conscious change that serves the highest good of all, or to stick with ways that we’re used to, even though they cause harm to others and ourselves.

It also doesn’t mean that what limits us now, hasn’t been set in place once, with the best intentions in mind.

But as our world changes, we have to continue to adjust to the changing circumstances, and what might have been freeing and incredibly helpful once, might simply not be so any more.

Change for the better is also always going to come either way, but if we don’t create it consciously, then it will be created through wars, natural disasters and other forms of crises and painful experiences for many – and it will be open to the possibility of us destroying the earth altogether.

So, the sooner we as humanity learn to accept constant change as the necessary mode of existence, in a world looking to find its balance again, and begin to enjoy the opportunities within, the easier, more peaceful and more joyful our lives are going to become.

And this is equally important for our personal development and joy.

If we would like to live lives that actually meet all our unique needs, we need to learn how to overcome the urge and pressure to conform and instead begin to value and nourish our uniqueness, as it is exactly this, which allows each person to contribute best to a positive development on this earth.

The more happy, and fulfilled, loving and joyful people we have, the less war and exploitation we will have to endure – and the more people start to believe in their power to create in new and meaningful ways, the fewer people will be willing to accept the given circumstances.

Creativity, innovation and our unique expression, form the basis of our world really.

In the article on the colour green, we talked about how we first need to have an idea, and then name it so that it can then manifest in the material world.

But many people can have the same idea and yet create something with it in different ways.

And we do need all of it – because to express and create is our purpose in life and if we suppress it and limit ourselves with perfectionism and doubt, we ultimately block the flow of life and create depression and disaster.

3. Nourishing Your Unique Expression

What is the meaning of life? What does your life mean to you? How would you like to create and contribute?

I’ve been thinking about these questions for the first 40 years of my life – and it was a joyful and painful journey to arrive here with the conclusion, that it’s exactly living our uniqueness that allows us to live a peaceful and purposeful life.

We all have a gift that we came to share with others, and a hidden one, which we discover later in life.

We all have certain topics that drive us, experiences we go through, feelings, thoughts, ideas, and we have our unique ways of expressing this.

And the colour pink represents the unique way in which the things come out of us.

It can help us to see things from a new angle, to get our creative juices flowing, and most of all, it can help us to strengthen our belief in ourselves and to really learn to value the way in which we contribute that is differently from anyone else.

And like I mentioned above, our creativity isn’t just about creating art, our unique way of expression is part of every creation, of every interaction.

So, to nourish your unique ways, just begin to notice them in everything you do.

How do you cut or slice your bread? How do you arrange food on your plate, clothes in your closet, or how do you make your bed?

Which flowers do you like and why?

How do you like to treat yourself and others?

What are your desires?

When do you hear music and forget the world?

What can you paint, cook, bake, garden or create to forget the world?

What’s your favourite word?

Your favourite smell?

The way you love to show your affection more than any other way?

3. Pink in Love & Life

We often connect the colour pink and love – because we love to create, and we love to create for what and whom we love.

And of course, we love other people for their unique expressions, and long to be loved for the same as well.

It’s quite astonishing to me, to think that we grew up in a world in which the colour pink was for girls and how it is that now often, the women are the home-makers, the ones who try to fill everything in the home with love, while men often have a harder time with this sensitive, yet creative way of expressing.

The underlying misogyny of this division led me to stay away from everything pink for a while as well – because I associated it with weakness and irrationalities, all the things that were valued less in life – as that’s what I had been taught.

In the last few years, I consciously bought myself pink pyjamas, sweaters, roses to nourish the softness in me and to allow myself to come back to my full natural expression.

And just think of the creativity in the queer scene!

I mean, it’s pink everywhere and people are so full of love, unique expression, pride, openness and joy.

So whoever you are and no matter what gender your human body chose to experience in this lifetime – embrace pink, if you want to embrace your creativity.

And like with every other colour, you can invite more pink into your life and thus strengthen your creative expression by adding some pink clothes or accessories to your life, or by bringing pink flowers or plants with pink blossoms into your home.

You can also hang up artworks, photos, posters that have plenty of pink in them. I have one in my shop designed especially for this purpose as well.

You might even want to paint a wall in your home pink or get pink curtains.

Or put on some pink lipstick, or pink nail polish.

Try out a few things that may work for you and see what feels best.

4. Discovering Your Unique Expression

I really think the best way to nourish your creative and unique way of expression is to notice it.

To become aware that everything you say and do is special and matters.

And that the more you begin to value your creative self-expression, others will too.

Often the people who feel shy about their work, or have a hard time valuing their contribution, have not seen it valued much, growing up.

We’ve all heard that artists are poor (Why? Artworks can sell for millions and more.), that it’s more important to learn something useful than to invest in discovering your unique ways of expressing, or that paying attention to the beautiful things in life isn’t as meaningful or valuable as other qualities.

But we can remind ourselves that these are just stories, and that we are the only ones to define our worth and who give value to what we do.

So if we wish for things to change, we need to start by being the ones changing them. And we change this by listening to ourselves and then believing in ourselves.

And if you struggle to believe in yourself (and believe me when I say, this has been the story of my life – I had such a hard time believing that what I do, think or have to say could add meaning to any life – yet here I am, knowing and seeing every day that the opposite is true) then I’d be in incredibly happy to help you (re)discover the confidence to believe that you are right exactly the way you are.

Because it’s the only truth, there is.

If you’d like to find out for yourself that indeed anything you wish for is possible in your life and your creative and unique touch and input is really what makes the world spark – then I invite you to join the CREATRIX School, where we learn how to bring clarity, confidence and connection into all areas of our lives and make even the difficult parts of that process joyful and thus a bit easier.

Your unique expression is what matters most in life, as it allows you to bring what is inside of you out – and share it with the world.

The traces of your expression, whichever form they may take, will outlast your physical existence in this body.

It’s what is creating change in this world now and will continue to create change in the world because everything you do and say matters and has an effect that ripples on and on.

The question is simply: Will you create consciously, joyfully, mindfully and gladly or unconsciously, reluctantly, angrily and out of spite?

I hope you choose the first, and if you do and need help with learning how, join us in the CREATRIX School, so we can joyfully create this world together.

What others say about the Wheel of Colours

“The Wheel of Colours not only reminded me what my strengths and weaknesses are, but also enlightened me about how I can solve my weaknesses and use them as a means of creating a better life.

It also showed me how precise our unconscious choices are and that we should trust our basic instinctive voices more.

Thank you, Verena, for reminding me of my flaws and apprising how to solve them!”


“Having Verena explain my Wheel of Colours to me was a very encouraging experience where I got to look at and appreciate a lot of aspects of my personality.

We talked about my gifts, but also the challenges I face according to my personal distribution of colours.

I particularly enjoyed the practical tips for the different areas of life that pointed me to things I want to work on and pay attention to.”


“I wasn’t aware of the concept of the Wheel of Colours and stumbled upon it accidentally.

At first, I was rather sceptical because I didn’t know how the whole process was supposed to work. But the result was amazingly accurate and gave me a lot more insight.

I knew myself quite well before that, but through this experience I was able to deepen my self-reflection even further and today I am putting some things into practice in a practical way.

This new perspective has brought me more clarity.”


“It was really good to find out that things I already had a vague idea about are actually true for me, and that I now know what I have to do to take advantage of these opportunities.”


“I find it amazing how coherent the wheel of colours is and how much truth you can find in it, even if what you learn might be difficult.

It’s very useful and makes a lot of sense to learn more about yourself this way, if you want to understand yourself better. Very insightful!”


“Right after I received the wheel, there was a situation where someone asked me what I was thinking and I could just point to the relevant part of the wheel and be understood.

I could never have said that so well and precisely in my own words.”


“The Wheel of Colours has helped me see my purpose in life, something I already had an idea about, but had a hard time acknowledging before seeing it so clearly.”


Order Your Wheel of Colours here

The Wheel of Colours is a traditional tool to help us understand what we need or can share in certain situations.

We are all made up out of the same colours, but they are arranged uniquely in each person – which is why we need or can give different things in different moments.

If you’d like to find out what can support YOU when starting a project, or working with other people, to successfully finish something, to heal, to spark your creativity or what your unique gift is, that you bring to the world, then the Wheel of Colours will help you to see this and yourself more clearly and show you how to use these insights in practical ways.

It will also show you how you can listen to your inner truth and that of others, what your most important lesson is in life and what challenges you might have to overcome.

Once you’ve learned what you need to learn, you can start the wheel again, this time more smoothly.

In the past, people often only got these insights and realizations towards the end of their lives – but you don’t have to wait until then.

You may use these insights right now to live your life happily and successfully.

🌈 You have the power to create your reality.

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