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The Colour Blue –
Intuition, Truth & Inner Knowing

The Wheel of Colours has 13 fields and 13 colours – each field represents a different challenge, gift or lesson which we have to master in our lifetimes and the colours in our unique wheel show us how each of us, can master them best, with our unique abilities.

We are all made up of the same colours, but the colours are arranged differently for each of us on our wheels.

For example, blue is the colour for intuition and knowing things (to be true), without having to learn them or needing ‘proof’ of them.

We all have intuition, but the question is how much we trust it and how well we have nourished our connection to it – to be able to access it when we need it.

Some of us, usually those who have blue at the beginning of their wheel, already have good access to their intuition, while others (those with blue in the second half of their wheel) have to put in more effort to nourish and build that connection by going through the lessons they have to learn in this lifetime.

Which is true for you?
You might be able to guess, looking at your life and how you feel. (How much are you trusting your intuition here?)

But if you want to be sure, you can order your unique Wheel of Colours, to find out.

If you have your wheel already and/or think you can use some help to fine-tune your connection to your intuition, the universal truth and your inner knowing – then let me show you some practical ways how to do that, in this article.

The classical field for the colour blue in the Wheel of Colours is the third field.

The third field shows us what we need to know if something is right for us or not.

It makes sense to have blue as the classical third colour because who would know better if someone is the right person for us in romance, work or play or if we’re involved in the right project or job, that will support us best in our lives and our growth – than our intuition?

Often in life we are driven to do things to meet expectations, or to please our ego, and eventually, we come to realize that these decisions are not what brings us inner peace and lasting fulfilment or happiness.

Our intuition, however, can guide us to make decisions that are much better for our personal evolution, happiness and growth, than we can often do using our rational mind.

The classical position of the colour red in the Wheel of Colours

Now, if you, like me, were raised in the west, you were most likely not trained very well in trusting your intuition.

And that is quite alright, as we can learn how to do that now.

1. How does intuition show up?

This might be different for everyone, so if you have something to add, I’d love to hear about it!

I will share a bit about my experience here because, unlike the qualities of the colours red and yellow, which I wrote about previously, and which are both colours I have in the second half of my wheel, which means I had to learn (and am still learning) how to really embody these qualities  – blue, intuition, connection to universal truth and inner knowing, is at the beginning of my wheel, and has played a vital role in my whole life and influences my life and work every day.

But, as it often happens, with the gifts we were given, it was also the cause of a lot of suffering for me.

I intuitively know many things, and understand how they would work well, or what would be needed to make something work well, why conflicts arise, what’s going on with each person and so on – but most people don’t and so a lot of what happens in our world today is the opposite of that.

I intuitively know what’s right, according to spiritual laws, and always did, so as a child it was incredibly confusing to see people act very differently from it and, of course, when I said something, they told me that what I said was wrong.

It never made me doubt my inner knowing, though, it just made me retreat and not trust anyone with or talk to people about what I saw – and it made me feel incredibly lonely.

And, until a few years ago, when I finally figured out that not all people have this intuitive understanding of things, I didn’t understand why people would do things that did not make any sense to me (or their souls).

I can see or feel/know when what people’s souls want and what they say or do – doesn’t line up.

I can also feel when people are in alignment, but that usually doesn’t catch my attention because then all is well.

But when it doesn’t line up, I notice because I’m usually confused by what is going on. Today I know that when I’m confused, it’s because people are out of alignment, and if they wish, I can help them find alignment again.

Most of my life, it got me into trouble, though, as I automatically trusted what people’s soul were saying much more than their words – but when people actually believe their words (and do not themselves follow or hear their soul’s guidance) they will also act according to their words.

And that always surprised me, still surprises me because, obviously, their soul’s choice would be much kinder and wiser.

I’m not quite sure how to describe this other than as a form of knowing. It’s not even conscious, it’s just there.

And it can be very difficult to imagine how things that are so obvious to me, cannot be obvious to others – kind of like, how I imagine, people must feel, who have an inherent understanding of the concept of self, have no idea what it feels like for someone like me, who doesn’t.

Another way intuition shows up, and I think this is most common to all, is as a gut feeling.

Do we go this way or that way? Is this the right job or not?

Our gut will tell us – if we let it.

The best way to strengthen this gut feeling is by actually listening to it. To notice when it’s coming up and to value and consider it.

We have often learned to brush it aside, to think it’s weird that we would feel or know something that is different from what the logical decisions would be, but it is always right.

The only difficulty might be to learn to distinguish it from fear. But I would say that a good rule of thumb would be to say that your gut feeling points you towards something more than away from something.

It’s usually what says: Do this now. Or, go here today. Even though you previously had no. intention of doing so.

My intuition once called me out of the house, guided me around the block, to find 50 Euros on a well frequented street. It can be weird and bizarre, but it’s key to listen, when you are asked to do something.

And then, for me, it’s also how I create the content here and for the CREATRIX School.

Writing has always worked for me this way. I often go to bed excited about what I’ll learn through my writing the next day because a lot of what I write I had no idea about before I sat down to write it.

I have a general idea of what I want to talk about, but I never have a planned out idea – and by now I know I don’t need one because my intuition will guide me and my guides will let me know what is important to say for your best experience, dear reader.

But it took me a while to get here and to learn to trust my intuition again, after years of trying to be ‘normal’ and suppressing it.

I do believe we all know, though, what is meant by intuition, by inner knowing and also by truth, not your truth, not my truth, but universal truth, and we’ve all experienced and followed it to some extent at some point.

The easiest example for truth would probably be that we all know that killing is bad.

No one needs to tell us that, we just know, but sometimes people get so confused and out of alignment that they override their gut feelings, to do it anyway.

And sadly, but necessarily, most of our world today is built upon human created rules or restrictions, or guidelines, that ask us to override our gut feelings, and go against them again and again, so much so that we forgot how to hear and trust them.


of all People have blue as their centre colour*


of all People have blue in the first half of their wheel*


of all People have blue in the second half of their wheel*

*According to the wheels I’ve made so far. I will update this occasionally.
The centre represents our core, our essence, the first six fields show the colours which come to us naturally, that we are born with, and the later ones represent the colours/lessons we have to learn, often painfully, to thrive in all areas of our life.

If you’d like to find out in which field the colour blue is especially important for YOU, order your Wheel of Colours now.

2. Intuition vs Science – or can we use both?

I’ve grown up in an evidence-based world, where people trust science over “woo woo” and where you have to conduct studies to prove that something is valid.

To be honest, as someone who studied at and graduated from University and learned the art of scientific research – it’s easy to see that when you quote the right sources you can win any argument and make your point.

But that doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong, it just means you have mastered the art of writing a scientific paper.

Now, luckily, quantum theory is revealing what most of us with a strong intuition already knew – that the outcome of any research depends on the beliefs of the researcher.

If you ask me, what is right is only what’s for the highest good of all, and what is wrong isn’t.

It is really simple.

Now, sometimes, that means that we have to do something wrong, to learn from it and can then understand what is right through it.

So doing something wrong can therefore be the right and best thing to do in that moment.

That means that essentially, nothing can be wrong, or bad, as everything leads us to learning and growing, it’s just a matter of how much pain it’s going to cause for ourselves or others.

And if something works or doesn’t we will always find out, if we trust what we experience and ourselves.

But I can see how, for people who don’t trust themselves, it’s easier to quote and rely on other people’s research, or to create a setting that must prove their point, to prove it – because then they can circumvent trusting themselves, and don’t have to take full responsibility for what they are saying or finding, which people seem to prefer.

And I don’t want to bash science at all, there are a lot of useful insights and helpful findings, we have because of science, that brought us to where we are right now.

I am also absolutely aware that I couldn’t be in contact with you right now, without a computer and technology is based on science, and that my self-esteem would still be so low, that I wouldn’t even dare to open my mouth, or use my fingers to type, if it weren’t for all the information I was able to access through my computer, phone and tablet.

So I’m not arguing against science or technology – what I would like to point out, though is, that most science comes from an intuition.

(Or shall I say, as my intuition tells me?)

I remember how I first learned about Hildegard von Bingen, who intuitively knew how to use plants for healing and well-being.

When she lived, there was no internet, very few books and a lot of what she did and practised was simply not based on knowledge she could have acquired from the physical world alone.

Realizing that, is what led me to where I am today, despite my upbringing and conditioning, because I thought if she could channel the information that was needed at the time to help humanity suffer less – then so can I.

The information is available to all, we just have to learn how to tune in, and as the Wheel of Colours shows us, we each need to especially tune in, in some situations more than others.

Even the most scientific minded person, has experienced the moment where they just know where to look for the answer to solve their problem.

Or when their intuition is what led them to recognize a problem they can then solve in the first place.

I also love logic. I spent my youth solving logic puzzles, and no mental challenge would be too high – which is precisely why a lot of the things that are normal today, don’t make sense to me.

And one of these things is that currently people are asking for scientific proof for things like energy healing, to legitimize it.

There’s no logic there.

What would one need to believe that energy healing actually works, when it already works?

And when you can even see the results if you try it yourself, and when you know that it will only work for those who believe in it (or don’t actively refuse to believe in it).

I mean, enough studies have been made about the placebo effect, to show that if you believe in something, it works, and if you don’t, it doesn’t.

How are you going to turn that into an objective study when the point is, that there is no objectivity (something the humanities realized decades ago, hence the cultural turn)?

They’ve even done medical studies in which they pretended to operate on people’s knees, and people felt better after the operation, even though they’ve never been operated on (but thought they were).

And this is why our intuition is so incredibly important in times, where we just don’t know whom to trust.

No one, no logic, no words will ever be able to tell us what’s right and what isn’t, but our gut always will.

And this is especially true for healing, for self-help, for spirituality, or any kind of life advice.

Follow your interest, your liking, your heart, your gut and if you find something, that tickles something within you, try it.

If you have a feeling that it should work, but is not working yet, find out what it takes to make it work and then use it.

Nothing is won from knowing that it has or hasn’t worked on so many other people, other than that it might convince you, that it could work on you too.

Whether something will or will not work for you, depends entirely on whether you believe it does or doesn’t (and you can even find a lot of research on that if you are curious to learn more about how that works).

Every new idea was born in someone’s head as a result of their intuition – Einstein wrote about that extensively – so I would just like to plead to give intuition a bit more credit.

And of course, I know why things are the way they are – because people are insecure and don’t trust themselves, so they rely on science – it makes them feel safe.

But the more we learn how to trust our intuition, the more we will begin to trust ourselves again as well.

Only that currently, we’ve not yet reached the collective tipping point to, literally, come back to our senses.

The situation has been getting worse since the invention of computers and smartphones because they do a lot of the thinking, feeling and knowing for us.

But we can retrain ourselves if we wish to do so.

And let me tell you, life becomes so much more fun when we actually just know things and don’t have to ask our phone about the weather, or others for advice, for example.

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.

3. How to train your intuition

Life is all about choices.

Now I choose to live an independent life, to be confident, to trust myself more than machines and to be happy about what I do and my choices.

And I’m assuming you want the same, if not, then that’s fine, but this might not be for you.

To be independent and to trust our intuition and inner knowing and to let them guide us more than traditions, or what others do, or what’s normal or logical to do – we have to choose to do so, and that might mean making a conscious choice against technology and what other people say.

The first example that comes to my mind, is the weather, because we all have it, and experience it, and often depend on it, and honestly, it has been one of the biggest wins of my life to not have to think about what to wear that’s weather appropriate any more – I just know – and you can too.

For me, it all started on a typical German mixed-weather day, when I wanted to leave the house for a dog walk, and the clouds told me something about rain, but my app said it wasn’t going to rain.

I looked at the clouds, I looked at my app, and I trusted my app more than my own judgement.

Of course, within a few minutes, the dogs and I were soaking wet.

At that point, I had lived without watching or listening to the news long enough to feel it in my bones, that less is often more, and so I also decided not to use my weather app any more.

This winter, a year or so later, I especially noticed that I always knew when it was going to snow, even when the weather forecast didn’t.

It always surprised me as well, that I knew because the temperatures wouldn’t have pointed in that direction either, I wasn’t wondering about it and I also never learned to read the weather or nature signs (something that was on my interest list, but I just never had the time for it).

I just woke up and, to my and my partner at the time’s surprise, said: “It’s going to snow today.”

The time after, I was by myself and actually said to the clouds: You mean rain, right? Today is not a day for snow, look at how warm it is!

Just to look out again a few hours later and see everything covered in white.

But I’m quite convinced that I would have never been able to hear or know that if I had listened to the weather forecast, or checked my app regularly.

Because just like wearing glasses can make your eyes lazy, your senses also get lazy when you don’t use them.

Or, we can also say that differently, we need to train our senses for them to pick up on what’s going on.

And the only way we will be able to trust our intuition, is by testing it and seeing how it works.

It doesn’t snow so often where I live right now, and summer is coming, but I’m hoping that next winter, I won’t argue with the clouds and just trust myself.

So maybe, to train our intuition, we can even become a bit scientific here, but not by seeing what other people are doing and how, but just by testing our individual experience.

Because that’s the only thing that is relevant for each of us.

And you can simply do that by asking yourself a question and see if the answer comes to you.

Don’t expect the answer right away. Just ask yourself something you always wanted to know.

Like: Why do I like rollercoasters? Or the colour blue? (Unless you know why ;))

Within a few days, something will happen and you will know.

And if it works with one question, it will also work with more.

Remember, though, when you have blue in the last half our your wheel it might actually take you months or years, to get there, but you will get there (only) if you keep trying.

Another thing that works intuitively for me now, is waking up. I never have to set an alarm any more, if I tell myself when I’d like to wake up AND trust myself, I wake up right at the minute I intended.

But to find out that that works, I had to test it first.

And so do you. And we can build that trust in ourselves, we don’t have to have it.

Start on a day when it doesn’t matter, and you can sleep in, and just think of a time you’d like to get up to have a comfortable day.

If you really want to test it, pick something like 9:08 and check your clock when you wake up.

And then do this every day, where you don’t have an appointment, until it works.

Turn it into a joyful game and get excited about the day it will work. Don’t try once, or twice and if it doesn’t work give up and think you don’t have it.

It’s your inherent right, just like learning to communicate is your inherent right, and depending on our circumstances, it will take some of us longer than others to learn, but it will work in the end.

Somehow all the examples I can think of all seem quite dull – but it’s also these little things that I find just make life so much easier, as they add up when we don’t trust our intuition and instead have to use our brain capacity and think about them or use apps to remind and stress us.

Here’s another one:

Now that I’ve moved to a new neighbourhood, my neighbours recommended me an app to tell me when which waste bin goes out.

The last thing I want in my life is more notifications for things, and, luckily, I know from the last place where I lived, that it only takes a few weeks of consciously looking outside at what the neighbours are doing, to soon intuitively know, when I have to do what, without any notifications or alarms and the related stress on my body.

It just becomes a natural part of movement and interacting with the world.

But we do have to make the conscious choice to watch for a while and to not know how and trust that it’s going to work.

And every time we try, we slowly start to (re)build the trust in ourselves and our inherent abilities.

So just notice your gut feelings and intuitions, don’t brush them off, and whenever you do notice them, test them, and thank them for being there.

As with everything, we need to make space for what we want in our lives, and to hear, feel, know our intuition, we need to slow down, quiet down and trust.

I couldn’t write anything intuitively if I didn’t allow myself the time and space for it.

I knew I wanted to write about the colour blue this week, but I also had many other things to do, so occasionally over the last few days I thought about it, felt in every morning what to work on, and today my body said that we are ready to write about this and that all the information had been gathered.

And then it just flows out effortlessly.

Another thing I do intuitively now is choosing beauty products: lotions, soaps, shampoos, whatever.

Choices are endless, and I used to spend so much time reading lists of ingredients, smelling, thinking, comparing.

Now I stand in front of a shelf and see where my attention goes. I just did this a few days ago when I wanted to pick a new hand soap.

My eyes immediately went to one specific bottle. I smelled it and smelled some other ones, but knowing how this works already, went with my intuitive choice, even though it didn’t blow me away in the shop.

And now I’m so happy. I didn’t even know this was a smell I was missing, but I honestly sometimes go from the kitchen to the bathroom now, when I have to wash my hands, just to get more of that smell.

This is me – I’m sure you can find your own joys and pleasures with this.

4. The Future is our Choice

Some years ago, probably right when the book came out, I listened to Juval Noah Harari’s book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

It had one part, where it talked about AI and how AI would soon help us to find the right partner for us and would know, much better than we ever could, who’s right for us and who isn’t.

He dreamed about (at least that’s how I remember) how easy it would be to match habits and life rhythms, preferences and all the choices we’ve made in our lives and so on – and then our phones would pick out the right partner for us.

Somehow I immediately and intuitively knew, even though he made a good argument and I trust and value him generally, that there was a much easier way.

Now, at that time, I had no idea what that could be. So I kept his words and idea in my mental shelf of things to solve when the time is right.

And of course, now, I can see that our intuition is still much better at knowing what’s right and wrong for us than any app, but for it, we will have to train ourselves to be able to access it in a reliable way.

Eventually, we, as humans, will have to come to a decision of what we wish to continue to develop – our intuition or AI.

For me, it’s an easy answer – I want as much freedom as possible – and I don’t want to have to rely on something that possibly only exists because someone can make money from it and that was not really created for the greatest good of all, but for the personal gain of some.

So I train my intuition.

It’s not really that different, though.

It’s all collective consciousness.

All our data has already been collected in the Akashic records – and tapping into that all knowing consciousness is still much more accurate and wiser than AI, as AI does not have all the data or gained consciousness – yet.

The thing we have to remember though, is, that we created technology as an empowerment tool, to help us deal with the loss of our intuition and trusting ourselves, that had taken place through witch hunts, slavery, colonialism and other forms of exploitation and oppression and the condemnation of our internal inherent knowing and intuition – because without it, we were easier to control.

So we created machines for the senses we’ve lost and suppressed.

But the senses never disappeared, and we can simply invite them back into our lives and let them help us – if we wish to do so, thanks to the technology that allows us to share this knowledge.

Consciousness is there and will continue to exist – right now it’s what makes us alive and unique, and we can access it through the greatest tool we have – our body, which is so intelligently designed that we, as humans, are still unable to comprehend how it works fully.

And we don’t need anything, no tool, no app, to tap back into this knowing and connection – all we have to do is to trust ourselves and our inherent knowing and goodness again.

We are the creation of our own consciousness, and through it, we have also created technology and AI.

Consciousness will find its way, always, and if we keep looking for it in technology instead of within ourselves, we will eventually also begin to find it there.

So, at some point, we will have to decide, if we, as humans, want to (re)gain full consciousness and start trusting ourselves again, or make ourselves obsolete by creating conscious machines, without ego troubles.

The answer of what’s best will only be available through our intuition and inner knowing.

Photo by Donald Tong on Pexels.

My intuition actually says it doesn’t matter. But it adds that machines are much less cuddly than humans, and cuddling is pretty nice, so it would be a shame to lose that.

And I’d love to hear yours!

But for those who can’t hear theirs very clearly yet, here are a few more ways to train it.

5. Using Water to improve your intuition

Many people have better access to their intuition when they have a bath or a shower, or when they are near or in natural bodies of water.

You can also add that to your list of experiments.

If you’ve experimented with asking questions and waiting for an answer, try it again in and near water and see if it makes a difference for you.

I actually love my showers, which I don’t take every day for environmental reasons, but it’s always such a blessing, and it never goes without new insights.

6. Using the colour blue in our environment

And another thing that can help us with this is to bring more of the colour blue into our lives.

Do you have some blue clothes? A jumper, pants, a scarf, something you like wearing? A blue bracelet, necklace or earrings can work as well.

Bring some blue flowers or plants with blue blossoms into your home.

Or hang up artworks, photos, posters that have plenty of blue in them (you can also buy one designed especially for that reason in my shop).

Or, you might even want to paint a wall in your home blue or get blue curtains.

Though not necessarily blue, but bringing in water, an aquarium or a water play for your room, can also do the trick.

Just see how you can best integrate the colour blue into your life, to stimulate your intuition – try out a few things that may work for you and see what feels best.

We live in interesting times, and I’m happy and sometimes scared about what is happening and will be happening, but I believe in love and its power.

And I believe that training our intuition is the most useful tool for us today.

Imagine what it would be like if you would fully trust yourself?

If you didn’t have to ask others for advice or know what’s right or wrong FOR YOU. Not for someone else – because they might need and want different things – but FOR YOU.

Only you can know that, and you are designed to be able to access this knowledge.

I opened the CREATRIX School, to help people regain these core competencies because they are what makes us independent, confident and free.

If you’d like to learn this, and a lot more, you are welcome to join and take advantage of the 30-day free trial.

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What others say about the Wheel of Colours

“The Wheel of Colours not only reminded me what my strengths and weaknesses are, but also enlightened me about how I can solve my weaknesses and use them as a means of creating a better life.

It also showed me how precise our unconscious choices are and that we should trust our basic instinctive voices more.

Thank you, Verena, for reminding me of my flaws and apprising how to solve them!”


“Having Verena explain my Wheel of Colours to me was a very encouraging experience where I got to look at and appreciate a lot of aspects of my personality.

We talked about my gifts, but also the challenges I face according to my personal distribution of colours.

I particularly enjoyed the practical tips for the different areas of life that pointed me to things I want to work on and pay attention to.”


“I wasn’t aware of the concept of the Wheel of Colours and stumbled upon it accidentally.

At first, I was rather sceptical because I didn’t know how the whole process was supposed to work. But the result was amazingly accurate and gave me a lot more insight.

I knew myself quite well before that, but through this experience I was able to deepen my self-reflection even further and today I am putting some things into practice in a practical way.

This new perspective has brought me more clarity.”


“It was really good to find out that things I already had a vague idea about are actually true for me, and that I now know what I have to do to take advantage of these opportunities.”


“I find it amazing how coherent the wheel of colours is and how much truth you can find in it, even if what you learn might be difficult.

It’s very useful and makes a lot of sense to learn more about yourself this way, if you want to understand yourself better. Very insightful!”


“Right after I received the wheel, there was a situation where someone asked me what I was thinking and I could just point to the relevant part of the wheel and be understood.

I could never have said that so well and precisely in my own words.”


“The Wheel of Colours has helped me see my purpose in life, something I already had an idea about, but had a hard time acknowledging before seeing it so clearly.”


Order Your Wheel of Colours here

The Wheel of Colours is a traditional tool to help us understand what we need or can share in certain situations.

We are all made up out of the same colours, but they are arranged uniquely in each person – which is why we need or can give different things in different moments.

If you’d like to find out what can support YOU when starting a project, or working with other people, to successfully finish something, to heal, to spark your creativity or what your unique gift is, that you bring to the world, then the Wheel of Colours will help you to see this and yourself more clearly and show you how to use these insights in practical ways.

It will also show you how you can listen to your inner truth and that of others, what your most important lesson is in life and what challenges you might have to overcome.

Once you’ve learned what you need to learn, you can start the wheel again, this time more smoothly.

In the past, people often only got these insights and realizations towards the end of their lives – but you don’t have to wait until then.

You may use these insights right now to live your life happily and successfully.

🌈 You have the power to create your reality.

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