How to Use the Wheel of Colours in Your Life

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What’s the Wheel of Colours?

The Wheel of Colours is a traditional tool which has been used, and can still be used today, to help us understand ourselves better and to bring our life into a flow state.

When we’re in a state of flow, we don’t overthink, hesitate, struggle, argue or feel limited, we just are and life has the opportunity to unfold around us in the best way possible.

In this state, it becomes easy to live feeling well, acting well and being well – to love, feel loved and enjoy our lives fully and to achieve anything we desire almost effortlessly.

In this article, I’m going to tell you how the Wheel of Colours works, what the numbers have to do with the colours and the different fields on the wheel and then, show you, how you can use the Wheel of Colours in your life whenever you feel stuck or start a new project or have to deal with a new or uncertain situation.

If you have not ordered your personal Wheel of Colours yet, you can do so now here.

How does it work?

As you can see in the picture, the Wheel of Colours has 13 fields, and each of these fields has a different meaning.

To create your personal Wheel of Colours, you write down the numbers from 1 to 13 in an order that feels good to you.

What ‘feels good to you’ means it is in alignment with how you work internally.

And that is why the way you write down the numbers can also tell you something about how you interact with the world.

So, the Wheel of Colours is a kind of translation tool, that translates your inner workings first into colours, and then lets the colours tell you what you need to come into a state of flow, to balance your life, to have a smooth ride and to let the wheel turn in the most meaningful and supportive way for you.

In the next step, I will explain to you how the ‘translation’ works – and I would ask you to read this, after you’ve written down your numbers.

Because once you know how it works, your numbers might not come out as intuitively and you will ruin the chance of getting a clear image of your subconscious.

No matter in which order you write down the numbers, after you’ve written them down, you write down the colours in the following order next to them: red, yellow, green, blue, pink, white, purple, orange, grey, brown, rose, black, crystal.

And now you can start colouring your wheel. The field with number 1 gets coloured with the colour next to it and so on.

To the right (or on your mobile below) you can see the way I wrote down my numbers with the colours written down next to it.

Verena's numbers

And this is what my wheel looks like accordingly.

If you’d like for me to create you your personal Wheel of Colours and get a 34-page explanation of what this means exactly for you, you can order your wheel now here.

In the following section, I will explain the meaning of the fields and then the meaning of the colours a bit, before sharing some practical ways of how to use the Wheel of Colours.

The meaning of the 13 Fields in the Wheel of Colours

The 1st field of the wheel tells us what we need to start a project, or enter any new situation.

The 2nd field shows us how we collaborate with other people.

The 3rd field shows us what we need to continue and follow through, with a project, relationship or any new situation.

The 4th field tells us what we need, to live a healthy, balanced life.

The 5th field shows us how we express our creativity or what we need, to be able to be and in our own unique way.

The 6th field represents the gift we came to share with others and is something we inherently understand and can therefore help others with (though it might be something that we’re not very good at when it comes to our own lives 😉 ).

The 7th field lets us know what we need to feel safe and to walk through this world with confidence.

The 8th field shows us an important lesson we have to learn. It directs us to an area in our lives, where we struggle and fail until we understand what it is about, embrace the lesson and then can move on feeling more empowered.

The 9th field teaches us about what we need to respect ourselves and others.

The 10th field helps us understand what we need, to listen to and hear our inner voice and guidance.

The 11th field shows us how we can activate our sensory and extrasensory perception to understand what is going on around us.

The 12th field shows us the final lesson, we have to learn, to activate the wheel anew, come into flow and find inner peace and it reveals our true calling.

The 13th field represents our core. It’s the prism of all the colours that make up our wheel and shows the essence, the most important questions and our strengths, weaknesses and main interests in this life.

The fields and their meaning are the same for everyone.

The colours we have in each field, however, are different for everyone, and depend on how we wrote down the numbers as seen above.

The distribution of the colours is what makes each of our wheels unique.

The colours tell us what we need to function easily and naturally in each of these areas of our lives.

The meaning of the 13 Colours in the Wheel of Colours

As I said above, the goal of the ​Wheel of Colours​ is to enable us to live a life full of ease, joy, love and abundance – without misunderstandings, pushing, forcing, manipulating, struggling or fighting.

And to reach this goal, the ​Wheel of Colours​ helps us to understand what we need and how we work in the different areas of our lives.

Again, we also all have the same colours, but we have them in different fields, and they have a different meaning in each of these fields.

Here is what the colours mean in general:

Red stands for trust, faith, passion.

Yellow stands for emotions, and feeling supported.

Blue stands for intuition, green for our creative power and willpower.

Pink stands for creative expression, how we express, white stands for relationships of all kinds, purple stands for closure, completion, healing and spirituality.

Orange is the colour for learning and teaching, grey is the colour for respect and brown is the colour for practical action.

Rose is the colour for sensory and extrasensory perception, black is the colour for introspection, reflection and mediation and the last one, crystal, is the colour for clarity and transparency.

So, these colours and elements are basically what we are all made of, and our individual expression, form, humanness comes from the way these colours or elements are arranged in our wheel or in our lives.

The same way that the planets in our birth chart influences how we come into this world, and can point to our strengths and weaknesses, the same way the wheel can too.

And if you compare your birth chart and your wheel, you’ll be surprised to see the similarities and how it all comes together and plays out in your daily life.


Our world is such a wonderful place, and we often forget to see how we are all here for a reason, and that it is our differences, that enable us to create our world as a whole.

Once we know how we can use our gifts and talents well and learn what we still need to learn, we can contribute wholeheartedly.

We all know that some things come to us more easily, and others take a long time to learn and embody. Some things we only learn later in life, others we understand right away.

The ​Wheel of Colours​ simply shows us what these things are, so we can use and train our abilities and skills and begin to come into a flow state right now and don’t have to wait until later to figure it all out.

How to use the Wheel of Colours in Your Life

We know that we all have to train and use our abilities, such as trust, or our intuition, our self-respect, our creativity and so on in our daily lives to live a well-balanced and happy live.

So, we all need to listen to our intuition, for example, but some of us can intuitively understand how to heal, others learn about the surrounding reality through their intuition or others might need their intuition to feel safe and self-confident.

We also all need to use our practical abilities, our willpower, trust and so on, but we might use these things differently in different areas of our lives and once we can see, how and where we use these abilities well automatically, we can also transfer these skills to other areas of our lives, which don’t run so smoothly yet.

The question is, what do you need most where? And this is what the Wheel of Colours can answer for you.

I really do believe the Wheel of Colours is the very best thing in the world, when it comes to learning how to live our lives fully, develop all our talents and get all our needs met so that we can live our purpose and with that, a healthy, happy and balanced life.


How to use the Wheel of Colours to boost your self-esteem:

If I wanted to use my ​Wheel of Colours​ to find out what I need, to boost my self-esteem, I would look at the colour for Safety & Confidence, number 7 and find out what colour I have there and look at the description (get yours here) to see what I need.

My colour here is yellow, the colour for emotions and feeling supported. Now, if I had felt supported especially in my childhood years, I probably wouldn’t have many issues in this field, but if I didn’t, I might now still look to other people’s support to feel safe and confident.

But as it’s not good to be dependent on other people, for my own sense of security and my self-confidence, I can now train myself to feel loved and supported by me, the universe and strengthen my knowledge and understanding that I’m loved and supported at all times, even when I don’t see or feel it.

How to use the Wheel of Colours to boost your self-respect, or if you struggle to respect others:

If I didn’t feel respected somehow, I could look at field 9, the field for respect and peaceful living. Here I have red, the colour for trust, faith and passion.

To help myself feel respected and to respect myself, I thus have to train myself to trust myself, have faith in myself and maybe even to become passionate about myself and my life.

How to use the Wheel of Colours for healing or finding balance:

If I wanted to know how to heal or be healthy, I would look at field number 4.

Here I have crystal, the colour for clarity and transparency, which is why I had an easy time and intuitive understanding, about how to heal myself from chronic and also other diseases and can now use this understanding to help others understand themselves and how to heal more easily, as well as see how I can use the clarity I have here to also improve other parts of my life.


I guess you get the point.

So, the ​Wheel of Colours​ is a super useful tool, that we now have available to use in whichever area of our lives we feel we are not quite in the flow yet.

But we can also use this in more complex ways.

How to use the Wheel of Colours to support us in a complex situation:

Let’s say, for example, that I would like to speak out and up about my work, the Wheel of Colours and get out of my comfort zone more, so that more people can hear about this and benefit from it.

To be able to do that consistently, I would like to create a solid plan.

So, the first logical step would be to look at the first field of my wheel, which shows me how I start projects.

The colour of my first field is brown, which stands for practical action, so in order to start with something new, I need to start acting towards it, which I have already been doing the past couple of days 🙂

It also means I have to engage with other people, which is field number 2, how we work together with other people, and, as my second colour is green, which is my will and creative power, I have to get clear on what exactly it is that I want to achieve and who I want to achieve it with and for, so I can channel my powers to reach out to the right people and get what I need accordingly.

Then I also need to activate my intuition (field three) to find out how to do it best and create a routine around it.

As this is also a creative endeavour, I can have a look at what I need to be creative – one of my main features here is that I have to find my own unique way of doing things, I get bored if I try to follow an already laid out plan, so I will do that as well.

And then I should also take my core into account, as that plays a role in all that we do.

My core is purple and one of the main difficulties of that colour is that I want things to be done, before I’ve even started, so I need to set a clear intention to enjoy and focus on the process instead of just focussing on the outcome.

Another thing that helps is to look at where we have crystal as a colour, which for me is in the healing part (as I mentioned above).

As I know how healing works, I can use the same technique I use there (to create a clear image of what I want the outcome to be) in this endeavour as well.

And that’s it.


Now it’s your turn.

If you don’t have your Wheel of Colours yet, order it here, or book an appointment with me and then you have the tools to start living a life according to your own needs and to shine more brightly than ever –

in your full capacity and full power: so you can grow, laugh, live, dance, play, enjoy, heal,  thrive, succeed, learn and do all of this filled with confidence and love.

Das Rad der Farben

Recognize yourself, with the Wheel of Colours!

The Wheel of Colours gives us a glimpse into our subconscious and can thus enable us to analyse our very individual composition, our abilities and needs more precisely than we would be able to do in the conventional way, through talk therapy, or in contact with other people.

And with this certainty, we no longer have to keep trying to figure ourselves out, but can simply act accordingly.

You can find out about your own personal Wheel of Colours, today.

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