INTEGRATION – Week 4 – Pt. 2

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What have we learned this month?

Dear Creatrix,

How relaxed are you today?

Did you sleep well?

I’d really love to hear about your experiences with this chapter of the CREATRIX School.

Do you have any questions?

Anything you are still wondering about when it comes to rest, relaxation and integration?

Which of the tips I’ve suggested have you tried?

How did they work?

You may leave a comment below, or post about it in our private Facebook Group.

Today, we are going to review what we’ve learned in this chapter so that we can integrate the most important lessons into our qu_ing persona, also known as our highest or best self – in the next lesson, our last lesson for this chapter.

We started to enter into the field of rest, relaxation and integration by bringing to our awareness, that rest and relaxation have a lot to do with self-love and self-care.

When we rest and relax, we integrate what we’ve learned and experienced and even if it’s invisible, it’s an integral part of our daily growth journey.

To allow ourselves to rest as much as we need to is essential for us to be creative, and so we can reimagine ourselves and our lives and explore all that is possible for us.

If we only allow for the bare minimum of rest that keeps us alive and functioning, we can only do that: stay alive and function – but I think, if you are here, you probably want more from life.

I would even propose that how much a person values their sleep and rest represents the value, respect and love they have for themselves quite well.

Saying that, of course, comes with the reminder that it’s all about balance, and that we all need different things at different times.

When we are sick or depressed, we need to rest more because we have physical or mental health problems to heal.

And equally, there might be other times when we have to take care of a baby or a sick family member, where we also sleep less.

Our body can handle all of that easily, as long as we come back to balance when the emergency is over.

But, what, I think, is the most important lesson here, is that we need the downtime (even when it doesn’t produce visible results) to integrate what we do each day, and to develop new ideas and to flourish.

Rest, sleep and relaxation are integral parts of our lives, and, in a world that is all about visibility, have been much undervalued so far.

What else have we learned?

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Week 1

In the first lesson, we began to get more familiar with the topic of this month, and I shared some of the struggles I had to overcome to get where I am toda…

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