Self-Actualization – Week 4 – Pt. 2

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What have we learned this month?

Dear Creatrix,

How are you today?

Is it a good day to reflect on and summarize all we’ve learned this month?

If you’re ready, then let’s go! 😊

We started our self-actualization chapter in the CREATRIX School, by looking at our Wheel of Life and assessing every area of our lives – where we’d like to go and where we are now.

And I’ve also shared the playlist for this month with you.

We talked about what self-actualization means:

To become the best version of ourselves, which is our most authentic version, and not the dimmed down version we became by letting other people make us believe in limitations and lack.

Because in the gap between who we currently are and who we could possibly be is where fear, anxiety, self-doubt and all the things reside, that don’t help us in life.

So, by becoming our best selves and being on our way to embodying and living all we could be, we also start to feel better.

Do you feel better?

Can you see that you are beginning to close this gap?

And if not, what’s missing?

What do you need to allow yourself to be your most authentic version?

Just take that question with you, write it on a piece of paper and put it on your bathroom window, and then just be open for the answer to come to you.

After that, we talked and thought about the fact that all good things also come to an end, even our lives.

And we looked at the top five regrets people have on their deathbeds and checked in with ourselves, what we can do NOW so that we can live a life that leads us to our deathbed without having those same regrets.

After that, we took it one step further and wrote our obituaries.

This way, we began to not only focus on what we want to avoid (and create instead), but also had a chance to begin to think about what we would like to be known for – what we would like to achieve, and what we wish other people will remember about us – the legacy we would like to leave behind.

And then, in the third lesson, we talked about how to avoid regrets in general, and see mistakes as an opportunity to grow (something that is so important to teach to our children as well!).

The last thing we did in the first week, to really find out what we want from life and this chapter, was to create our bucket list.

What do you desire to do in this lifetime?

Week 2

In week two, we started to move towards the things we actually want to begin to change, by making sure we know why we are changing things and how.

Our mindset and believes matter fundamentally for anything we would like to achieve, so having a critical look at how we think about ourselves helps us to move in the desired direction more smoothly and confidently.

And if we want to create something that we’ve not yet experienced, we can’t learn from our past, but have to imagine a new desired future and then trace the steps back from the desired outcome to us now – to get there.

If we try to learn from our past, we keep recreating different versions of it.

Then we looked at what we learned from the Wheel of Life and the other exercises in the first week and how we can use that information to start creating the changes we are looking for now.

We also came back to the fact that whatever change we want to create on the outside, we have to create on the inside first.

Everything is an inside job, really, as we are creating our realities because of how we see the world.

If we stop judging ourselves, others will too.

It’s a bit funny because it feels like it started from the outside and so naturally we feel like the end or solution should come from the outside as well.

It feels like other people, our parents, teachers, educators, judged us and crushed our spirits, and that’s why we feel the way we feel.

I believe that none of that happened without a reason, though, and that our souls chose the circumstances they were born into because they would provide us with exactly the lessons we needed to learn.

But whether that is what you believe or not, as grown-ups, adults, we have the choice to blame our past, upbringing and other people for our suffering or to take our lives into our own hands and change and learn whatever we need to so that we can be happy, love, feel loved and thrive.

If we want to change things now, we have the full power to do so, by learning to see ourselves as how we truly are, or want to be, and not how others saw or see us.

So, we looked at that and how exactly we wanted to see ourselves and live our lives, and how we can overcome our resistance to change accordingly.

After that, in the last lesson of week two, I then shared the blueprint with you that we can use to create any kind of change on personal as well as on a political, global or community level.

Photo by Dio Hasbi Saniskoro on Pexels.

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🌈 You have the power to create your reality.

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Community – Week 1 – Pt. 1

Community – Week 1 – Pt. 1

Welcome to a New Chapter in the CREATRIX School

Starting today, and for the next four weeks, we will think about how we can be at our best with others and how we can use our unique abilities, gifts and talents to contribute to the greater good of all.

As the first week of each chapter in the CREATRIX School is all about assessing where we are, so we can let go of what doesn’t serve us any more, and invite more of what we do want, we start this chapter by looking at our hopes for the future of our world as well as the experiences we’ve made in community so far.

Community – Week 1 – Pt. 2

Community – Week 1 – Pt. 2

What do we mean when we say communities, and why do we need them?

There are different ways for communities to be organized. Sometimes, all people are equal and come together to organize things as equals.

Sometimes, there’s an initiator, or someone who finances the project and other people who organize and implement it.

Sometimes, there are some people who are paid and other people who volunteer.

What are the different kinds of projects or communities you have been involved in, or would like to get involved in, in your life?

Community – Week 1 – Pt. 3

Community – Week 1 – Pt. 3

How do you envision our future?

It’s easy to think there are so many problems in this world – what am I supposed to do about it – I can’t do anything but make the best of it – and that’s true to some extent – but also not entirely.

Because we’re not just here to get by. We’re not just here to arrange ourselves with what is already here – we are life and a part of the great symphony of life that’s playing right now, in this moment, and we get to contribute to it.

Community – Week 2 – Pt. 1

Community – Week 2 – Pt. 1

How to learn to love triggers

In this lesson, we look at why it is so important to unite for a cause and not against someone or something – if we want to create lasting change – no matter how much we might disagree with them or something.

And we look at how love really is always the answer, even, or especially, when someone or something upsets us.

Community – Week 2 – Pt. 2

Community – Week 2 – Pt. 2

How can we create a real alternative to what we currently have?

In this lesson, we talk about how judgement can be a very useful tool on our journey to becoming our most authentic and best selves and create the communities we wish for, as long as we don’t use it to condemn other people or to establish superiority.

We also think about how every trigger is really here for us to grow, and not something to be afraid of or to avoid and how punishment, just like suppression, doesn’t lead to anything beautiful – and what we can do instead.

Community – Week 2 – Pt. 3

Community – Week 2 – Pt. 3

On Freedom, Responsibility and our Nature

In this lesson, we look at how freedom and responsibility are linked and what that has to do with consciousness.

And how with a raised consciousness also comes more freedom and thus, by raising our consciousness and finding more inner peace, we also obliterate the need for violence.

And we look at another essential thing, that will help us be more aware in our community interactions – our role as humans in nature, in this world.

Community – Week 3 – Pt. 1

Community – Week 3 – Pt. 1

What’s your unique superpower?

We start this lesson with a short review of what we’ve learned in the last few lessons to resolve the most common problems found in communities today.

And then we begin to look at our unique superpowers, so we can become more confident in the way we contribute to any community, group or project we choose to support.

Community – Week 3 – Pt. 2

Community – Week 3 – Pt. 2

What’s your favourite archetype?

In this lesson, we dive deeper into the roles we can inhabit in a group or community setting.

Are you better fit for a creative role or a leading role, or both, or something else?

Knowing what we are good at, and also thinking about what we would like to learn and grow into, can help us immensely to find our place in any community setting and to be able to contribute in the best possible way.

This is also a great resource if you’d ever like to start your own project or company and can help you make sure all vital roles will be covered so that the project can run in the best possible way.

Community – Week 3 – Pt. 3

Community – Week 3 – Pt. 3

What’s your (stress) archetype?

Of course, things don’t always go the way we want them too.

Sometimes we get stressed, overwhelmed, take on too much or don’t dare to step into our power.

But we can always change and learn and grow.

Looking at the Occasional Archetypes, like the thief, victim, fool, hero_ine, adventurer and so on can help us to recognize these archetypes in ourselves and others and help us to come back into balance, whenever we slip into them.