🧚🧞‍♂️ friendship

Friendships can mean the world. They can save our lives. They can change our perspectives, and enrich our days.

Some start when we’re toddlers, others when we are seniors. Some friendships seem unlikely yet they work.

We may have that one special friend that we share everything with, or a big circle of friends. We each play a different role in the lives of others.

This call is asking for your stories of friendships. In word or visuals – share your view and experiences!

You may submit your story, poetry, drawing, photography or other piece about FRIENDSHIP to GEMP until March 31st, 2022. Up to thirty selected submissions will be exhibited during the month of April and beyond.

Deadline: March 31st, 2022
You may submit your own drawings, photos, poetry, short stories, recipes, films, or other media as long as it can be published online. 🙂

Written submissions should not be longer than a thousand words. Pictures a minimum of 800px (width) but not larger than 1 MB. Max. 3 images per person.

Please choose a creative commons licence and include it in your submission, as well as a short bio and your name (to be displayed) and links to Social Media/Website or other forms of contact, if you don’t have either.

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