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Practice: Releasing Stuck Emotions

Practice: Releasing Stuck Emotions

Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Pexels.← CHAPTER OVERVIEW Let's practice releasing stuck emotions Stuck emotions can limit us in our lives in different ways: 1. They keep us from seeing new situations as new. 2. They keep our nervous system activated and cause stress. 3....

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RELATIONSHIPS – Week 1 – Pt. 1

RELATIONSHIPS – Week 1 – Pt. 1

Welcome to a New Chapter in the CREATRIX School

This month we are going deep to discover our wishes and desires when it comes to love and relationships, look at the roles we’ve outgrown and what we need to also get what we wish and desire.

So that from now on, we can give and receive love freely and joyfully in our relationships.

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RELATIONSHIPS – Week 2 – Pt. 2

RELATIONSHIPS – Week 2 – Pt. 2

Exploring Our Desires

In this lesson, I will show you how to use the Wheel of Colours to find out what you need to feel safe, to feel respected and to cooperate with other people. I will also be sharing my answers to the questions from the previous lessons, to guide you to allow yourself to really go deep and be honest.

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RELATIONSHIPS – Week 2 – Pt. 3

RELATIONSHIPS – Week 2 – Pt. 3

The Romantic Archetypes

In this lesson, we will have a look at how we can use the romantic archetypes to help us see the roles we might slip into in romantic relationships and look into how we can release them so that we can be our true and authentic selves with others (and therefore also feel seen for who we are and not just for the roles we play).

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RELATIONSHIPS – Week 3 – Pt. 1

RELATIONSHIPS – Week 3 – Pt. 1

Let’s integrate what we’ve learned & learn how to apologize well and with love

This week we are starting to learn some new skills because now that we know more about ourselves, we also want to express that gracefully.
And we start by learning how to apologize well, because if we want to set new boundaries, we’re bound to step on people’s toes.

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RELATIONSHIPS – Week 3 – Pt. 2

RELATIONSHIPS – Week 3 – Pt. 2

Thoughts on How to Communicate Well

Visualization can help us to get what we’d like to have and go where we’d like to go.

But on our way there, we also have to interact with other people, especially the ones we are or want to be in a relationship with.

Let’s find out how to do that best.

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CREATRIX Christmas Playlist 2023

CREATRIX Christmas Playlist 2023

How do we live our best lives? With the best music, of course. There's so many wonderful Christmas songs out there, that we don't hear on the radio all the time. Here are some of them. I'll probably add some more until Christmas.   If you know a song I should...

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🌈 You have the power to create your reality.

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Are you a creatrix?

Have you ever felt like you don’t quite belong? That you’re somewhat different from the rest of the people around you?

That there’s a yearning deep down, a knowing, that you are capable of more? That while you know you are talented and can achieve a lot, something is somehow still missing?

Then you are a creatrix. And it’s time to start living it.

I, too, felt this way as long as I can remember
And I didn’t know what I was missing.

I had friends, a partner, a rewarding job. I was an artist, an activist and created real change.

Yet, I also felt lonely, uncertain, sometimes hopeless and often stressed.

No matter what or how much I did, it never felt completely right or like I had arrived.

Something was always missing.

„I had a virtual meeting with Verena, and I felt really safe and comfortable opening up about my struggles with Verena.
She is such a good listener and she shared with me a list of practical and efficient tools/solutions to change my mindset and the way I talk to myself. It was eye-opening. I totally recommend talking to her - her expertise can be a precious resource for everyone!“ - Francesco

"I am at a stage in my life where I can (and want to) make a shift, but struggle envisioning the right direction to take and the action needed. Verena helped me to focus on my desires and what is keeping me stuck. Her approach is sympathetic, calm and down-to earth. It felt like she truly wanted to work with me towards my goals and my wellbeing, through small, concrete steps and kindness. She made me feel more confident, and now the change seems more approachable." – Elena

Verena holds compassion for herself and for me, listens and allows space and treats me as an equal.
She shows up with curiosity & presence, reminds me to listen to what's important to me, suggests simple, manageable practices, giving me concrete things to work with, all in one 60-minute call. Thank you again for this gift! – em

I always admired Verena's ability to bring together people of very diverse backgrounds and give others the space and the freedom to be who they are and to express themselves. It was amazing to watch her transform her life and herself and become much happier in the process. – Corinna

I’m so thankful for the email you sent yesterday about being a conscious digital citizen. 🙂 It really sparked my day and I must have agreed with every word you said […] maybe even more as I am opening up to start presenting my thoughts and work online to wider audiences, it is so important to be concise about adequate behaviour in the digital world and lead by example 😉 Thank you for reminding me of that! 🙂 😉 – Luisa

Our world needs you.
In your full power.

Start exploring new ways to be in this world.

Are you ready to let go of what's been holding you back?
Are you ready to live a joyful, brave, explorative, creative, fulfilling and successful life?

Are you ready to discover what it feels like to be free?

What it feels like to be free to be who you are?

To discover all that you are?


Are you ready to explore all that is possible for you?
Is it time to finally be yourself?
Is it time for your liberated life?

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To start becoming your true self, guided by me and together with other like-minded explorers. You are loved & so welcome.


Who you were always meant to be. And start living a generous, free and abundant and joyful life.