Sail Away 🚤 – Gemp Submissions Boats & Ships

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boats & ships ⛵️

When we’re little, we play with boats and ships. Some of us use them daily to get to school or work, or some of us might even work on a ship or need a boat to do their job. Other people build and fix boats.

Style, form and tradition around boats vary greatly, yet they all move us from A to B and keep us over water.

In ancient as well as modern times, they move us and the goods we require. A lot of things would not be possible without them.

And they can be extremely beautiful and elegant, or a big threat to our environment.

What is your relationship to ships or boats? Do they make you think of vacations or every day life? Do they play an important symbolic or traditional role in your life/family/community/region? Do you just like to look at them, or do you have to deal with the pollution some of them cause?

These are your submissions:

Néstor Granda “SIN PESCADOR”

Néstor Granda is an independent photographer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s also a Spanish, Literature and Cinema teacher. Since 2005 he is the Director and Programmer of several Film Festivals in Argentina and other countries. His photographs were awarded and published in specialized magazines.

Say hi to Néstor on Instagram: @grandanestor

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag

I imagine us sailing
The boat blends with the sea
The vessel dissolves and then
The vessel is us
We carry ourselves and each other
Under us the organisms play
Are born and die and regenerate and mutate
We do this as well
A cloud above opens itself to us
It takes us in
And pours us out
It whispers thunder
It strikes nearby and illuminates our bones
We grow exoskeletons
We grow fins and tails
We descend and submerge
play breathe merge

Sara Neidorf

Sara Neidorf is a Philly-born, Berlin-based professional drummer. They work as a drum instructor, session drummer, and collaborator in original bands, including Aptera, Mellowdeath, Sarattma, Choral Hearse, and Mad Kate | The Tide. Always interested in playing an array of musical styles, Sara has recorded and toured internationally with such acts as The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Valerie Renay, Godmother, City at Dark, and Tau and the Drones of Praise. As a musician and educator, Sara champions the visibility and work of women and non-binary people. When not drumming, Sara co-directs and curates Final Girls Berlin Film Festival, which showcases horror films made by women and non-binary filmmakers. They’d like to spend more time writing too.

Say hi to Sara on Instagram: @saraneidorf
or on their website:

Creative Commons License

Maša Zia Lenárdič “Eastern Dawn” 2021

Maša Zia Lenárdič is an independent filmmaker/photographer born in Slovenia. In 2013 she moved to Berlin where she now lives, works and creates.

Say hi to Maša on Instagram: Atypical Lens
Website: Atypical Lens

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag

Alann de Vuyst

Born in 1959 in Aalst, Belgium. He had a six year training in St. Lukas Art school, Brussels studying creative art directing. For the next 38 years he lived in South America and Asia. He had exhibitions in Belgium, UK, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Japan, Bolivia, Peru, Cambodia, Indonesia, Germany, Ecuador, France, Italy, India, and Nepal. Since 2019, just before the pandemic started, he permanently resides in Sri Lanka.

Copyright by the author.

Moon in house
I moved the moon into my old house last night
The people are there, glistening bare backs steeped in strange sounds
with boxes of antiques pulled out of place
from the ships that the residents of the locket
had committed to, moving boxes along the pier
spices scattered in their pigtails
The moon has seen everything, can teach you
return to the moon in the house
miss the people who have sailed, out
found livelier planets, leave behind newcomers
Up on the moor, Chang’er wishes the visionaries would learn again
all the ways she laughs too, would caress
more than the runaways at the subway

Nina Anin “Moon In House”

Nina is a writer from Southeast Asia. She enjoys daydreaming and reading in her free time.

Instagram: @ninaisnotbei

Creative Commons License

Meredith Bass “Waves” 2021

Crashing down
Carrying me into dark places
Places that should only be felt in passing
A moment
Not a destination
Unable to gasp for breath
Feeling and moving
The current pushes and pulls
Once again
Time and time again
Feel the waves crashing
Don’t let it keep you down
Sway with the current
Using your weakness as a tool
Sharpen your axe
Don’t get lost in the waves

My name is Meredith Bass, I’m an artist and I love to express my emotions through my work. When I feel waves of sadness, I draw it out or write about it. Instead of hurting someone with my words or actions, I choose to create art from my pain or joy.

Instagram: @sassyy_bass

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag

Paulo De Tarso C. V. Souza – “Boats”

Copyright by the author.

A big thanks to all who submitted their works and observations!

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