Recipe: Relaxing Body Scrub

Photo by Tara Winstead on Pexels.


Let’s make some relaxing and natural body scrub

Facemasks, beauty days, or even spending more time than what’s absolutely necessary cleaning myself, and taking care of my different body parts, wasn’t anything I experienced until I was in my twenties.

And I still remember the day so vividly when I came home for the first time to see that a friend of mine, who was also my flatmate, had put on a face mask.

Of course, I had seen things like that on TV, but I had never seen anyone I knew do it.

And while I can’t quite remember now when I allowed myself to have my first facemask, though I assume it was shortly after seeing my friend do it, facemasks have become a quite regular self-care practice for me.

But until I moved to the countryside and started experimenting more with making my own beauty products at home, I bought my face masks in a shop.

Facemasks as well as body scrubs are super easy to make though and, especially if you’re a coffee lover, like me, you have one wonderful ingredient already at home: ground coffee.

For an easy and refreshing face and body scrub, you just have to mix some coffee (you can use what’s left in the sieve/filter after making coffee) with either olive oil or coconut oil and, if you like, a bit of honey.

And then you can rub it on your face and body, and wait a little before you wash it off.

My advice is to put it on in the shower or bath tub, though, if you don’t want to have too much to clean up after, as it tends to fall off easily.

But it’s fun, smells good and it’s super refreshing!

Some of the hand and body scrub I made to give away as gifts.

A while ago, I also made some as Christmas presents.

There are two variations, one is with sugar, coconut oil and coffee grounds, the other one with salt, lavender (from my garden) and coconut oil.

For this, I used fresh coffee and not leftovers because I was afraid that it might get mouldy.

The recipients like it very much!

I also started making my own deodorant, lavender vinegar (facial toner) and my own hair soap – all super easy, fun and smell and feel really good.

If you’re interested, all the recipes are here on the website.

And now I hope you enjoy your bath or shower with your new homemade face and body scrub very much!


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