My Surprise Meeting with Archangel Michael

Photo by Rahul Pandit on Pexels.

Overcoming fear and opening to new experiences

The last year has been full of surprises, one of the most life-changing was for me to have a very brief but powerful encounter with Archangel Michael.

Now, I had never met an angel before. I’m not actually sure I believed it was really possible, or that I believed angels really existed.

But I also heard other people share their experiences with angels and I was definitely curious and open in that direction.

Before writing this post, about meeting Archangel Michael, I have maybe mentioned this encounter to one or two people because I notice that I still have a lot of fear around spirituality and these kinds of experiences, which I’m only overcoming now.

But reflecting back on the last year and already feeling the experience fade, though it was so intense when it happened, made me realize that I would like to write it down.

I want to remember it for myself, but more than that, I would also like to use it as an opportunity to be vulnerable and brave and to encourage other people to trust what they experience and to not be afraid to share it with other people, for fear of possible ridicule.

Beginning to trust my inner voice and to allow for the things that are beyond what is rational and scientifically proven has been the biggest relief, joy, freedom and emancipation yet.

Coming out as someone who trusts themselves and their experience more than what is generally accepted by mainstream society has been a lot harder than coming out as a lesbian or queer person for me personally.

But I love it. I’ve never before felt so healthy, vibrant and myself.

And I know meeting Archangel Michael was just one of so many fantastic and surprising encounters waiting to happen – once we open up to the possibility.

I’ll open comments on this post too (to allow for even more possibility), so if you have an experience you’d like to share or a question for me, you can leave that in the comments!

Here is how I met Archangel Michael:

I was laying in bed and had a hard time falling asleep. Too many thoughts, too many ideas, and I decided to just ask: “What can I do to fall asleep now?”

And the answer was immediate: How about Archangel Michael?

And while I was still thinking that that is definitely nothing that I would have ever come up with by myself, or a combination of words that I had noticed in my consciousness before, it felt like a big white wing was coming down over my eyes, tears running over my face, and I’m still crying thinking back to that moment.

I instantly felt more at peace than I had ever felt before and fell into the most beautiful peaceful sleep.

Thinking back, I’m still so touched. It was literally like all worries and fears were wiped away and just pure beautiful bliss remained.

Peaceful emptiness and pure existence.

I can still remember and feel it now and I hope I will be able to do so for a long time.

Very grateful.

How about you?

Have you had any similar experiences? What was it like for you? I’d love to hear from you!

If you’d like to gain more confidence in talking about and exploring your encounters with angels or receiving information from other dimensions or would like to build a stronger connection to your inner voice, you are invited to join the I AM CREATOR School, to explore this with me and other lovely people.


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