Inner Child Archetypes and How They can Support Your Healing Journey

Where do we come from?

Today we will look at the Inner Child Archetypes – as they will help us to understand ourselves better today – by telling us something about where we are coming from.

There are eight different ones: The Magical Child Archetype, the Divine Child Archetype, the Nature Child Archetype, the Curious Child Archetype, the Dependent Child Archetype, the Orphan Child Archetype, the Responsible Child Archetype and the Wounded Child Archetype.

We all have aspects of all of these within ourselves, and bringing this to our awareness can help us to (re)discover our strengths and heal old wounds.

These eight cards can help us to get a better understanding of where we are coming from, what we’ve experienced, what qualities we needed to develop as children, that we might still hold on to and, because of that, they can give us ideas about things we might want to work on and to heal, and can thus make us feel more at peace with ourselves and confident in our lives.

Working with Archetypes, as well as with Oracle Cards in general, can help us to translate and understand our higher knowing and bring light to what is going on in our subconscious, and with this, help us to direct our lives consciously and more gracefully.

Working with Verena’s Archetypes Oracle Card Deck specifically can help us to get a better understanding of who we are, and acknowledge what we need to do, to get where we want to go.

This is part two of a series in which I introduce all the Archetypes of my Oracle Card Deck and show you how you can use them.

In part one, I introduced the Source & Unsource Archetypes.

The Inner Child Archetypes

In my Archetypes Oracle Card Deck, there are four different types of Relational Archetypes.

The first type of the Relational Archetypes are the Inner Child Archetypes, which, when it comes to the order of the deck, come right after the Source Archetypes.

The Source Archetypes represent the fundamental choice between good and evil, empowerment and disempowerment, right and wrong, giving life, supporting the flow of life and the destruction of life, or stopping of the flow.

With that, the Source Archetypes form the basis for the existence or absence of everything that is alive on this planet and represent the choice we have to make in every moment: Do we act in alignment with ourselves and our inner knowing to bring about love and peace, or against it, and cause harm and more struggles?

The Inner Child Archetypes represent internal parts of ourselves as they show how we first related to ourselves, other people and our surrounding.

To look at them now, can help us to get a better understanding of the qualities and problems we have developed as a result of experiences in our childhood, and they can allow us to look at ourselves with kindness and compassion and resolve issues that no longer serve us.

Each of these Inner Child parts can be found in each of us.

Depending on how we were raised and the experiences we had growing up, some of these might be stronger or weaker than others as a default.

But nothing is set in stone when it comes to our lives.

The more aware we become of our internal parts, the more we can balance them and choose the parts we need in each moment.

The more we raise our consciousness, and awareness, and learn to act purposefully, the more we will be able to see that we can decide which part of ourselves takes over in any given moment and with that empower ourselves, instead of letting old (unhelpful) patterns unfold automatically.

Becoming aware of what is going on and why we react the way we react, without judgement, can help us to learn to align our actions with our intentions and with this open ourselves to new experiences and opportunities.

The other three Relational Archetypes include Family, Friendships and Romance, which represent the different personal roles we inhabit in relation to one or more people and there will be articles about them available here soon.

But first, let’s have a look at these eight different Inner Child archetypes.

Divine Child Card from Verena's Archetype Oracle Cards Deck

Divine Child Archetype

We start with the Divine Child Archetype, the most blissful part of ourselves, which has a direct connection to the higher consciousness and operates on a high frequency.

The Divine Child is less about action and exploring (like the Magical or Curious Child), but rather about being present and connected, open, tapped in and joyfully in the moment.

The Divine Child Archetype becomes active when we are completely present, able to establish a connection to our higher self and tap into this knowing and blissful connection with ease.

While the Nature Child makes sure we connect with all that is alive around us, the Divine Child is responsible for our connection to the invisible energies and subconscious connection to source.

Separation from source is caused by ourselves and our egos and what we have learned to accept, and the Divine Child is here to help us to overcome this feeling of separation. It is always waiting for us to call on it, when we feel lonely or don’t know where to turn. It’s our personal connection to the all-knowing and all-loving source.

It’s in you, just waiting to be activated again.

Magical Child Card from Verena's Archetype Oracle Cards Deck

Magical Child Archetype

The Magical Child Archetype, sometimes also called the Innocent Child Archetype, is the most empowered part of ourselves which believes anything and everything is possible, and walks through the world trusting, believing and only expecting the best.

When we feel open and aware of and connected to this wonderful part of ours, our Magical Child comes out.

We often talk about the beginners mind, being able to see any situation not through the lens of all our experiences, but as if we were to see something for the very first time, the magical child helps us with that.

Through it, we can connect to our awe and wonder and be amazed by whatever we encounter – because if we’re honest, even the most mundane thing becomes magical, when we stop to think about it as what we know it to be, and begin to fully experience it as something truly unique in the moment. Even a pebble, so much older than we are ourselves, formed and shaped by the goings-on of the world, can become a magical experience if we allow for it.

The Magical Child Archetype, allows us to open up to wonder and exploration. It’s your invitation to get excited and play!

Nature Child Card from Verena's Archetype Oracle Cards Deck

Nature Child Archetype

The Nature Child Archetype is the part of ourselves that is connected to the nature and animals around us.

The Nature Child Archetype can communicate with animals or plants, or at least can feel the connection to all life and the energy around us and within the animals, plants and all that is alive.

If you feel drawn to the Nature Child Archetype, that probably means that connecting with nature plays an important role in your life. We all know how being in nature, walking barefoot on the grass or beach, in the forest, or sitting under a tree can ground us.

To acknowledge and nurture the Nature Child Archetype in ourselves allows us to do just that: to ground ourselves and to feel connected with all there is, where we come from our planet and our home.

When the Nature Child Archetype comes up, it’s time to acknowledge the power of this connection and to enjoy it. Open up and let it come through you.

Maybe it’s time to plant something, or to eat something you’ve grown yourself? Or for a trip into nature? To build a treehouse or to listen to the birds sing?

Curious Child Card from Verena's Archetype Oracle Cards Deck

Curious Child Archetype

The Curious Child Archetype, is the part of ourselves that can fully emerge itself into something.

As a child, that might have looked like taking everything apart to understand how it works and then putting it back together in different ways, to see what else is possible.

Today, the Curious Child comes out when we are very curious and want to look beneath the surface of everything or something and understand how things actually come into being or tap into the collective consciousness to receive new and meaningful ideas and come up with new inventions.

The Curious Child Archetype is a welcome addition to any moment in which problems need to be solved and can be called to come forth in any situation, where we feel we need to dig a little deeper, as it takes us beneath what is easily visible and allows us to really familiarize ourselves with the details of something and to take ourselves or technical developments to the next level.

The Curious Child Archetype invites us to allow ourselves to go deep and to open up to receive new insights. It calls us to nourish the nerd within, as there is nothing wrong with having super specialized knowledge and to enjoy getting lost in all the wonderful details.

Orphan Child Card from Verena's Archetype Oracle Cards Deck

Orphan Child Archetype

The Orphan Child Archetype is the part of ourselves that felt abandoned, or like we didn’t belong in one way or another when we were growing up.

If you relate to the Orphan Child Archetype, that probably means that you are still dealing with issues of abandonment or belonging, which have existed since childhood (and possibly even longer).

This means that you are called to resolve these issues now and to find out what it is you need to overcome them so that you do not have to continue to separate yourself from others or to feel lonely, misunderstood, excluded or abandoned.

One thing that can help with this is to acknowledge that most people feel like they don’t belong or feel misunderstood and not seen by their families – many people use this in marketing, as we all somehow feel like the odd one out.

So this feeling of loneliness is actually something many of us have in common and to resolve it, we don’t need anyone else to change, we simply have to look within, understand ourselves better and then learn to communicate our needs and show who we really are.

The Wheel of Colours is a fantastic tool to help us with that.

Responsible Child Card from Verena's Archetype Oracle Cards Deck

Responsible Child Archetype

The Responsible Child Archetype is the part of ourselves that felt responsible for things children shouldn’t necessarily feel responsible for growing up.

If you feel drawn to the Responsible Child Archetype, that probably means that you are still dealing with issues of over responsibility, control and trust.

It also means that you are called to resolve these issues now and to find out what it is you need for that so that you can start building relationships that don’t seem overwhelming and too demanding.

One thing that can help with that, is to consciously step back in situations where we usually try to be in charge. Like allowing another person to do something for us in the way they want to do it, without telling them how to do it exactly – and to try and relax while they do.

If we dare to relinquish control, to let things unfold on their own, in their own time, in ways different from our own, we may start to see that not everything depends on us, even if this has been (part of) our experience until now. So, if you relate to this, it’s time to take a step back, breathe and see where you can let others take the lead and open up for surprises.

The Responsible Child Archetypes invites you to relinquish control.

Dependent Child Card from Verena's Archetype Oracle Cards Deck

Dependent Child Archetype

The Dependent Child Archetype is the part of ourselves that feels unable to trust themselves to do certain things because they have always been done for us, or because we’ve been told repeatedly that we were unable to do them as we were growing up.

The Dependent Child comes out, when we are dealing with issues of trusting ourselves to act wisely, to be independent and/or capable of mastering a challenge or situation.

We each have the possibility to resolve these issues now, and to find out what it is we need for that, so that we can start trusting ourselves and our abilities in any area of our lives.

And to become independent, does not mean not asking for help or getting the support we need, it simply means getting it from people who are supporting our growth and independence, rather than fearing our independence because they (subconsciously) want to feel needed.

If this is you, know that you are loved and that you can do so much more than you may think right now. You really can tackle any problem by yourself and live without feeling dependent on other people.

Though this might seem at a distance right now, if you identify with this strongly, you can get there with training, patience and bravery.

If you don’t feel very brave yet, you can train that too – if you’d like to know how, join us in the CREATRIX School.

Wounded Child Card from Verena's Archetype Oracle Cards Deck

Wounded Child Archetype

The Wounded Child Archetype is the part of ourselves that got hurt in one way or another when we were growing up.

If you feel drawn to the Wounded Child Archetype, that probably means that one or more wounds that have been caused when you were growing up, still play an active role in your life.

This is a sign, that calls you to resolve these issues now and to find out what it is you need to heal, so that the wounds and the people who caused them will no longer have power over you.

The wounds we carry might easily seem like they are part of our identity, but they only remain that as long as we let them – as when we let them go, we can begin to build our identity around the things we love and not the ones we hate.

We cannot undo what has happened, but eventually, we will be able to choose how we want to proceed from here and to begin to see that the hardships we went through might turn into our greatest gifts – as they can enable us to connect to others and once we know how to overcome our troubles we can help others to do so as well.

Remember: Our cracks are where the light shines through.

Working with the Inner Child Archetypes

If you’d like to learn more about the Inner Child Archetypes and how to work with them, then I’d like to invite you to join the CREATRIX School where we use these in the FAMILY chapter.

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If you are reading this today – your inner child is calling you to let go of old attachments!

We all have wounds from our past, and they are what made us into the people we are today. We’ve also developed a lot of different strengths because of our experiences and how we grew up.

The Divine Child is about being present and connected, open and blissful in the moment.

The Magical Child connects us to our open mind, awe and wonder, and the Nature Child makes sure we connect with all that is alive around us.

The Curious Child goes deep into the details of something to understand it fully.

The Responsible Child, in its well-balanced power, helps us to know when to step up and take on our load to contribute to the well-being of all and the Dependent Child, in its well-balanced power, reminds us that when things become too much, we can ask for help, and share responsibilities with others, so no one has to carry too much or is denied the opportunity to act in a self-determined way.

The Wounded Child teaches us to not go through the world without care and be aware of other people’s feelings and vulnerabilities, it allows us to recognize the damage that can be done and to guide us in a way that does not harm others.

The Orphan Child reminds us that no matter how different we feel from the people and all life around us, we are much more alike than not.

We all have the same basics needs, when it comes to love, safety and nourishment, and even share our consciousness with all of life. Over time, we can come to the point where we see that very few things in life are really personal – yet also everything we see is created by us.

If we want to change what we see and experience, we have to change ourselves, our thoughts and our actions. And nothing is ever anyone’s fault, it’s all just a natural reaction to what was before.

And some of what was before wasn’t even in this lifetime, so it is hard for us to know what that was exactly – yet it has an influence on our experience today.


According to the experiences we’ve had in our past lives, we (or our higher self) chose the families and regions we were born into in this lifetime.

Seeing things this way, we also chose the circumstances which have hurt us, and the hardships we went through as children or in our lives in general – because before we were born, our soul knew that these were experiences it needed to understand our world more fully, to fully grow into the person we’re meant to be and to expand fully.

Allowing for this understanding can help us to make peace with a difficult past, as it moves us from being the victims of our circumstances to someone who can shape and create their fate.

If this sounds like an interesting idea to you – we explore this more deeply and very gently in the CREATRIX School.


Integrating and befriending all Inner Child Archetypes allows us to make peace with ourselves, it invites us to look at where we have some growing to do, and then invites us to enter on this growth journey, so we can fully and confidently become our true selves and experience all that is possible for us.

If you’d like to explore this more and dive deeper into healing your Inner Child Archetypes, join the CREATRIX School, so we can explore this together.

If you’d like to know when you can buy the whole Archetypes Oracle Cards Deck, you can join my free newsletter to stay up to date.

Be blessed and have a peaceful day.

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If you'd like to know more about how working with archetypes might be beneficial for your life, I recommend reading: How Archetypes Can Help to Bring Clarity & to Empower You - an Introduction to working with this Archetypes Oracle Card Deck.

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