Source Archetypes: the Energy & Destroyer Archetype & how they work!

This is where it all begins

Today, I’d like to introduce the Source/ Energy and Unsource/ Destroyer Archetype to you, so you can see how they show up and influence YOUR life.

This is the first part of a series in which I’ll be introducing all the Archetypes from my Archetypes Oracle Card Deck.

These are the first two cards of the deck, and therefore also this series because without energy, there is no life.

We all need life or source energy to live, to grow, to thrive. Yet often times we are blocking this energy by following unquestioned rules, expectations, traditions or routines.

These two cards can support us in making the right decisions for ourselves and our lives, and may help us discover where we are blocking ourselves and with it the flow of life.

Working with Archetypes, and with Oracle Cards, can help us to translate and understand our higher knowing and bring light to what is going on in our subconscious, and guide us to direct and design our lives more gracefully.

Source/Energy & Destroyer Archetype

The last two and a half years I’ve spent quite isolated in an old farm house in the countryside, which gave me the opportunity to get to know myself very well and, while I was not aware that this is what I was creating as a side effect, to get some distance from the dominating thoughts and tendencies in our society.

What I’ve realized since I’ve moved back into the city is, however, how much I’ve really distanced myself from society and how incredibly free that makes me now.

One of my beautiful new friends described the state of most people as being caught in density – in collective stories, thought patterns and false beliefs about cause and effect.

Which leads to one of the things that I notice daily now, and that is, that people are confused and insecure about what’s right and wrong and think that life is complicated.

And so did I for most of my life.

But what I came to see and understand in my time alone, is that life is only as complicated as we’ve made it and continue to make it.

With every lie we tell, we make life complicated. No matter how small.

With every time, we silence our inner guidance or knowing, we make life complicated.

Basically, every time we feel we have to do something that goes against our gut feeling or inner knowing and do it, we make life complicated and confusing because we go against our better judgement and our body knows it, even if it reluctantly complies.

Or it gets sick.

But no matter where we’re at, where you are at right now in YOUR life, you can start to make life simple again and the Source/Energy and Destroyer Archetype Cards can help you with that.

Source Card from Verena's Archetype Oracle Cards Deck

Source/Energy Archetype

There is something that we all have in common – every person, everything that is alive: and that is the energy, life energy, source energy, the light, the spark, the breath, which allows us to exist, grow, heal, expand.

In the Wheel of Colours, this is represented by the colour green and the fourth field in the wheel.

Green is also the colour of our heart chakra, it’s what we see in leaves, in grass, it’s the energy that represents life.

You may also call it god energy.

But however you may personally like to call it, you know what I’m talking about.

This card, card #1 is our source. It what brought us life, keeps us alive and supports us in our growth and expansion and in our healing.

It will even continue after our death, just in another form, the same as our eternal soul will continue.

Unsource Card from Verena's Archetype Oracle Cards Deck

Destroyer Archetype

What is the opposite of expansion? Contraction.

In every moment, we have the opportunity to decide to follow our internal guidance and act out of love and for the highest good of all – or not.

If we don’t, when we decide to please others, to follow rules without knowing why, when we consciously or unconsciously act to harm ourselves or others, then we block the flow of life, limit possibilities, invite imbalance, negative karma, possible trauma, confusion and more work to do in the future.

This is what we do in density. Often. Just think about your day and how often you go against what you know would be the best thing to do.

The decision of going against our better judgement, of forcing ourselves to do something, deciding out of fear not love, remaining in struggle and pain, is what this card represents.

It’s card #0 because it is technically nothing. The opposite of life energy is not-life, no energy, it doesn’t exist.

I think it’s important to recognize that when we decide against ourselves, we decide against all life and creation, and this is what this card can bring to our awareness. 

Working with the Source Archetypes

The two Source Archetypes are our foundation, they represent our freedom to choose.

You can use these two cards separately, if you have a yes or no question.

If you pull card #1 the answer is clearly yes, if you pull card #0 the answer is no.

Card #1 means you, your project, or someone or something else, depending on the question you asked, is on track, is making the right decision, moving in the right direction, allowing yourself or themselves to expand and be free.

If you’re pulling card #0, you, or someone else, is blocking the flow of life with your/their thoughts, words or actions and/or is distracting or avoiding the important things to be done or steps to be taken.

Working with this can help you to strengthen your intuition.

I used them just this morning as I woke up with a gut feeling, but feared that acting on it would hurt the feelings of someone who made me a very kind and generous offer.

So I got the cards out, and I asked them three times the same question (because I wanted to be very sure) and each time got the same answer: Follow my gut feeling.

These things can be scary and difficult, which is why it’s so great to get some assistance from these cards.

Because we have to make choices. And not acting is a choice too, albeit a passive one.

If we begin, however, to take full responsibility for our lives, we also begin to have the opportunity to direct our lives in the direction we would LOVE to see it go.

If we don’t decide, decisions will be made for us. And whatever we decide to do or not do will affect everything else that comes after.

Yet, our mind cannot grasp all the possibilities and make the best choice for us, not for the foreseeable future, and surely not for forever and all.

Our highest self and inner knowing, however, can make exactly that perfect choice.

And the cards, translating our highest self and inner knowing, will let us know.

The Source and Unsource Archetype, or Energy Archetype and Destroyer Archetype, represent this choice and the two options that underlie every choice we face: Do we choose love, growth, light and expansion or fear, avoidance, distraction, destruction and contraction?

For us, these are often hard to distinguish as we are entangled in emotional bonds and responsibilities, and giving someone their way might seem generous and loving, but if it goes against our better knowing, can also cause more harm than help or joy – for both parties.

So, the two Source Archetypes represent the two answers to every question we have, and every decision we make, in every single moment.

They represent the answers, to the one most important question of our lives, which underlies each question and decision, no matter which form they come in.

This question is part of everything, every move, every turn, every word, though we are seldom aware of it.

Unless – we slow down enough to bring it to our awareness and begin to choose consciously.

The two Source Cards are your invitation to become more conscious and aware of the impact of our thoughts, words and actions and can help us to walk with confidence.

This, the most important question, which we each have to answer in every moment, is: “Is my next move for my highest good (Energy Archetype) or not (Destroyer Archetype)?”

If we were to ask ourselves this question more often, it would not only bring much more clarity to any situation, and make our decisions so much easier, it would also drastically improve all of our lives.

If you are reading this today – it’s your call to try it out!

From now on, in any situation, with any choice you have, ask yourself: Is this beneficial to all? Is this leading to enjoyment, peace, expansion?

Or is this a situation where I’m trying to overrule my gut feelings, and choose what, I think, is expected of me, what I’m supposed to do, even though deep down I know that it is limiting, leading to or continuing collapse, stress, fear, sorrow?

It’s the question of which wolf to feed.

We have to answer it with every move we make, wherever we turn, so we might as well become aware of it and make the best choice for ourselves and for all more often.

These cards, or a coin, or two other cards, can help you with that because they will translate your higher self, and perfect knowledge for you.

All you have to do is trust.

If you’d like some help with this, with making the right and best decisions for yourself, and with developing the confidence and trust to do so, you can join the CREATRIX School, book a reading or a first coaching session with me.

If you’d like to learn more about yourself and what you really need in the different circumstances of your life, you can also order your Wheel of Colours now, to get these insights.

Either way, I love you, I think you are wonderful and I’m so glad that you are here and that we are connected.
Be blessed and have a peaceful day.

 Card #0 – Unsource or Destroyer Archetype

If you pull this card, the answer to your question is most likely a clear: No.

You’ve reached the end of something, decided against better knowing, your inner voice and life -and it’s time to change and begin to listen to your heart.

The Unsource or Destroyer Archetype represents the interruption of the flow of life and is the counterpart to the Energy or Source Archetype, which fuels the flow of life.

If you pull this Archetype card, it’s time to let go and open up to new ways.

Check in with yourself and see what’s been holding you back, what’s keeping you stuck, and what you can change to get different results.

Now is always the best time to start resolving whatever issues might come up for you because holding on to negative emotions is never a good thing and if you don’t resolve them now, they will negatively impact the rest of your life, and possibly also all your future life times – until you have resolved them and learned what you needed to learn.

Emotions are our messengers, but once the message has been delivered, we must let them go if we want to begin or continue a free and peaceful, loving and exciting and generous and joyful life.

The Unsource Archetype is in us all. It’s the wolf we don’t need to feed any longer, as it blocks us from inner peace and reaching our highest potential.

Card #1 – Source or Energy Archetype

If you pull this card, the answer to your question is most likely a clear: Yes!

 The Source or Energy Archetype represents the flow of life and is the counterpart to the Unsource or Destroyer Archetype, which stops the flow of life.

If you pull the Energy Archetype card, this means that you are ready to enter fully into the stream of life, to expand, enjoy, love and explore.

If you pull this card, or recognize that this image attracts your attention, this suggests that you are ready to overcome limitations and explore feeling more free and alive then ever before – know that you are already on the right path.

Being alive, right now or at any time, is such an incredible opportunity and no one is limiting this experience but we ourselves.

It’s time to really focus on your dreams and desires, picture them, feel them, ask for support and guidance from the spirit realm if you wish and then take a courageous step forward to make your dreams come true.

This is your life and you have the free choice to decide how to live it.

Life can be incredibly joyful and simple, if we listen to our inner guidance and follow our bliss – you have all it takes to make the impossible possible right now. Use this energy!

The Source Archetype is in us all. It’s the wolf we want to feed because it gets us where we want to go and even further.

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