Ritual: What Do I Need?

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Let’s solve Problems before they occur

It’s easy to prioritize our wants and not our needs.

Our wants are often visible, tangible, while our needs are not.

That we don’t have what we need, often only comes to our attention when we’re forced to slow down due to a crisis.

This can be the diagnosis of a severe illness, losing a job, or a loved one or even a pandemic or war – something that makes us realize that maybe we need to get our priorities straight and live in a way that allows us to actually live in a way that makes sense to us.

This is often very difficult, because when a crisis hits, we usually have a lot of things to figure out at the same time, and it doesn’t feel voluntary.

But many crises can be prevented by paying attention to our needs before we are forced to do so.

How do we do that?

Bringing our lives into balance, answering the difficult questions to find clarity about and for our lives, and learning about our desires and needs in all areas of our lives is what we do in the CREATRIX School.

With this, we can become the qu_ings of our lives and live our lives gracefully, while exploring our full potential.

And to accomplish that, we need to explore and know about our needs.

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There are a few different ways to do this, and you will have to find out which one works best for you.

But what’s most important is that you do this regularly from now on.

Find a rhythm that makes sense to you, this may be daily, weekly or monthly depending on what’s going on in your life and this rhythm can also be adjusted to changing life circumstances.

Take a look at the practice for this month as well, as it shows you how to make any habit stick. You can then use that same technique here.

And then, all you have to do is ask yourself how you are.

Be gentle here. This might seem like the easiest question, but often, we get so caught up in what we think we have to do that we forget about ourselves – and once we do ask, surprising things can come up.

As this chapter in the CREATRIX School is about rest and integration, you can ask yourself if you feel like you need more rest.

But you can also ask yourself other things.

Do you need more joy?

Do you need more love?

Do you need more adventure?

And then see what comes up.

For me, this is an immediate body response and when I ask, I hear a lot of excitement to these last three questions.

You might feel more comfortable writing the question down and coming to your answer through writing as well.

Writing an answer with your left hand (or the hand you don’t usually use for writing), can also give you new insights.

For others, it might be best to ask this under the shower or in the bath tub, because they need to be near water to hear their intuition.

Or you might want to take a trip to the forest or go for a walk.

Explore a little bit here and see what works best for you, but don’t make it too complicated so that it keeps you from doing it regularly.

And then actually follow through.

It’s very easy to hear your answer and then find rational or learned excuses why you can’t do it anyway.

Do it. Be it. Create the change that you seek.

Being good to ourselves and allowing for joy, fun, love and rest are actually revolutionary acts when we come to think of it and look back to generations who did not believe they could allow themselves to be truly happy and fulfilled.

You have the opportunity to be free.

You have the opportunity to do what’s best for you.

And this is your chance.

All you have to do is take it.


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