Virgin Archetype Poster – Buy Now

Virgin Archetype Poster – Buy Now

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Virgin Archetype

All Romantic Archetypes represent the aspects of ourselves, which we use to build our most intimate connections with other human beings, our primary partner(s).
Each of us has the capacity to play any of these archetypal roles.

The Virgin Archetype, is the most innocent and guarded role we can play when trying to work out a relationship with one or more romantic partners.

The other Romantic Archetypes are the Player, the Prince_ss, the Prostitute, the Pimp, the Secret Admirer, the Ice Queen, the Rationalist and the Lover.

If you feel drawn to the Virgin Archetype, that may mean that you have a hard time allowing people to get close to you.

Relational Archetypes

I've created four categories of Relational Archetypes.

The second category of the Relational Archetypes is Romance, or Romantic Archetypes, which follow the Inner Child Archetypes.

The Inner Child Archetypes, which follow the Source Archetypes, represent the different parts of ourselves, which we need to be a human being that can grow and expand and be aware and connected. They also represent the primary connections that we form - the connection to ourselves.

The Romantic Archetypes, which the Virgin Archetype belongs to, represent the loving and romantic role we play when we seek to connect to another person or more people in adolescence and beyond.

Often, if left unconscious, we find that we repeat the same attachment styles in these relationships, that we know from the relationships we had with our primary caregivers.

There are nine different Romantic Archetypes, and we each have the capacity to play any of these roles.

The more conscious we become, the more we can choose which role we want to play and may start creating what a healthy, loving and reliable relationship looks like for us, instead of repeating unhealthy, yet familiar, patterns.

Nothing is set in stone, when it comes to our lives.

It is up to us to decide what we want our lives to look like and how we want our relationships to unfold, as we are the only ones living our lives and the only ones able to create the changes we seek.

If we don't know how to be considerate in a relationship with other people and how to respect and support the other person as they are, it is our responsibility to seek the help we need to find out how to do so.

While the Inner Child Archetypes represent the different aspects of ourselves, which we need to manifest our humanness, the Romantic Archetypes represent the aspects of ourselves, which we use to build our most intimate connections with other human beings, our primary partner(s).

The other two Relational Archetypes are Family and Friendships, which represent the roles we might inhabit in relation to one or more people who we are not ourselves and that we are not in a romantic relationship with.

About this Product: Virgin Archetype Poster

If you purchase this product, you will receive a PDF file to print for private use. Printing it for commercial purposes is not allowed, if you would like to do that, you can email me to buy a licence.

To print a poster on good quality paper in A4 or A3 costs 1-2 Euros near me, I’m sure it’s around the same price near you. After purchase, you will receive a PDF file in A3 so you can print it in any size up to A3.

I believe that we need to be really conscious of our environment and our resources.

I chose this print-yourself option, not only to keep prices and the workload manageable, but also because it saves resources, as I don't have to stock posters, and create surplus, that won't be used. You have the benefits of

  • Saving money for packaging and postage
  • Supporting me, a female & queer entrepreneur, and a local business near you
  • Saving the environment by not using extra materials and transport
  • Printing and hanging your new poster right away in the size and on the paper you desire
  • and you may even print an extra copy for a friend or family member!

This is a poster of the Virgin Archetype to print at your favourite copy shop.

About the Archetype Oracle Posters & Cards

Working with archetypes is a wonderful way to get to know ourselves better and to create the changes we seek to make in our lives.

Archetypes can be helpful to analyse our lives and to make the unconscious conscious.

They can also help us to embody new ways of being and seeing the world through a different lens.

If you'd like to know more about how working with archetype might be beneficial for your life, I recommend reading: How Archetypes Can Help to Bring Clarity & to Empower You - an Introduction to working with the Archetype Oracle Cards Set.

You can see all Archetype Posters in the SHOP.

To read more about the Archetype Oracle Deck and how these posters came into existence, read this interview.

The Archetypes work together as a system that can help to let your life unfold in the best possible way.

More Resources

I post, blog and make videos about the archetypes and how to use them for clarity and empowerment mostly on my BLOG here on this website, on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes also on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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