Feel Well! // Movement – 1-Month Course

Thank you for your interest in the Feel Well!/MOVEMENT course.

If you would like to feel more comfortable in your body and want to learn more about what can help you to stay or become more healthy and fit, then this is the right course for you.

This is a one month/ 4 weeks course that will get delivered to you via email and includes everything you need to transform your life.

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Our lives are such incredible miracles.

Everything is moving, is changing at all times. We are always in motion, life is always in motion. Life is motion.

Just imagine that almost every cell of our bodies gets replaced every seven years (see how this works exactly) – that nothing about our physical appearance is the same as it was a bit more than seven years ago.

Or that theoretically we could be pressed through a sieve because all parts that make up our bodies are separate and not held together by anything but energy, yet, we, our appearance, remains intact in a way.

What do you think about when you think of your body?

I feel like most people immediately think of something that they don’t like about themselves. Something that is too big or too small, not quite as it should be or how we would like it to be.

Which really is a shame because without our body we wouldn’t have any of the experiences we have every day.

Without our bodies we couldn’t drink, eat, smell, touch, sing, dance, play, cry, yell, feel, hear, see, hug, make love, kiss, blush, fall, hurt, jump, fly, swim and so much more.

Our body gives us everything that we need every day, yet most of us are more accustomed to being ashamed of it, being upset about it, being critical about our body, than being grateful for all the wonderful sensations it allows us to have every single day.




OPTION 1: Course only

This includes 3 emails with course content per week (12 in total), worksheets and links to videos and all other necessary resources to achieve the best results.

With the content of these emails, you get the information that has the power to transform your life so you can live as your true authentic self, feel empowered and start to determine your life, rather than letting your life be determined by your circumstances.

You are a true creator. Is it time to live as one and start living the life you were always meant to live?

Then let's get started!

You will also receive 4 PDFs with all the course content at the end of each week, which is yours to keep forever.

The email sequences with the course content always start on Monday, to allow for the best experience.

OPTION 2: Course and Q&As

Same as above, plus you can participate in 2 Q&A sessions, which take place on Wednesday at 6:30 PM CEST in the second and fourth week of each month, to get your questions answered and life coaching from me.

These 1-month courses are part of the CREATRIX School. If you'd like to work through these topics in sync with others, come join us live in the CREATRIX School.
Monthly membership starts at € 19.

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