3 life-changing Ways to Become a Qu_ing (and What That Can Mean for YOU) <3

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Do you remember the times when you thought anything was possible?

When has that belief changed?

Growing up, most of us were told that there are limitations to what is possible. Well-meaning elders tried to protect us from hurt, by passing on the limitations they’ve experienced.

And if we don’t question those stories, we can end up experiencing the same and passing the same stories of lack and limitation on to others.

But we also have the opportunity to live a different life, experience love, joy, abundance, connection and to flourish as our true selves if we consciously choose to do so.

A Qu_ing lives this life, an empowered life, a life in which they remember that anything is indeed possible – all we have to do is to find out how to make it so.

And I’d like to share with you how you too can live like a Qu_ing, or even become the Qu_ing you were always meant to be, today.

What’s a Qu_ing?

The word qu_ing is a mix of the word queen and king.

A qu_ing rules over their life with clarity, grace and great care. A qu_ing is a person, in their full power, who is living out their highest potential. A qu_ing is generous, present, kind, patient, honest and open.

A qu_ing knows themselves and is excellent at what they do.

A qu_ing knows how to reach any goal they set for themselves with joy and ease.

And the best thing: any person can be a qu_ing, independent of their sex, gender identity, or where they are and how they feel about their lives right now.

All it takes is a wish to change your current experience and to allow yourself to experience what else is possible.

Where does the term Qu_ing come from?

As many nouns in German (my native language) are gendered, we’ve been trying to use different ways of writing, which are more gender inclusive.

One variant uses the “_” (underscore), which is the one I use in German and like best because it shows the fluidity of gender and not just the inclusion of two or more genders.

Like everything else, gender and sex exist on a spectrum*. With female on one end, male on the other and all other gender expressions in-between.

In many cultures and traditions, the people who don’t identify with only one gender or don’t feel quite fit to follow the traditional gender roles in their cultures, become healers because they have access to more than one world.

Even in Western societies, those who don’t quite fit gender norms often revolutionize their fields because, I believe, once you’ve broken the rules of one norm, it becomes obvious that those norms can be questioned and other ways are possible and might be better for all.

A Qu_ing rules over their life, which means they make their own rules, rules they need to be best of service to all, never in a selfish way, for the good of all, but as a way to live empowered and be able to be the best version of themselves.

In this spirit, I chose this term, as a way to create something that, I think, is missing, but can be beneficial to all.

I believe that with creating and establishing new words, we can grow into the new possibilities that open up, as a result of that broadened consciousness.

Many of the terms like king and queen, god and goddess evoke images of famous people or gods and goddesses who inhabited these roles, and not all of them have been gentle or kind and most, if not all, have also taken advantage of their power position at one point or another.

They all have their right and their function, but more and other ways can be possible.

I believe that we are entering a new time and that with this new time we can and need to find new words, new ways and new roles.

That’s why I chose the word Qu_ing – to represent the highest self, the best version of ourselves.

A Qu_ing is what each of us can become, if we open up, to allow our full potential to unfold.

How to become a Qu_ing

Regard yourself and all other beings with the highest respect

The greeting “Namaste” means: “The divine in me sees the divine in you.”

As a first step to becoming a Qu_ing I suggest you start to practice saying this, every time you see yourself in the mirror and maybe even every time you see another person.

Because you are divine and so is everyone else. It’s time to live and show it!

We come from stardust, and the fact that all the particles that we are made of stay together in form is a miracle in itself. One we (re)create every day.

Our powers and possibilities go way beyond anything we can imagine, our thoughts can literally change our genes and our whole existence.

We all have magical powers, which we can discover and explore if we allow ourselves to do so.

Just imagine what this world would look like, if each of us paid full respect, awe and wonder to their own existence as well as to that of everyone they encountered.

By practising this kind of awe and respect for ourselves and all life, each of us can become a true Qu_ing.

Get Know yourself

We can so easily spend all of our days and our lives trying to understand the world around us without daring to look within.

I’m learning every day, in new ways, how much easier life becomes once we get to know ourselves and begin to listen to our inner voice, instead of trying to suppress and ignore it, and let it guide us – because it knows so much better than we do ourselves.

Once we know how we work best and what we need (meditation can help with that), we can also learn to communicate that clearly, which makes life easier not just for ourselves (because we might actually get what we want and need), but also for everyone else around us.

Most people really want to help, but if we don’t even know what we really want for ourselves, how can we expect other people to know?

So to become a Qu_ing, we learn what we need, how to act in alignment with our needs and how to communicate them.

Share your Gifts

There is no better way to be in this world than by sharing our gifts.

Our hardest lessons can also empower us to help others, if we decide to accept the challenges we face and use them as an opportunity to learn and grow and eventually to step into our full power.

We all face obstacles, we’re all afraid at times, but it is our job to resource ourselves so that we can do it anyway. And then to enjoy the results we produce.

You, and every person on this planet, is here for a special reason, to complete something that only you can do.

What do you need to acknowledge and share your unique gifts?

Find out how you can get there, message me, if you’d like some help with that.

Why become a qu_ing?

Most people live way under their potential and don’t trust themselves enough to turn their lives around.

Or maybe their suffering isn’t big enough to dare to go beyond what they have learned and seen modelled by past generations.

It often takes a crisis: a health crisis, losing someone, an accident or another major event for people to start asking the questions, that may allow them to change their lives.

The thing is though, that if we’re not living our highest potential, we have to deal with doubt, uncertainty, insecurity, a lack of direction, stress, poor boundaries, confusion and as a result also with failure, sickness and other manifestations of the unhappiness we experience.

To live as a Qu_ing and explore our highest potential means to start defining our lives for ourselves. It means to start exploring and finding out about all we could possibly be.

To live as a Qu_ing means to replace doubt, uncertainty and insecurity with clarity about who we are and where we want to go in life and to take the steps to get that.

This will inevitably lead us to live healthy, happy, fulfilled, empowered and generous lives, it allows us to enjoy and cherish what we have and to create more of what we love.

If you’d like to explore and discover your Qu_ing self, come and join the I AM Creator School, where we practice and explore all it takes to grow into our best selves.

*Gender goes beyond male and female

What do Albanians, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, Aboriginal Australians, Indians and many other cultures have in common? They all have more than two traditional genders.

There are Hijras in South Asia, Sistergirls and Brotherboys among the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities in Australia, Two-Spirit people among Indigenous North American communities, Muxe in Southern Mexico and many more.

I can also highly recommend Thomas Laqueur’s book Making Sex for a view on the history of sex and gender in Western societies and Anne Fausto-Sterling’s Book Sexing the Body for learning about contemporary ways of trying to put something that exists on a spectrum into two distinct boxes.


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