What is OUR_STORY?

OUR_STORY – Storytelling is one of the oldest and most accessible tools used to share culture and experiences over generations.

But telling our own stories, and sharing our own experiences in our own words, is also a means of empowerment and self-affirmation – especially when our voices have been marginalized for as long as we can remember.

OUR_STORY aims to gather queer narratives from all around the world, seeing that freedom of expression for people that don’t conform to the majority’s gender norms is still relatively or completely absent in some parts of our planet and underrepresented everywhere.

We work with a team of experienced volunteer editors so that each story can be read and enjoyed by as many people as possible. Right now we can only accept submissions in English, but if you write in another language, you can get in touch as well and we will see what we can do.
OUR_STORY wants to highlight voices that are and have often been silenced. You’re especially encouraged to submit if you have not published anything before.

Reprints are ok, so are anonymous submissions.

We are looking for creative writing submissions as well as journalistic or biographical work.

OUR_STORY is queer history in the making. Be a part of it!

OUR_STORY is open for submissions until June 2018. Formats can be short stories, poems, book excerpts, interviews, diary entries, documentaries, comics and what else you can think of. Submissions can be in writing, photography, video or audio. Accepted submissions will be published online on TQU and accessible to all.

Call for submissions ends June 30th, 2018.
Deadline extended until July 8th, 2018.

A selection of the best stories from Shifting Traditions and OUR_STORY will soon be republished in physical form.

Get Your Personal Wheel of Colours

The Wheel of Colours is a traditional tool to help us understand what we need or can share in certain situations.

We are all made up out of the same colours, but they are arranged uniquely in each person – which is why we need or can give different things in different moments.

If you’d like to find out what can support YOU when starting a project, or working with other people, to successfully finish something, to heal, to spark your creativity or what your unique gift is, that you bring to the world, then the Wheel of Colours will help you to see this and yourself more clearly and show you how to use these insights in practical ways.

It will also show you how you can listen to your inner truth and that of others, what your most important lesson is in life and what challenges you might have to overcome.

Once you’ve learned what you need to learn, you can start the wheel again, this time more smoothly.

In the past, people often only got these insights and realizations towards the end of their lives – but you don’t have to wait until then.

🌈 You have the power to create your reality.

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