#5 /// Dear Yesterday’s Self – I Can See Much Clearer Now

by | Jul 15, 2022 | future self

Thank you for what you wrote yesterday and the effort you put in to get there.

Because of it, I have a few more insights to add:

When you say:

In this dream, each person can see other people for who they are: another person. Someone special. A unique gift. No further judgement needed.

I think what you mean is for people to unlearn their prejudice. Because often we look for answers and solutions, but all we really need to do is to remove obstacles.

It’s so much easier that way.

You wrote about the tomato:

I did that with the tomatoes yesterday. It’s not so different. If one is on the ground, growing in the wrong direction, I can simply support it with some sticks, give it some guidance to turn towards the sun, help it grow to be healthy and strong. It’s a problem I know how to solve.

But why is the tomato on the ground? Maybe there are twigs above, that prevented it from finding the light itself. Perhaps you can remove those.

I suppose if a bird sat on the tomato and pushed it down, you can’t really remove the bird, especially not, since it has already happened, in this case some support might be needed.

Yet, in general, see if you can remove obstacles before you jump into action.

When you say:

In this dream, when we see a problem arise with someone, we look at the problem, not at the person. Because we know we are each equally responsible to solve that problem.

You point at two different things. One is impermanence.

Everything is subject to change. So are people. There’s no reason to think of them as fixed, again it’s about removing in this case a fixed perspective/prejudice about a person, that we think of to be a certain way.

It’s not about finding a way how to look at the problem not the person, it’s about stopping to think about the person in a fixed way.

The other one is about our responsibility. Which is always with oneself. I suppose it’s essentially about removing something as well: our projections.


You also wrote about the thin line between understanding other people’s struggles and making excuses for bad behaviour and being complicit in said bad behaviour.

I think with thinking that here is a thin line there, you were trying to make excuses for having been complicit so many times.

That’s OK, you didn’t know any better.

But the truth is, that every time you don’t say anything, you’re not being honest and you are being complicit.

It’s difficult to be honest and it feels difficult to write this, but that doesn’t make it less true.

Today, I’m grateful for having realized that, and that my future self will be able to see, how we’re progressing with being honest and brave.

Today, I can close with this:

In my dream, we will have learned what it takes to solve our problems, so we can love each person for who they are. Including ourselves.

It doesn’t take much to solve our problems: to be honest, brave and guided by love is all that it takes.

We don’t have to come up with solutions. We can simply remove the obstacles, the delusion of separateness and everything that’s between us and love.

I wish you a wonderful day.


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This series is a documentation of a journey into the unknown.

It shows vulnerability and how shame, prejudice, judgement and fear can be present, and overcome. It’s about admitting mistakes and acknowledging how easily we can be wrong, no matter how mindful, present, in tune and aware we are.

But most of all it’s about celebrating life in all its different forms and shapes, colours and sounds and tastes, in depth and lightness – life’s endless beauty and continuous unfolding. We are all a part of life’s magnificence, the question is: How much of it do we allow ourselves to enjoy and experience?

The more we open up and liberate ourselves from what we thought we knew, the more we try to see things in new ways and the more love we share, the more magical life becomes.

May our future selves [continue to] experience life wholeheartedly.

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