How To Create Lasting Change Without Getting Sidetracked

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If you are looking to create lasting change in your life, then I have a really simple trick for you to make the changes you desire stick.

„Knowledge that is not in the bones is just a rumour.“

This quote is attributed to the Asaro People from Papua New Guinea.

When I first heard the quote from Richard Strozzi-Heckler as part of a course I took on embodiment and purpose, it brought a great bit of clarity into my life, and I hope it will do the same for you.

Have you ever found it difficult to take advice from people, who don’t live what they preach?

I think we all do and I believe this quote is the explanation why. We immediately feel that someone is telling us something that they do not have the experience to teach.

They’ve not taken their own advice and so we ask ourselves: “If they’re not doing it, why should we?”

A great teacher is someone who knows what they are talking about, not just from reading about it in books, or hearing about it somewhere, but because they have practised, are practising it.

They know how to create lasting changes.

A great teacher embodies their knowledge and leads by example.

But this is not only true for teachers in a formal position. Children learn what we model, not what we tell them – and so do we.

When we read about something, think we’ve understood it, but don’t practice it, it remains a rumour.

The same is true when we share what we have learned, but not what we practice with others: We spread rumours.

But what is even more important, if we just read about tools or practices that would enable us to create the changes we seek – we just accumulate more rumours.

We fill our minds with so much information that it becomes a distraction from actually creating a lasting practice or even just trying something out.

If we only consume information, but don’t put it into practice, we can create an immense collection of rumours, but no lasting change.

It distracts us from what we’ve really set out to do.

A good student enters any situation with an open mind, a beginner’s mind, and then finds out how they can make the knowledge or information they received their own and apply it to their lives.

It’s only once we try things out for ourselves, that we can turn rumours into knowledge and create what we are looking for: lasting change.

Once a practice is in our bodies, it becomes much easier to make it stick.

Of course, it might need some repetition to really become a natural habit, but that is literally all it takes. For anything that you want to learn.

PS: People often quote a study that has shown that to make a habit stick, it takes 21 days. It’s a fun thing to say and think, but as with everything, this is not really true for everyone.

For some it might take 21 days, for others it might take a bit longer or not that long.

How much you want something or how different it is from your previous experiences can also play a role here.

The three most important steps to create lasting change are to start, to know your why, and then to create a routine around your new practice that brings you joy.

Don’t stress about the exact number of days, or give up because you need more time. ❤️

Do this to create lasting change

So if you are looking to create lasting change, whether this is by using tools or methods you find on my blog, in my courses, in the I AM CREATOR School with me, or that come from an entirely different context – promise me you will actually try them out.

If you do, you will not only be able to keep and practice what works for you, you will also be able to model what you’ve learned.

And when others see that you create lasting changes, new habits and start living a happier and more fulfilled life, they might even draw inspiration from you.

I have opened the I AM CREATOR School as an easy way to share the tools, methods and wisdom I found most useful to make my life more simple, focused, happy, loving, spontaneous, adventurous, and successful.

Everything I share here is knowledge I have embodied, practice regularly and value greatly.

If you’d like a chance to try this out right away, go to the introduction I’ve written on How To Turn Your Home Into A Sanctuary. At the end of the article, I share two practices with you.

Maybe there are even some rumours in your head already, which are only waiting to be put into practice by you to become part of your embodied knowledge.

Or how about uncovering your Core Values? These are super useful as well!

Not everybody works the same way

Some of the things I, or other people share with you, might not work the same way for you as they have worked for me, or them because we are all different.

Some of the things work great for me in some moments and not in others.

But we will only know what works for us and what doesn’t, once we’ve given it a try.

If we do, we can see what fits, create lasting change where we want them, keep what feels good and look for different ways or other ideas where something doesn’t feel quite right (yet).

The more we put things into practice, try them out, and start to listen to ourselves and our body’s reaction to them, we will learn to hear and find all the answers we are looking for within ourselves.

With all my work, I hope to be a good guide to bring you closer to your inner voice, so you can live your best life, as your best self, trusting yourself and your purpose more and more independently.

If we want to find clarity, love and freedom, where overwhelm, stress and anxiety might reside now, we need to learn how to trust our inner compass.

And with every new experience, every time we create lasting change that serves us well, we can fine-tune our compass and trust ourselves more.

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