When am I Healed? 10 Steps to Kickstart Your Healing

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Dear Future Self,

When am I healed?

Last week, a client opened our session by saying: “I think I’m healed!” which made me very happy and they seemed pretty pleased about that as well ;).

I felt happy that they felt so much better than when we started working together three months ago, and of course, it feels nice to know that I had contributed something to that.

The problems my client had when they first came to see me have dissolved, or even if they are not fully dissolved, then at least they now know how to handle them confidently.

My client feels fully empowered to handle their situation and I guess, when we reach this state, it makes sense to wonder: “Am I healed?”

With that, we have reached a huge milestone for my client. But it also made me think about what it really meant to be healed, and I’d like to share these thoughts with you.

Am I healed? Can I be healed?

From my perspective as a self-actualization coach, being healed would mean to enter into full being mode, to easily tap into joy and genius, to love unconditionally, to be present, free of judgement, to be directive and to feel empowered.

But in a way, these are all just words, what do they really mean? When am I healed? When are we healed? And what does that look like?

I’ve developed 10 mindset shifts, which, I think, are essential to get into being mode, into your full power, to being your authentic self and to really enter into the flow of life.

It’s what I’ve been practising with my client, so it’s great to see how well it works 🙂

The first one is to move from Shame, Guilt & Other Negative Feelings to Creating Positive Action. This is important because these feelings limit us in our ability to think clearly and act according to what we believe in and want.

The second shift is to go from Criticizing People and Actions to Understanding and Utilizing Intentions. This is important because if we don’t get to the root of the problem (ourselves and how we see things and interact with them), it is very difficult to change the outcome.

The third shift takes us from Feeling Broken or not enough to Being Whole.
This is essential because if we try to fix something that isn’t broken, we are distracted from the actual problem.

The fourth shift takes us from Victim Mode to 100% Responsibility (and Power). This is important because if we wait for somebody or something else to change our situation, it might never happen. We need to and can take matters into our own hands.

The fifth shift takes us from Fear and Doubt to Love. Why is this important? Because fear and doubt block us, whereas love fuels our thoughts & actions and guides us in the right direction.

From here we make a shift from focusing on ourselves and our ego, from Living to Get By or Get Rich to Serving our Communities.
This is important because we need to break out of the circles of dependency and rise together.

Shift number seven boosts our confidence and immune system by moving away from Making Assumptions and instead allows us to Ask the Right Questions.  Because our perspectives are biased and limit ourselves, our vision and with that, our ability to act, questions open us to new ways to be.

The eight shift brings us into the present moment by inviting us to move from Imagining to Being. Why is this important? Because everything that matters happens is in the present moment, the rest is just distraction.

From here we shift from Being Guided and Looking for Direction Outside of us to Leading from our Power and Knowledge Within. This is important because it’s our life, our path and we are the only ones who can know what’s right for us. And once we arrive in this confidence, we can also lead others to arrive in theirs.

And the 10th shift, which my client and I covered last week and where the fun really begins, is to move from Avoiding the Worst to Expecting the Best, which is so important because our expectations create our outcome.

We first need to overcome the immediate struggles we’re facing in our daily lives. Because if we can’t think straight, it’s difficult to make the best choices and to plan ahead.

I opened the I AM CREATOR School, to give anyone a super accessible and really foolproof way to get there.

What I teach and what we need is not different from what different wisdom traditions have been saying all along, but they often seem out of place, or out of time.

What I teach can be implemented right away in the here and now.

To heal, we need to learn how to come back to our inner voice and knowing, stop judging, start loving and practice allowing instead of blocking.

It’s easier said than done, but it can be done, and it can be done joyfully.

Would you like to try? I’d love for you to be the next person to say: “I am healed!”

Join the I AM CREATOR School or book an appointment with me.


Dear Future Self,

Has any of this changed? What else have you learned? How many more people did you help to heal themselves?


Dear Reader,

When will you be able to wonder: “Am I healed? All of a sudden, everything works and is easy, or at least, easily doable.”

Love, Verena ❤️

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