Balance Yourself! // Growth – 4-Week Course

Welcome to the Balance Yourself! // GROWTH course.

If you would like to find out how to live a free, grounded, loving, successful & joyful life on your own terms and for the greatest good of all, then this course is for you.

This is a 4-week course as a PDF for instant download, including all 12 lessons, including everything you need to bring clarity, confidence into this area of your life.


Would you like to learn how to bring more balance into your life?

Balancing your life and your responsibilities can seem like an unreachable goal – but it doesn’t have to be.

With a few easy steps and practices, you can balance your life and bring in joy, peace and ease as well.

It’s the new way to live and it’s available to all!

Do you feel like you don’t have the time that allow you to do the things that make your heart sing?

Do you find it difficult to decide what the next best step is to allow for more well-being in your life?

Do you think that relaxing and having an easy and joyful life is for other people, but not for you?

In short: Is it seeming impossible to you right now to live a happy, healthy and balanced life, where you do only the things you really want to do?

I’d love to show you how you, how anyone, can make this their new reality.

Because all you need to do to start living a balanced and joyful life, is to start believing that you can and deserve to do so and a step-by-step guide to help you get there.

You will learn how this step-by-step guide works in this article.

To be more precise, this guide consists of three simple steps, that we can take together, to allow you to reach your goals in life and they work super well to bring balance and joy, love, peace and happiness into your life.

Curious to learn more? Then, let’s have a look at the three steps.

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OPTION 1: Course only - Instant Download


Dive deep into this topic and get started right away.

You will receive a PDF with the course content to work on yourself.

The course content consists of 12 lessons, including worksheets and links to videos and all other necessary resources to achieve the best results.

In each course, you get the information that has the power to transform your life so you can live as your true authentic self, feel empowered and start to determine your life, rather than letting your life be determined by your past or your current circumstances.

You are a true CREATRIX.

Is it time to live as one and start living the life you were always meant to live?

Then let's get started!

The course content is yours to keep forever.

OPTION 2: Join the CREATRIX School


If you'd like to have a more interactive experience, join the bi-weekly live 2 Q&A sessions, get access to all the 4-week courses of the CREATRIX School, ask me questions, and get a discount on your Wheel of Colour or get one for free, then you are invited to join the Membership Programme of the CREATRIX School.

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