balm&creak Radio Playlists 2014 – listen now

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What did you listen to in 2014? These are our playlists 2014.

balm&creak war eine Radiosendung beim Stadtradio Göttingen und wurde 2002 von Jana und Verena gegründet.

Eine Zeit lang haben Jana und Jan zusammen moderiert.

Dann Jan und Verena von Leipzig aus.

Die letzten Jahre, von 2009 bis 2017, wurde balm&creak von Mareike und Verena aus Berlin moderiert.

Wir danken allen unseren treuen Zuhörer_innen!

Leider sind nicht alle Playlists erhalten geblieben. Die Playlists, die ich für 2003 finden konnte, gibt es hier.

Playlists 2014


01: au revoir simone – crazy [move in spectrums|2013|moshi moshi] 02: woodkid – boat song [the golden age|2013|universal] 03: radical face – the mute [the family tree: the branches|2013|nettwerk] 04: scott matthew – love will tear us apart [unlearned|2013|glitterhouse] ß5: sookee – don’ttake it back [viel gemeinsam|2013|springstoff] 06: meister lampe & johnny rakete – lonely at the top [broke aber dope|2013|ohne label] 07: blockwart & basur – 29 grad [bildet banken|2013|ohne label] 08: tullycraft – no tic, all tac [lost in light rotation|2013|fortuna pop] 09: future bible heroes – a new kind of town [party-going|2013|merge] 10: lovers – the modern art museum of the modern kiss goodbye [a friend in the world|2013] 11: young rebel set – berlin nights [crocodile|2013|grand hotel van cleef] 12: portugal, the man – hiphop kids [evil friends|2013|fearless records] 13: the julie ruin – just my kind [run fast|2013|dischord records] 14: the blow – like girls [the blow|2013|kanine records] 15: tocotronic – ich will für dich nüchtern bleiben [wie wir leben wollen|2013|vertigo] 16; hellsongs – engel [these are evil times|2013|tapete]


01: grim 104 – crystal meth in brandenburg [grim 104 ep|2013|buback records] 02: grim 104 – der kommende aufstand 03: grim 104 – der 2. mai 04: die goldenen zitronen – der investor [who’s bad|2013|buback records] 05: die goldenen zitronen – kaufleute 2.0.1 06: lucy wainwright roche – see and hide [there’s a last time for everything|2013| 07: lucy wainwright roche – look busy 08: lucy wainwright roche – call your girlfriend 09: lorde – tennis court [pure heroine|2013|universal] 10: lorde – royals 11: lorde – ribs 12: maia hirasawa – please [2013|what i saw|razzia] 13: maia hirasawa – thunder

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01: ja, panik – libertatia [libertatia|2014|staatsakt] 02: ja, panik – post shaky time sadness 03: ja, panik – alles leer 04: dum dum girls – trouble is my name [too true|2014|sub pop] 05: dum dum girls – lost boys & girls club 06: dum dum girls – are you ok 07: loquat – there is a light that never goes out [we could be arsonists|2014] 08: loquat – time bomb 09: sookee/tick tick boom – don’t take it back [viel gemeinsam ep|2013] 10: sookee/tick tick boom – zeckenrap bleibt 11: sookee/tick tick boom – nichts gemeinsam 12: music go music – love, violent love 13: the capricorns – sunset oveer malibu 14: rilo kiley – better sons and daughters


01: hey ocean! – jolene [is|2011|nettwerk] 02: rummelsnuff – salzig schmeckt der wind [sender karlshorst|2010|zick zack] 03: m ward – sad sad song [transfiguration of vincent|2003|merge] 04: great lake swimmers – ballad of a fisherman’s wife [new wild everywhere|2012|nettwerk] 05: the unicorns – sea ghost [who will cut our hair|2003|alien8 recordings] 06: the shins – black wave [wincing the night away|2007|sub pop] 07: nicole reynolds – like the ocean [a fine set of fools|2009] 08: tocotronic – sailor man [10th anniversary|2004|lado] 09: alela diane – the pirate’s gospel [even cowgirls get the blues|2007|fargo] 10: isobel campbell & mark lanegan – ballad of the broken seas [v2|2007] 11: mount eerie – i whale [song islands 2|2010] 12: conor oberst – beach bum song [conor oberst|2009|saddle creek] 13: masha qrella – fishing buddies [analogies|2012|morr] 14: the decemberists – the mariner’s revenge song [picaresque|2005|trifekta]

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01: conor oberst – hundreds of ways [upside down mountain|2014|saddle creek] 02: making marks – falling in love again [a 1000 half truths|2014|fika recordings] 03: making marks – bruises 04: solander – preludium [monochromatic memories|2014|alive] 05: solander – london marbles 06: broken bells – no matter what you`re told [after the disco|2014|columbia records] 07: broken bells – holding on for life 08: planningtorock – human drama [all love’s legal|2014|dfa recordings] 09: planningtorock – let’s talk about gender baby 10: neneh cherry – out of the black (feat. robyn) [blank projekt|2014|virgin] 11: neneh cherry – blank project 12: mando diao – come as you are [va|2011|a tribute to nevermind] 13: thees uhlmann – on a plain 14: scott matthew – terretorial pissings


01: tegan and sara – i’m not your hero [heartthrob|2013|warner] 02: tegan and sara – i was a fool 03: tegan and sara – guilty as charged 04: the hidden cameras – skin and leather [age|2014|rough trade] 05: the hidden cameras – gay goth scene 06: the hidden cameras – afterparty 07: the hidden cameras – year of the spawn 08: schnippo schranke – pisse [va keine bewegung|2014|staatsakt] 09: chuckamuck – t-hawk 10: jens friebe – sei einfach nicht du selber 11: chinawoman – blue eyes unchanged [let’s part in style|2014] 12: chinawoman – woman is still a woman 13: chinawoman – good times don’t carry over

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01: architecture in helsinki – yr got to [moment bends|2011] 02: the moldy peaches – lucky number nine [the moldy peaches|2001] 03: hey ocean! – make a new dance up [is|2011] 04: bondage fairies – miss volkova [what you didn’t know..|2006] 05: tegan and sara – i’m not your hero [heartthrob|2014] 06: david & the citizens – until the sadness is gone [david & the citizens|2005] 07: her space holiday – the world will deem us dangerous 08: cats on fire – my sense of pride [all blackshirts to me|2012] 09: future bible heroes – a new kind of town [party going|2013] 10: stornoway – zorbing [stornoway|2010] 11: I’m from barcelona – always spring [forever today|2012] 12: soko – dandy cowboys [not sokute|2007] 13: solander – preludium [monochromatic memories|2014] 14: conor oberst – get well cards [conor oberst|2010] 15: seeker lover keeper – light of lights %seeker lover keeper|2012] 16: seabear – cold summer [we built a fire|2012]


01: marcus wiebusch – der tag wird kommen [konfetti|2014|ghvc] 02: the faint – mental radio [doom abuse|2014|saddle creek] 03: the faint – help in the head 04: the faint – animal needs 05: NONONO – pumping blood [we are only what we feel|2014|motor music] 06: NONONO – fire without a flame 07: NONONO – hungry eyes 08: desiree klaeukens– es ist nicht immer der sex [wenn die nacht den tag verdeckt|2014|tapete] 09: desiree klaeukens – will dich zu sehr 10: desiree klaeukens – kompliziert 11: against me! – dead friend [transgender dysphoria blues|2014|total treble music] 12: against me! – two coffins 13: against me! – transgender dysphoria blues 14: owen pallet – the riverbed


complicated relationships 01: roxette – no one makes it on her own [charm school|2011] 02: rilo kiley – i remember you [rkives|2013] 03: the magnetic fields – i think i need a new heart [69 love songs|2000] 04: lucy wainwright roche – call your girlfriend [there’s a list time for everything|2013] 05: hello saferide – the quiz [introducing|2005] 06: mirah – oxen hope [changing light|2014|k records] 07: feist – the limit to your love [the reminder|2009] 08: stars – one more night [do you trust your friends|2007] 09: young rebel set – if i was [if i was ep|2011] 10: elias and the wizzkids – waste of time [just do it|2013] 11: frida hyvönen – dirty dancing [silence is wild| 12: perfume genius – mr. peterson [learning|2010] 13: scott matthew – love will tear us apart [unlearning|2013]

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01: conor oberst – enola gay [upside down mountain|2014|saddle creek] 02: conor oberst – double life 03: conor oberst – you are your mother’s child 04: xiu xiu – archie’s fade [angel guts: red cassroom|2014] 05: xiu xiu – clown town [rarities|2014] 06: xiu xiu – just as i am [unclouded sky|2014] 07: tune-yards – hey life [nikka nack|2014] 08: tune-yards – water fountain 09: sia – chandelier 10: damon albarn – mr. tembo [everyday robots|2014] 11: damon albarn – heavy seas of love 12: damon albarn – you and me 13: conor oberst – kick

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smash patriarchy! 01: her space holiday – the world will deem us dangerous [xoxo, panda & the new kid revival|2008] 02: angie reed – i don’t do dirty work sucka [angie reed presents the best of barbara brockhaus|2003] 03: the julie ruin – girls like us [run fast|2013] 04: sleater kinney – modern girl [the woods|2005] 05: planningtorock – patriarchy over and out [ep|2012] 06: hole – violet [live through this|1994] 07: deep dickcollective – oxymoronicon [bourgieboh post home afro homo] 08: sookee mit tick tick boom – nichts gemeinsam [tick tick boom|2013] 09: robyn – don’t fucking tell me what to do [body talk|2010] 10: salt n pepa – let’s talk about sex [blacks‘ magic|1991] 11: le tigre – tko [this island|2004] 12: lily allen – fuck you [it’s not me, it’s you|2009] 13: pearl bailey – you can be replaced [head over high heels sampler|2010] 14: unknown artist – a br is a bar is a bar

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Unsere heutige Sendung steht ganz im Zeichen des Klaviers. 01: perfume genius – lookout lookout [learning|2010] 02: rufus wainwright – hallelujah [shrek ost|2001] 03: ben folds – bitches ain’t shit [supersunnyspeedgraphic|2006] 04: the divine comedy – the complete banker [bang goes the knighthood|2010] 05: regina spektor – samson [begn to hope|2006] 06: the dresden dolls – my alcoholic friends [yes, virgina|2006] 07: doveman – angel’s share [the conformist] 08: jens lekman – pocketful of money [oh, you’re so silent|2005] 09: stars – barricade [in our bedroom after the war|2007] 10: frida hyvönen – dirty dancing [silence is wild|2008] 11: scott matthew – i wanna dance with with somebody [un-learning|2013] 12: the mynabirds – wash it out [what we lose in the fire…|2010] 13: badkat – stix n stones 14: rae spoon – love is a hunter 15: friends crush – atmen

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01: jean grae – that’s not how you do that intro [that’s not how you do that: an instructional album for adults|2014] 02: jean grae – don’t be a dick to the waitstaff 03: jean grae – read the tl retains information 04: jean grae – were you raised in a barn, or raised by wolves? 05: kate tempest – scene from becky [everybody down|2014] 06: kate tempest – to the victor spoils 07: kate tempest – chicken 08: owen pallett – i’m not afraid [in conflict|2014] 09: owen pallett – the riverbed 10: owen pallett – in conflict 11: mülheim asozial – bier gegen bullen & deutschland [schlachtrufe dfb|2014] 12: kackschlacht – deutschland 13: kaput krauts – drei liter affenscheisse 14: krautkiller – kartoffelbrei 15: schnipo schranke – pisse [keine bewegung sampler|2014]


01: slow club – not mine to love [complete surrender|2014] 02: slow club – tears of joy 03: slow club – dependable people and things.. 04: perfume genius – queen 05: jj – dynasti [v|2014] 06: jj – dean & me 07: la roux – paradise is you [trouble in paradise|2014] 08: la roux – silent partner 09: la roux – let me down gently 10: jenny lewis – just one of the guys 11: slow club – when i go 12: perfume genius – mr petersen 13: perfume genius – lookout lookoutJenny Lewis – Just One Of The Guys (2014)


01: Jens Friebe – Hölle Oder Hölle [Nackte Angst Zieh Dich An Wir Gehen Aus|2014] 02: Jens Friebe – (I Am Not Born For) Plot Driven Porn 03: Jens Friebe – Dein Programm 04: Jens Friebe – Sei Einfach Nicht Du Selbst 05: Jenny Lewis – The Voyager [The Voyager|2014] 06: Jenny Lewis – Late Bloomer 07: Jenny Lewis – You Can’t Outrun Them 08: Jenny Lewis – Head Underwater 09: Adolf Noise – Was fühlst Du 10: Sandy Beach – Fool 11: Kameruntrucs – Die (zum Glück) unaufgeklärte Gegend 12: Jennie Abrahamson – Wild Is The Heart [Gemini Gemini|2014] 13: Jennie Abrahamson – The War 14: Jennie Abrahamson – Saved 15: Jenny Lewis – One of the Guys 16: Jens Friebe – What Death Will Be Like


01: scarlett o’hanna – dramamine 02: scarlett o’hanna – the jacket 03: scarlett o’hanna – with hope comes the morning 04: jay brannan – after all this 05: jay brannan – square one 06: jay brannan – uncle auntie socialite 07: jay brannan – no ship 08: erland and the carnival – closing time 09: erland and the carnival – wrong 10: erland and the carnival – radiation 11: synik – sun city 12: synik – before dawn 13: synik – losing sleep 14: conor oberst – enola gay 15: jay brannan – always then now

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achtung, themensendung! heute (und morgen vielleicht schon nicht mehr): vergänglichkeit 01: her space holiday – the world will deem us dangerous 02: the smiths – cemetery gates 03: unicorns – i don’t wanna die 04: beth gibbons – funny time of year 05: taken by trees – lost and found 06: kimya dawson – anthrax 07: tullycraft – bored to hear your heart still breaks 08: stars – calendar girl 09: mercury rev – opus 40 10: jj – my life 11: the divine comedy – a lady of a certain age 12: conor oberst – i don’t wanna die in a hospital 13: david and the citizens – until the sadness is gone 14: music go music – goodbye everybody


01: hello saferide – berlin [the fox, the hunter and hello saferide|2014] 02: hello saferide – the crawler 03: hello saferide – dad told me 04: hello saferide – rasberry lips 05: die sterne – wo soll ich hingehen [flucht in die flucht|2014] 06: die sterne – ihr wollt mich töten 07: die sterne – miese kleine winterstadt 08: karen o – day go by [crush songs|2014] 09: karen o – body 10: karen o – native korean rock song 11: ste mccabe – don’t we have nice hair [brains of britain|2014] 12: ste mccabe – cockroach 13: ste mccabe – mantos `99 14: rival sons – back to black (amy winehouse) [the saturday sessions|2014] 15: tom odell – another love 16: hello saferide – the quiz [would you let me play this ep|2005]


01: alt -j – gardens of england [this is all yours|2014] 02: alt- j – every other freckle 03: alt – j – leaving nara 04: alt – j – nara 05: ages and ages – do the right thing 06: ages and ages – no pressure 07: ages and ages – i see more 08: leonard cohen – the partisan 09: leonard cohen – first we take manhattan 10: zola jesus – dangerous days [taiga|2014] 11: zola jesus – nail 12: my brightest diamond – before the woods [this is my hand|2014] 13: my brightest diamond – this is my hand 14: my brightest diamond – lover killer

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01: music go music – tough turf [impressions|2014] 02: music go music – love is all i can hear 03: music go music – people all over the world 04: stars – from the night [no one is lost|2014] 05: stars – turn it up 06: stars – are you ok 07: flaming lips and fwends – getting better [with a little help from my freinds|2014] 08: flaming lips and fwends – lovely rita 09: flaming lips and fwends – lucy in the sky with diamonds 10: lily & madeleine – fumes [fumes|2014] 11: lily & madeleine – lips and hips 12: lily & madeleine – peppermint candy 13: lily & madeleine – cabin fever

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01: antilopengang – beste zschäpe hört u2 [aversion|2014] 02: antilopengang – ibiza 03: antilopengang – anti alles aktion 04: antilopengang – enkeltrick 05: s – loser [cool choices|2014] 06: s – white house 07: s – remember love 08: michael cera – clay pigeons [true that|2014] 09: michael cera – oh nadine 10: michael cera – too much 11: chicks on speed – utopia [artstravaganza|2014] 12: chicks on speed – wir sind daten 13: chicks on speed – art dump 14: a great big world – everyone is gay


bin ich nur müde oder ist das schon, die erste zarte november-depression? good night, sleep tight 01: scott matthew – help me make it through the night [unlearning|2013] 02: bonny prinve billy and matt sweeney – bed is for sleeping [superwolf|2005] 03: stars – in our bedroom after the war [in our bedroom after the war|2007] 04: hello saferide – i don`t sleep well [introducing|2005] 05: the postal service – the district sleeps alone tonight [give up|2003] 06: the shins – sleeping lessons [wincing the night away|2007] 07: neil halestead – cloudbusting [indie lullabies|2010] 08: lilly wood and the prick – middle of the night [the fight|2012] 09: sia – bring night [some people have real problems|2007] 10: fm belfast – i don’t want to go to sleep either [don’t want to sleep|2011] 11: zola jesus – night [stridulum ep|2010] 12: sin fang bous – a fire to sleep in [clangour|2008] 13: future bible heroes – let’s gto sleep and never come back [partygoing|2013] 14: iron and wine – each coming night [our endless numbered days|2004] 15: seeker lover keeper – if the night is dark [seeker lover keeper|2011] 16: begushkin – nightly things [nightly things|2007]


best of 2014 part 1 das jahr neigt sich dem ende zu, grund genug auf die platten des letzten jahres und die größten hits noch einmal zurückzublicken. genau drei sendungen balm&creak gibt es dieses jahr noch, und die werden wir für unser persönliches best of nutzen.hier also nun der erste teil vom best of 2014, listen up! 01: first aid kit – a long time ago [stay gold] 02: lucy wainwright roche – call your girlfriend [there’s a last time for everything] 03: jamie t – zombie [carry on the grudge] 04: kate tempest – marshall law [everybody down] 05: antilopengang – anti alles aktion [aversion] 06: ticktickboom – zeckenrap [herz|schlag] 07: radical hype – marianengraben [ep weltunter-gang] 08: architecure in helsinki – i might survive [now + 4eva] 09: sia – chandelier [1000 forms of fear] 10: stars – turn it up [no one is lost] 11: decemberists – philomena [what a terrible world, what a beautiful world] 12: conor oberst – enola gay [upside down mountain] 13: music go music – part of me [impressions]


best of 2014 part II 01: music go music – tuff turf [impressions] 02: lacrosse – the key [are you thinking of me every minute of every day?] 03: making marks – falling in love again [a thousand half-truths] 04: solander – preludium [monochromatic memories] 05: hello saferide – rocky [the fox, the hunter and hello saferide] 06: chinawoman – to be with others [let’s part in style] 07: owen pallett – i am not afraid [ in conflict] 08: dum dum girls – cult of love [too true] 09: buzzcocks – keep on believing [the way] 10: ages and ages – divisionary (do the right thing) [divisionary] 11: hidden cameras – bread for brat [age] 12: wye oaks – school of ice [shriek] 13: jay brannan – my last day on earth [always, then and now] 14: mynabirds – all i want is truth for christmas [ep all is want is truth]


das letzte mal balm&creak in diesem jahr, und der letzte teil unseres best of 2014 (part III) danke bands für viele schöne musik, danke liebste zuhörer_innen, see you in 2015 01: perfume genius – no good [too bright] 02: mirah – i am the garden [changing light] 03: slow club – not mine to love [complete surrender] 04: jenny lewis – just one of the guys [the yoyager] 05: s – loser [cool choices] 06: jay brannan – uncle auntie- socialite [always, then and now] 07: cold war kids – first [hold my home] 08: la roux – kiss and not tell [troubling paradise] 09: cocktailbar stammheim – flingern bleibt dreckig [fresst scheiße ep] 10: lambs – wiederholung [split/withkenny kenny oh oh] 11: jens friebe – i am not born for (plot driven porn) [nackte angst zieh dich an wir gehen aus] 12: hello saferide – rasperry lips [the fox, the hunter and hello saferide] 13: sleaford mods – tied up in nottz [divide and exit] 14: leonard cohen – a street [popular problems]


Wir versuchen unser Bestes, um unsere Ohren zuzuhalten und Sha-la-la-la zu singen und uns keine schlimmen Gedanken machen zu müssen. Wir sind darin ziemlich gut geworden. Wir mögen es kleine minder privilegierte Plattenfirmen zu unterstützen und haben eine Angewohnheit entwickelt Tendenzen frühzeitig aufzuspüren bzw. Tendenzen vollkommen zu ignorieren. Wir erhalten regelmäßig Beschwerden über die Unprofessionalität unserer Darbietung. Wir nehmen das als Kompliment und haben keine Absicht das zu ändern. ZUR ÜBERSICHT

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Interview: Big Thief – listen now

Interview: Big Thief – listen now

Do you know Big Thief? I've interviewed them, or Adrienne Lenker in 2016 in Berlin and you can listen to the interview here. balm&creak war eine Radiosendung beim Stadtradio Göttingen und wurde 2002 von Jana und Verena gegründet. Eine Zeit lang haben Jana und Jan...

balm&creak Radio Playlists 2017 – listen now

balm&creak Radio Playlists 2017 – listen now

What did you listen to in 2017? These are our playlists 2017. balm&creak war eine Radiosendung beim Stadtradio Göttingen und wurde 2002 von Jana und Verena gegründet. Eine Zeit lang haben Jana und Jan zusammen moderiert. Dann Jan und Verena von Leipzig aus. Die...

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