Holistic web design
– with love and expertise

Holistic web design means to see the person, a business, an organization or event and to look at the whole system that surrounds it.

If your business is sustainable, then your website should be so as well. One step in the right direction would be to choose a green web hosting provider, for example.

“Our websites represent us and our work, they reflect our ideals and what we stand for – as brands, entrepreneurs or organizations. A clear structure, a design that truly represents our ideas, and a user experience that invites people in, makes it possible to start a conversation and to establish a relationship. To make that happen for my clients is a wonderful experience.”

I build and design beautiful & responsive websites, create bespoke brand identities and develop strategies to bring your idea into the shape for success in these challenging times.

I don’t just work as a designer, I’m also a cultural anthropologist. To understand different realities and to convey them is my vocation, to translate them into great designs is my passion. I do this under the premise of sustainability, accessibility and openness.

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