18 /// Dear Future Self – What Do You Grieve?

by | Aug 7, 2022 | future self, More About the Mind

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Dear future self,

I keep coming back to grief.

Wondering why my heart still feels heavy sometimes, I started listening to a new audiobook: You Can Heal Your Heart by Louise Hay & David Kessler.

I just saw the title in the Empower You App, and didn’t read the description.

Because I entered unprepared, I was somehow surprised when I learned that it’s about overcoming grief.

But of course, it is. Grief makes our hearts heavy and it can even break them.

However, grief is about more than just grieving someone who’s passed.

It’s also about saying goodbye to relationships that ended, whether it’s with friends or romantic relationships, and our relationships to meaning or certain thoughts.

The most recent thing, that I was only noticing yesterday, when I started listening, that I need to grief, is my purpose and a lot of what, I thought, was my identity.

I’ve grown up to think that my purpose in life was to be there for others. I don’t know where or when I got that wrong, but I did. I thought if I would be there for others, then they would give me something back and I wouldn’t have to be there for myself.

Because I never learned how to do that. How to be there for myself.

To dedicate our lives to being there for others is very different from being of service in this world, something that allows you to take care of yourself first and then be there for others, knowing your capacities. But I was not really able to make that distinction.

When we serve, without having met and understood and cared for ourselves yet, it’s never really serving because we depend on it for our identity. So, we’re actually doing something to get something back.

While I was organizing things for TQU for example, or when I was djing, or doing web design, as well, I never felt like it had much to do with me.

It didn’t come from my heart or soul, it was just something that I rationally believed in, and that I was able to do well, but my main intention wasn’t about me, it was about making other people happy. Or so I thought.

And that’s the point: I did think that I just wanted to make other people happy at the time, that I wanted to be there for others, create something meaningful for a better world.

I felt like I didn’t need much for myself, I didn’t dare to ask for anything for myself, and I somehow thought that this self-sacrificing was noble.

But deep down I hoped that if other people valued my deeds and work, then through their eyes and judgement, I would become worthy of existing or maybe even being loved.

I was unable to see, that not only did I not need to do anything to be loved or accepted, that I was already perfect as a creation, and that my ability to receive love comes from the ability to love myself, but I also had no idea how to give anything to myself.

I was waiting all my life for outside approval to define my worth.

I know I’m not alone in this, and if you’re not recognizing these tendencies in you, then that probably means you’re in them so deep you can’t even look out.

A question: What do you do when you feel stressed or uncomfortable? Can you come back to yourself, your worth, your centre, your pure beingness without needing external pacifiers such as food, drugs, distraction, approval from others?

I recognize that in moments of stress, comfort food is still what I want to run to immediately when I need soothing. I’m just now learning to soothe myself.

Meditation helps, in all its forms. Breathing too.

We have everything we need already in us, and as long as we’re externalizing, giving parts of ourselves, our labours to others for recognition, we are in co-dependency and that is never a healthy relationship.

So, I’m letting go of my search for outside approval, of doing things that are not an expression of my heart and soul, to fully become my true self.

But because it has been driving, me for so long, it has been my motor for so long, it requires some grieving and kindness.

There’s some anger as well, that I wasted so much of my time looking in the wrong direction.

However, I know that we always act the only way we can, from our highest consciousness, and that I just wasn’t ready to see and understand until now.

So, grief it is and letting go. To grow and learn and move on with deeper feelings, more options and new perspectives.

Dear future self, what do you grieve? And how has life continued after this?

Dear reader, how good are you at taking care of yourself? How much do you still depend on outside approval?

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I wish you a sunny Sunday,

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