We’ve seen cookie banners pop-up on websites we visit, you’ve had to put in your preferences for this website, and you will have to deal with cookies and privacy on your own website as well.

Most cookies are harmless, useful even. For example on this website a cookie gets set to remember the choices you made in the cookie banner.

Another cookie determines whether the content should be shown to you in English or in German.

Yet another one gets set to record if the newsletter sign up form has already been shown to you, or not. This way you don’t get a reminder about the newsletter each time you visit this website.

Another harmless Cookie is the statistics cookie. We use Matomo for statistics, which automatically anonymizes your IP address and with it your identity. These settings can be set with Google Analytics as well.

Statistics only monitor how people use the website, to see which articles are most read, etc – to find out which information is useful.

This is essential for website owners, not necessarily for marketing reasons, though it can be used for that as well, but also just to look at and improve the content we offer.

So simply check if statistics are used anonymously in the cookie box and then allow for statistical cookies – to ensure website owners can improve and monitor their websites. if you have your own website, you know how relevant this can be.

The third category shown in the cookie pop-up is cookies used to display Media. This gives you the option to hide content from other Media such as YouTube and Instagram until you agree to see and interact with the content.

Only the last category, Marketing, is actually used for commercial reasons in the sense that it uses your data for advertisement and tracking.

The choice is yours: when you visit a website and how you run your own.

By the way: we use Borlabs Cookies 🦜 as a Cookie Pop-Up for this website and trust and recommend them.

If you have any questions about the use of Cookies on this website or how to work with Cookies on your website – get in touch!