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“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.”
― Herman Melville
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Change always starts with ourselves, and eventually brings us to being able to be fully present in community as well. We are all part of one consciousness, and it’s time to fully understand what that means and to find out how we can benefit from that. Becoming quiet enough to hear what our inner knowing tells us and then to follow, experience and celebrate that is a start. With this inner guidance, we can safely, lovingly and joyfully be with ourselves, others and enjoy, inspire and uplift. Explore some of the new ways we can be in this world together with me in the I AM Creator School. Our natural state is to expand and experience and enjoy life, with a little help, we can find back into that state, tap into the collective consciousness and become fully present.

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How Can We Start Building Stronger Communities?

How Can We Start Building Stronger Communities?

As somebody who has been involved in all kinds of communities all her life, I’ve seen a lot of what has worked and a lot that didn’t when it comes to building stronger communities.

And when we judge according to our experiences, it seems like there is no simple answer, to the question of how we can start building stronger communities or uniting lots of individuals to work towards a common goal.

But when we look from a higher perspective, there is one simple answer, that only needs two components to work:

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I’ve Tested 9 Fair & Sustainable Espresso Beans
I’ve Tested 9 Fair & Sustainable Espresso Beans

One of my daily joys is drinking a cup of espresso. I love the smell of the espresso beans, grinding them, and then seeing the coffee pour into my cup.

So, I was curious to find out what our choices are when it comes to fair and sustainably produced and roasted espresso beans.

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We’ve Tested 3 Sustainable Dog Food Brands – This Is What We Found Out!
We’ve Tested 3 Sustainable Dog Food Brands – This Is What We Found Out!

Why sustainable dog food? – As I’m on my journey to reducing rubbish and living more consciously, dog food caught my attention as the big cans I was buying for the dogs constituted a big part of what I had to recycle. Listening to Saving Us by Katharine Hayhoe, I became curious about the idea of feeding dogs food based on insects…

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The 5 Best Green Web Hosting Services 2023
The 5 Best Green Web Hosting Services 2023

What are the 5 best green web hosting services in 2023? Let’s find out!

Most of us have at least one website, for our sustainable businesses or the blog we write to help make this world a better place. And while we try to take all measures to implement what matters most to us, technology often slips out of sight when it comes to sustainability. But to make it easy for you…

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Standing on the shoulders of giants

I recently heard the quote: “When you invent the car, you also invent the car crash.”
Too often we find ourselves hesitant because we want to avoid mistakes, or possible disasters.
Once we become aware that we are only taking steps in a process of a collective evolution, the fear can dissolve and make room for the joy of exploration.

Everything has a shadow. Yet, we need to dare, to evolve.
We all know, from our individual experience, that we have to try some things and learn for ourselves, to believe them.
The same is true for our collective humanity.
Whatever we do, we are just the messenger of something that is needed for this evolution.
These people have proven what benefit is possible for all of humanity, if we dare. We can learn from them, so that we, too, may dare to be our true and best selves.

Helen Keller and Making the Impossible Possible

Helen Keller and Making the Impossible Possible

I first learned about Helen Keller when I went to High School in the US and read her biography in a vocabulary building class.

It was the same class, in which I also first learned about Maya Angelou.

What struck me, and what I could relate to, was the feeling of alienation and feeling misunderstood by the adults around growing up.

Pablo Picasso a Genius at Using the Beginner’s Mind

Pablo Picasso a Genius at Using the Beginner’s Mind

I think in the 80s, it was quite impossible to grow up without knowing Pablo Picasso.

I did not have a lot of access to art or discussions about art, but what I did have were calendars or postcard books by artists, with their drawings and paintings and quotes or explanations.

I remember spending a lot of time reading about the artists and studying their work.

Maya Angelou Modelled what it Means to Live with Grace

Maya Angelou Modelled what it Means to Live with Grace

I first read ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’ by Maya Angelou when I was an exchange student in San Diego, in the US.

For me at age 16 or 17 it was the first time that I found myself in an environment where I belonged to the small minority of white people.

I think at the time, that was as confusing and new as being surrounded by palm trees at school, a presence that until then was exclusive to vacations.


For Pride 2018 I interviewed Pride organizers around the world – especially in those countries where it is still a lot harder to be out and proud. Our souls need to be able to express and be freely, each and every person deserves the right to live their truth and shine their light bright. Like the ‘giants’ above, these people do incredible work and their drive, believe and actions can be an inspiration to us all. You can read all Faces of Pride Interviews here and download the zine that I created out of the interviews below.



Finding Freedom

25 people from Europe and beyond share their thoughts about what it means to be free. Together, their voices let us discover something that is beyond words, 25 perspectives coming together to allow insight into our collective humanness and the state of our world.
What does it really mean to be free?

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Do You Believe in God?

Do You Believe in God?

I have to admit that I have my difficulties.

I grew up believing in God. Not that long ago, I opened my very first diary to a random page and read about how grateful I was, that I always had God to talk to.

Then my education made me believe that there was no God. I came to the conclusion that God, or any kind of belief, was used to explain things we couldn’t explain ourselves yet.

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What Do You Dream About?

What Do You Dream About?

Today I have had people around me for two weeks in a row, after a year of mostly being by myself.

In this year, I had friends coming to visit for a weekend occasionally, and I met people sporadically, but I was also going for weeks without being around other people at all.

In the beginning, especially in fall/early winter, it was difficult to be by myself. I thought I wanted to have a family, and a lively house.

It’s all I ever wanted, I thought. But it turned out it was only all I ever knew to want.

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What Inspires You?

What Inspires You?

What inspires you? I find nature to be the most precious inspiration.

It’s quite funny how we as humans think we can try to come up with solutions for everything when most of the most perfect ways to exist, are already present in nature.

What do we need to fly? Ask the birds.
What do we need to swim or dive?

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Do You Feel Like You Belong?

Do You Feel Like You Belong?

One of the places I feel most uncomfortable is to be in a group with other women. Not just any women, but women who are able to embrace their femininity.

The vulnerability required for that is still hard work for me. Too deep run the patriarchal assumptions that sweetness is weakness and intuition is inferior to rationality.

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