My new favourite Sustainable & Sonic Electric Toothbrush

How I discovered the Smyle Sonic Electric Toothbrush

The other day, a friend was staying at my house, who commented on my electric toothbrush.

I love these moments where my attention is directed towards something that I take for granted, but that is strange to other people.

It made me realize how much I enjoy brushing my teeth with an electric toothbrush and that if given the choice, I’d not want to go back to just a regular toothbrush.

And just as if Facebook had listened to that conversation, I saw an ad the next day for the new sustainable Smyle Sonic Electric Toothbrush.

I was immediately intrigued!

How wonderful to have a more sustainable option here as well!

So, I contacted their support and Roger, one of the founders, got back to me immediately and a few days later I was able to test this wonderful sonic electric toothbrush from Smyle for you.

Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid for writing this article, but, as per my request, as I think this is a great product, I did get their Sonic Electric Toothbrush and these cute toothpaste tabs for free to write about it here.

Smyle, as a company, started with producing and selling toothpaste tabs in these cute bottles as a way to reduce plastic waste.

The Smyle story in their own words:

Zeppelins, smoking in hospitals, the Tamagotchi, David Hasselhoff’s singing career, 24/7 reality TV, self-regulating banks, the gin&tonic die tand mullets all raise the same simple question as plastic toothpaste tubes:  
‘What the ^&%$ were we thinking?!’ Each year 1.5 billion plastic toothpaste tubes end up in our landfills, and oceans. We – Almar, Dennis and Roger – are ready to end this madness. In our previous ventures we found that blending sustainability with entrepreneurship is the key to a sustainable future. Now we’re combining forces for maximum impact. It’s time to start a toothpaste revolution! Why? We want to contribute towards making our bathrooms plastic free now and in the future. Our first step: the incredible Toothpaste Tabs. No plastic, no chemicals, no bullsh*t.

And as a second step, they now also developed a sustainable version of a sonic electric toothbrush, which uses bamboo heads and only needs to be charged 3-4 times a year.

Isn’t that exciting news?

What I think about the Smyle Electric Toothbrush:

I have to say that I love the packaging and style. It came packed in only paper and paper boxes, so it’s sustainable all the way and it’s really fun!

The toothpaste tasted great and it’s easy to just put the tablet in your mouth and chew on it for a second while you turn on the toothbrush and it takes over.

To be honest, I hadn’t even heard about a sonic electric toothbrush before or knew what it was.

But it’s so fun! Really, a next-level experience!

It simply glides through your mouth, no pressure needed and I’m not lying when I say that my teeth have never felt cleaner!

The Smyle Sonic Electric Toothbrush has a regular cleaning programme, which gives three impulses so you can switch to a different area in your mouth and then automatically stops after two minutes.

It also has options to for whitening, to remove stains and provide visibly whiter teeth, polishing, ideal for smoothing the surface of your teeth, and a mild and sensitive option for beginners or people with sensitive teeth.

All I have left to say is try this toothbrush, do something for your teeth, have fun doing it and help make this world a better place by reducing plastic waste.



You can find the Smyle Sonic Electric Toothbrush and other items to make self-care more fun and sustainable in the Sustainable Business Directory.

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