Sing, Soul, Sing

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Soul, More About the Soul, News, Soul Essentials

What is it that makes your soul sing? When are you happy, and when do you feel free?

I feel most happy and free when I allow myself to be present. When I allow myself to forget about all plans or duties and just get in the flow of experiencing and becoming.

Most of our societies are not structured to facilitate for that very often, especially for those of us who belong to minorities or have experienced trauma.

We grew up having our feelings and experiences denied, silenced and pushed out of sight.

But the wonderful thing is, that as adults, we have the power to change that.

We can find and make our peace with whatever we have experienced in the past and create our own world and experiences.

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Where is our soul?

This question is probably as old as humanity. I think of Gary Zukav’s excellent book, Seat of the Soul, when I think of that question.

I feel the seat of my soul to be in the middle of my body.

It’s where I feel a deep and most satisfying state of bliss and peace and almost orgasm like fulfilment when everything in my life is aligned.

The more I practised, the more I listened to myself, the easier it became to get there more regularly.

Meet your soul

Follow the beat of your heart, listen to the rhythm of your life and sing with the world around you.

Dance with the wind and the songs of the birds, or your favourite music and just be present with what surrounds you and you, too, will feel your soul sing.

Letting go

Letting go and trusting are the two things I never learned in school, but they are the most useful two actions we can possibly practice.

The Archetype of the Slave has lately become my go-to image, whenever I feel I try to control my situation too much.

We have such limited knowledge. The more we let go and step away, and let our inner knowing guide us, the more we get in the flow and our life aligns for our best interest.

Slave Card Archetype Card
Better than we could ever orchestrate ourselves.


The Archetype of the Slave represents surrendering control to a higher power.

When we hear the term slave, we usually think of its shadow side, which shows up when there is an imbalance and abuse of power.

We know about the history and suffering that slavery has caused and is causing today.

If there is an imbalance of power, if one person or group of people is dominating another and taking freedom away from someone, both parties suffer because they have to silence part of their souls and limit their natural expression.

The oppressor has to override their feelings of compassion and completely harden their heart and push away their soul in order to be able to practice abuse, while the oppressed has to surrender control to a force that might be perceived as evil, but is more the absence of goodness (see source cards for more).

But to surrender control to a higher power is surrendering to goodness, to well-being, to bliss.

To surrender to a higher power means to silence our mind, which is full of conditioned and limited thinking, and allow for the wisest part of ourselves to take over and guide us to where we need to be to relax, expand and thrive.

Writing this, is part of practising this for me. I had no idea where I was going when I opened my computer this morning.

But it seems like this needed to be said.

If you have any questions about this, I’d love to hear them and I’d also love to see you for a session to show you how working with Archetypes can bring more clarity into your life.

With lots of love,

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