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All Inner Child Archetypes represent different aspects of ourselves. We all embody each part at different times.

The Orphan Child Archetype is the part of ourselves that felt abandoned, or like they don’t belong in one way or another, when we were growing up.

This poster reminds you of the fact that your uniqueness is what brought you to where you are today.

And that your beauty may be unique, but that is precisely what makes you you & beautiful.


Orphan Child Archetype

All Inner Child Archetypes represent different aspects of ourselves. We all embody each part at different times.

The Orphan Child Archetype is the part of ourselves that felt abandoned, or like they don't belong in one way or another, when we were growing up.

The other Inner Child Archetypes are the Magical Child, the Curious Child, the Divine Child, the Nature Child, the Wounded Child, the Responsible Child and the Dependent Child.

If you feel drawn to the Orphan Child Archetype, that probably means that you are still dealing with issues of abandonment or belonging that have existed since childhood.

This means that you are called to resolve these issues and to find out what it is you need to overcome these issues so that they cannot continue to separate you from others or make you feel lonely, misunderstood, excluded or abandoned.

If you don't know how to resolve these issues in a peaceful, helpful and loving way yourself, please see that you get the help you need to do so.

If you do know how to resolve them yourself, now is the time because holding on to and reliving these experiences from your past, blocks you from having new experiences, which could actually show you that you are not alone and very much appreciated and loved, if you allow yourself to be kind and open and brave, generous and patient.

In a recent study, it was shown, that most people actually feel like the odd one out in their family. Isn't that funny?

We all think we are so different and special because we know so much more about ourselves than about all the other people around us, even if we interact with them daily.

So, it's time to come back to looking at what we have in common, rather than looking for the things that separate us.

We are not alone, we have never been alone, even if it might have seemed like that at times.

If you are drawn to the Orphan Child Archetype, see what you can do to feel a stronger connection to nature and the people around you.

Starting to build a good relationship with yourself and your inner voice is also helpful, as it might guide you to the connection you seek with others.

Relational Archetypes

I've created four categories of Relational Archetypes.

The first one of the Relational Archetypes is the Inner Child, which comes right after the Source Archetypes.

The Source Archetypes represent the fundamental choice between good and evil, empowerment and disempowerment, right and wrong, giving life, supporting the flow of life and the destruction of life and stopping of the flow. With that, they represent the existence or absence of everything that is alive.

The Inner Child, which the Orphan Child Archetype belongs to, represents our internal parts and is therefore part of the very first relation we form, and which we keep all our lives, the relationship to ourselves.

Each of these Inner Child parts can be found in each of us. Depending on how we were raised and the experiences we had growing up, some of these might be stronger or weaker than others as a default.

But nothing is set in stone, when it comes to our lives.

The more aware we become of our internal parts, the more we can balance them and choose the parts we need in each moment. The more we raise our consciousness, the more we will be able to see that we can decide which part of ourselves takes over in any given moment and with that empower ourselves, instead of letting old (unhelpful) patterns unfold and instead align ourselves with our intentions.

The other Relational Archetypes are Family, Friendships and Romance, which represent the different personal roles we might inhabit in relation to one or more people.

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About the Archetype Oracle Posters & Cards

Working with archetypes is a wonderful way to get to know ourselves better and to create the changes we seek to make in our lives.

Archetypes can be helpful to analyse our lives and to make the unconscious conscious.

They can also help us to embody new ways of being and seeing the world through a different lens.

If you'd like to know more about how working with archetype might be beneficial for your life, I recommend reading: How Archetypes Can Help to Bring Clarity & to Empower You - an Introduction to working with the Archetype Oracle Cards Set.

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To read more about the Archetype Oracle Deck and how these posters came into existence, read this interview.

The Archetypes work together as a system that can help to let your life unfold in the best possible way.

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