Entrepreneur Archetype Poster


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Working with archetypes is a wonderful way to get to know ourselves better and to create the changes we seek to make in our lives. Archetypes can be helpful to recognize where we are at in life and to take our actions less personally. They can also help us to embody new ways of being and seeing the world through a different lens.

Learn more about how to work with archetypes.

I’m creating a whole set of archetypes to play and work with, until they are printed and sold as a card set you can already buy some of them as posters to print at your favourite copy shop.


To print a poster on good quality paper in A4 or A3 costs 1-2 Euros near me, I’m sure it’s around the same price near you.

After purchase, you will receive a PDF file in A3 so you can decide the size to print it in yourself and save money for packaging and postage, while we also do our part to save the environment.

It also means you don’t have to wait for it to arrive, but can print and hang it up right away!

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PDF for print

A3, A4, A5

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