Course: How to Turn Your Home Into a Sanctuary

This course is a part of the Membership Programme, but also make for an excellent stand-alone course. If you’d like a more interactive approach, you’re invited to join the Generous Life Membership Programme, through which you can also participate in private and group coaching sessions. ❤️✨


How to Turn Your Home Into a Sanctuary

We all need a place to restore and resource ourselves. And there is no better place than our homes for that.

The topic for January is HOW TO TURN YOUR HOME INTO A SANCTUARY in which we explore how to let go of old assumptions, expectations and limitations when it comes to the way we live, how to fill our homes with love and how to create the most perfect living circumstances for ourselves.

Living sustainably, while not having to give up on what makes our lives joy or meaningful, plays a big role in this and each of my courses.

If you would like to future-proof your life, and make it more mindful, joyful, healthy, generous, loving and meaningful – this is for you.

Topics: Where Do I live? / How Did I Get Here? / How Do I Want to Live? / Letting Go of What I've Outgrown / Bringing Clarity Into My Home / Filling my Home with Life / Creating a Sanctuary / Reflections

Includes 4 videos (50+mins total), 5 PDF handouts with text and exercises (54 pages total). To get the best results, plan for about 2 hours per week for the lessons and exercises.