Self-Actualization – Week 3 – Pt. 3

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Your Life Matters

Dear Creatrix,

I cannot stretch enough how important and meaningful you are.

Not just to me, but to the well-being and existence of our planet.

And it doesn’t matter how you feel and act and what you do, you always contribute something valuable.

When you behave in shitty ways towards another person, you help them grow.

When you take the load from someone, you let them rest.

If you do nothing and sit at home, you give space to someone else.

But whatever you do is valuable and meaningful.

We live in a world where we always think more is more, but that is not always true.

And when we think about structuring and living our lives, it’s as important to think about when and how to step back as it as to think about when and how to step in and up.

So, how do you (want to) go through your day?

What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up, and what is the last?

How often do you tell yourself that you love yourself and how proud you are of yourself?

What do you think about when you see yourself in the mirror?

Do you say things to and about yourself that you’d wish other people would say and think about you, or is it something else?

What are the interactions like that you have with other people?

Do you wish them well? Can you see the divine essence in them?

How often do you step up, to show the world all the beautiful gifts you were given?

And do you know when it’s time to let somebody else shine, so you can breathe and rest?

We have so many choices and opportunities each day to be nice or mean, to ourselves and others, that it can be difficult to choose wisely, especially in moments of stress or overwhelm.

But we can anchor our true beliefs and how we decide that we want to be in this world by practising this in the moments when we are aware and have the capacity.

All we have to do is decide and then practice, whenever we get a chance.

I recently started picking up a new game, because many people around me, that I meet on the streets, seem really depressed or sad or under a lot of pressure.

The area where I live right now is quite suburban. Streets with single houses and some apartment blocks or buildings.

So when I’m out with my dog, we’re not pushing through a crowd, but occasionally meet one person after another crossing our path.

I can usually get a pretty good feel of each of them.

When they are happy and in a good mood, they usually say hi, the dog and I are pretty cute, so it’s easy to exchange a few words as well.

But I would say, that happens in one out of ten or maybe even 15 people that we meet. The rest are staring at the floor and barely looking up.

Therefore, whenever I pass someone who looks like they are stressed, or worried, or down, I ask them (in my mind) to give me part of the load they carry, so that I, together with mother earth, can recycle it into something beautiful.

And when I do this, I also often get a sense of what it is that they carry.

I wonder if they notice that something is happening, but I will most likely never know.

When I do have the chance to talk to someone, the conversations often start with a complaint, (even with the happy people) about the weather, politics or whatever.

But in these conversations I also try to always leave on a high note, and the interactions usually leave everyone involved with a smile.

It’s so easy to be caught in a current, to pick up the moods that are going on around us and become part of the crowd (at least for me).

This is my predisposition and something I’ve been struggling with all my life – I feel everyone and that everyone is in pain.

It’s why I give this course, it’s informed my whole life, and it’s a gift I have – one that can break me and one I can use to create something meaningful.

So I choose to work with it and make myself so strong, that instead of feeling the moods of others around me, I can radiate so much love and hope and peace that it can affect those around me.

I changed from reacting to the world to positively influencing the world.

It’s not always easy. Or really, it’s never easy, but the results are worth it.

Right now, as I’m healing my shoulder, I’m in so much pain.

I feel almost feverish because I’m guiding my body through radical change. And it opens my body in all kinds of places.

It’s super interesting to watch, but it’s not easy or comfortable.

Yet, I know, once I’m through this uncomfortable process of change, I will be more free.

Change isn’t easy, and it can’t be comfortable.

But once we have gone through the uncomfortableness, it can feel like finding a new world.

And my new game is part of this shift too.

It’s just a small way of creating short breaks in the currents, interrupting the current energies, and I’m positive that the ripple effects will become visible.

In a way, it could be seen as a self-less act, to take on the load of somebody else and then give it to mother earth to recycle it (she loves it!), but it’s not really – because I too will benefit from the positive change that this is creating in my area.

The same way that when we forgive someone or are nice to someone, we forgive ourselves and are nice to ourselves.

Because we are all one, and whatever we give out, also always comes back.

And the reason why I’m saying this, is, because your life matters.

Whatever you do and however you spend your day matters.

Most of our days are not about creating global change (unless you’re me, maybe).

They are about taking the small steps that eventually lead us to creating something meaningful – or beautiful, or kind, or creative or peaceful.

Most of us don’t know exactly what our past life times have been about and what it is exactly that we came here to do and learn in this lifetime.

Though, we can get ideas about this, like we did in the chapter on purpose.

Maybe you, or someone you know, came to this earth to be a real big pain in the ass to everyone they meet, just to trigger them into healing and growing faster.

We need people of all ages, in all positions and in all their forms.

We all contribute, either to trigger change or to create it.

And if we’re not a 100% certain about what we are meant to do, how can we be certain about what somebody else is meant to do?

Once we recognize that, we can learn something from every interaction instead of judging it, or taking it personally.

And if we don’t let other people’s actions, words or even thoughts get us down, we can share the joy, love and peace we keep as a result with others.

The same way that whenever we realize that the same things are repeating over and over in our lives, and we would like to see a different outcome at some point, we all have the capacity to change enough to make it so.

So, when we realize we have enough of being mean to ourselves, we can try out different ways in which we can be nicer to ourselves or more patient with ourselves, or challenge ourselves more if that’s the most loving thing we could do right now.

And even the smallest change has its effect, which we will see if we give it the time it needs to show.

As a result, we can begin to understand how there is nobody in this world who is more important than you, then each of us, everyone who exists.

Every thought counts, every word counts and every action counts, no matter how big or small.

There’s no one who is more important than you, and no one who is less important.

No politician, no artist, no child, no person on their deathbed, no wunderkind and no one who needs special care is more or less important, worthy, relevant or irrelevant.

If you turned into someone who needed full-time care and attention tomorrow, you’d be just as worthy of love, of compassion, of attention, respect and of space to be yourself and as you are now, or as you might only be able to think of yourself as, once you’ve achieved that thing you are hoping will set you free or let you finally arrive and be at peace.

But there’s nothing you can do to finally feel worthy, other than declaring yourself worthy and meaningful and powerful and living it.

There’s nothing you have to do or prove, ever, to be worthy of love and acceptance and joy and free self-expression.

And you know that this is true, even if you’ve not yet reached the point where you can truly believe and live it.

The day will come when it clicks, and it’s going to be an incredibly special moment.

In fact, I’ve had many. There’s always more.

But until then, or until the next time, we keep up the practice of believing in ourselves, learning more about ourselves and doing what we consciously choose to do.

We don’t set goals to prove our worth, we set our goals so that we can grow in the direction we want to grow in, and maybe even more importantly, to build our trust in ourselves, and see that we have the capacity to direct our fate, instead of just living with what life and the results of other people’s conscious or unconscious choices present us with.

Do I want to let myself feel down because everyone around me feels down too, or do I want to be the one who creates change?

The choice is always ours, and to learn about and practice the how is what we do in the CREATRIX School.

So, in today’s lesson, we will come back to our goals and what we’ve chosen to be the first steps to take to get to them, and see how we can create days, weeks, months, years in which we don’t lose sight of our goals, but instead take small and consistent steps towards them.

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To not lose track of our long-term goals, I’d like to introduce our new ritual and n…

🌈 You have the power to create your reality.

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