Self-Actualization – Week 3 – Pt. 2

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How to change the world

Dear Creatrix,

In the last lesson, we looked at our personal goals and how to reach them, and how we can learn from everything that happens in our lives if we chose to do so.

Today we will have a look at how to create meaningful change in this world.

As we’ve learned, when we want to change anything or create anything in our lives, we think about what we want, then see where we are and then find out about the steps we need to take to get to where we would like to go from where we are.

And before we start, we check which beliefs and blockages have been keeping us from beginning to work on this so far.

Anyone who has done this, knows it’s not the easiest of games, when we’re not used to it, but it becomes easier over time.

To create lasting change in the world, we can take exactly those same steps.

It might seem more daunting, though, as more people are involved.

I’d like to share one small example, today, of something I did in the past, to show you one way of doing things and give you some ideas to find something that you might like to do.

As a homosexual, or queer person, I was lucky enough to be born into a society and country in which I can express my sexuality freely and safely.

I still don’t have equal rights when it comes to marriage and adoption in my country, but I can make art, talk about it and if I decided to do so, I could find and mobilize more people to see if we can also create the changes we want on a political level.

But my heart has not drawn me in that direction – yet.

Instead, through my engagement with queer people all around the world, I recognized that I had the freedom of free expression and this is something that a lot of people don’t have.

As a result, I thought about ways to share this privilege because I knew from my own experience how empowering it can feel when we finally find a way to show our true and real self.

For me, that wasn’t even a question. I just thought: Oh, this is something I have that other people wish for and that I could possibly share.

So the next step was simply to think about where my strength and talents were related to this and how I could use these to help others.

As a result, I started the Transnational Queer Underground as an online platform, as I had the knowledge to build the website, and I already had some contacts through my radio show and international events I attended, to begin to make it come alive.

I began by interviewing queer artists from all around the world, to fill it with some names and content and make it an interesting place for others to contribute to as well, and it was a good way to highlight diverse stories of queerness.

But the people I interviewed were also people who were already out and creating change, the interviews were a first step that I had to make to create an interest to then be able to reach my actual goal.

So logically, when the page was up and running and already had some interesting content, as a next step, I started a call for stories, which could be published under the writers’ names or anonymously.

And I collected and was honoured to publish really beautiful and amazing stories from every continent and people of all age groups (which I hopefully will be able to publish in one way or another again soon).

Then the next step was to move things from the online world into the real, material world.

For this, I sent out another call, this time for visual art and with the submissions, I curated five art exhibitions in Germany, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Montenegro and Lithuania.

In these exhibitions, I had artwork from people who could potentially face death in their home countries for showing the work they created.

And even if they couldn’t come to see their art being shown in public in person, I know that it did something for them.

Because if we keep suppressing these parts of ourselves, we suffer.

What I did, obviously didn’t change the world, but if something that we can do has the power to change the world for just one person for the better, for a while, it’s always worth it, I believe.

There is something that I learned from this as well, though.

Before I started I didn’t realize that especially younger people can be quite reckless and not think of the consequences and risk they are taking when they are publishing something under their real name, or showing their faces, despite my warning – which led to me eventually taking down the whole website because I did not want to get anyone in trouble or endanger their careers later in life.

One person I know of did get in trouble, and I do really hope that they are well and still alive.

It was very difficult for me, for a while, to not know, and it led me to making very sure that I know exactly where my responsibilities are and what risks I’m willing to take when doing something (like this) since then.

Because there is something we have to be aware of, and that we always have to keep in mind with whatever we do, and that is: “If we invent the car, we also invent the car crash.”

Everything comes with shadow AND light.

I always remember the story of an epidemiologist, who, when some virus was prevalent somewhere, advised to close the borders, and as a result, many people tried to leave the area before it happened.

As there were only limited means of transportation, they fled on overcrowded boats, so instead of getting killed by the virus, many of them drowned trying to get away from it.

We have to be very aware of the complexity of life and our limited awareness and possibilities.

Perhaps, if that specialist had had a good connection to their inner guidance, he would have given different advice.

Maybe this was still the best decision, and the way things were done still saved more lives than if they hadn’t closed the borders.

Potentially more was won with my publications and art exhibitions than was lost as well, and most likely we are all happy that cars exist, even though they can also get us into accidents.

And I’m honestly always so amazed at where these lessons take me because, of course, now my guides are jumping in, saying that we should really be working with them, take our time before we start something and see that we get higher confirmation before we just decide to do something.

So, I will sit with this and let this sink in, invite you to do the same, and then we’ll continue by looking at how to integrate that and make some plans to create positive change in the world ;).

This is the catalogue for the exhibition I curated.
If you like, you can also read more about it.

I feel so incredibly humbled to be operating with the help of my guides these days.

And with the oracle cards as well.

I get excited easily and all week last week I got the same card again and again saying: slow down.

To me, it feels way too slow anyway, but I know better now, than to question them, and so I simply kept asking how and in what way.

And now here we have the answer.

So, when using these techniques, be sure to think, ask and evaluate well before you jump into action.

And do not let this discourage you because standing still is not an option, and harm can also be created when we don’t do something.

But the more aligned we are and the more in tune we are, the easier things will be and the more successful they can be as well.

And I will be very aware of this as well.

In a way, thinking about the change we want to see in the world also leads us to the next topic, COMMUNITY, which we will be talking and thinking about in the upcoming chapter of the CREATRIX School.

But now, let’s have a look at another example, and then you can maybe begin to think about something that you would like to do to create a positive impact.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.

So, while I think it will be advisable to focus on the personal …

🌈 You have the power to create your reality.

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