RELATIONSHIPS – Week 3 – Pt. 1

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Let’s integrate what we’ve learned & learn how to apologize well and with love

Dear Creatrix,

How do you feel today?

How was it to explore your desires?

What have you learned about yourself by looking at the archetypes and thinking about the different roles you have played in the past?

Do you see yourself differently now?

And most importantly, do you feel like you will act differently from now on, because of the new insights you’ve gained?

I have to say, I felt really exhausted after exploring my desires and writing them all down to share them with you.

And, for a moment, it left me thinking: Now, what?

I also felt sad that I had not done this before because everything is so much clearer now, and I really had to allow for that pain of regret to be with me for a few days.

It wasn’t easy, but I’m starting to see a process of integration beginning, and I’m quite curious where it is going to lead me.

I’m also very happy that we will spend the whole next chapter of the CREATRIX School on Integration.

Then we will have the opportunity to look at what we can do to give ourselves the time to rest and the space to grow and let what we’ve learned unfold in our bodies and minds – so that we can actually and possibly automatically use it.

Again, whatever might have come up during the work we did last week, I hope that you are very kind and gentle with yourself and really feel your feelings.

What we’ve looked at in the first week was, where we are at in terms of relationships and what we wish for, what we can learn from past relationships and how to make peace with the past, how jealousy can limit our agency, and how comparison can keep us from feeling empowered.

Then we went deep to get to know ourselves better and understand some of our patterns and desires.

With this information, we can acknowledge our needs and wishes and therefore invite more of what we truly desire into our lives.

And I hope you, too, have been taking some time to integrate what has come up for you and kindly accepted the realizations, to see how you can begin to move and act more in alignment with what you desire, what is your soul’s calling and what you really wish for.

If the work of the past week was as emotional for you, as it was for me, this might take some time to arrive in our bodies and in our brains.

Once it has arrived, we might also want to change our actions to be able to act in alignment with what we know about ourselves now, and we will surely want to act gracefully, when navigating our kind, loving and joyful relationships from now on.

So this week will be all about acquiring these skills and acting kindly and gracefully.

But before we get there, I’d like to ask you to check in with yourself.

What the most important information was that came up for you last week?

How does this change the way you see things?

How does that change what you wish for?

Where have you been unclear in the past and have a much better idea about your needs and wishes and maybe also your boundaries now?

Personally, I do feel very clear about my wants, needs and wishes and also my boundaries now and what will not even be considerable and negotiable for me in the future – but this clarity is also what initially caused me some stress, as I felt like I now had to do something with that, but didn’t know what.

But, this is the beauty of this course, as soon as I felt these questions coming up and faced them, the answer also came shortly after.

And the answer was quite simple really:

We can simply go back to the beginning of this chapter and to cultiva…

🌈 You have the power to create your reality.

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