Queermoves – Move Your Body TQU-Style now

Queermoves: almost every Sunday! (between March and June 2019)
At:  ReSource– Wissmannstr. 20, 12049 Berlin, Germany
From: 6-8pm

We’re super pleased to announce that TQU will be hosting a TQU Movement Project: queermoves – a series of donation-based yoga/movement classes, facilitated and led by Dixie Turner, for the queer community and its friends and allies.

What is queermoves? Why queer-y yoga and what will it look like?

It will look like a class/space that combines yoga and other movement practices with mindfulness practice and explorations of mobility and strengthening techniques – sometimes slow and subtle, sometimes a bit stronger and sweatier. Sometimes down dog, sometimes being a starfish on the floor.

Sometimes we get into shapes&states unconsciously.

Sometimes we get into shapes because we think we’re supposed to make them, or because someone – or the world – tells us to.

Sometimes the shapes fit and feel good and sometimes we don’t know how they feel because we weren’t really aware we were making them.

Dixie is interested in us bringing awareness to the shapes we make and playing with them in warm, comfortable, safe environments that feel inclusive and exploratory and communal.

We’re actually not so interested in whether you identify as queer or not; it can be hard to feel at ease and included when you feel like a misfit in the room, for whatever reason.

Yoga and other ‘wellness’ practices can be hard to access for some of us when they are so often held in unaffordable venues and when we may feel like we don’t fit the body-type, ethnic-type, gender-type or just don’t have the right gear.

I’m interested in community.

How do we relate to one another, how do we listen, how do we make space and hold space for difference and say ‘hi’ to difficulties – and joys – when they arise?

How do we let love in and how do we share it?

How do we care for one another?

How do we stay present and not shut down or run off when things get hard – or when someone wants to care for us?

Community starts in the body – in our own bodies. Our bodies hold so many secrets – fears, shame, memories, emotion, frustration, anger, transformations.

There are a whole load of voices in there – some shouting, some whispering – and sometimes that can be hard to handle and at other times we may not even be able to hear any of them at all.

So, we can train in listening; in paying attention and learning to quieten down enough to cultivate an intimacy with ourselves, so that we can also be more intimate with our lives and with the people and creatures and things in them.

To respond with care to others and situations, we need to cultivate that potential within ourselves and towards ourselves also. Often it’s easier for us to do one or the other.


Wherever you’re at with this, Dixie and TQU invite you to come and play with these 2 together, together.

Join queermoves at: ReSource, Wissmannstr. 20, 12049 Berlin

All classes are free, but you’re invited to leave a donation for TQU so that they can continue their important work of raising awareness and queer voices around the world.

Thank you and we hope to see you there,
Dixie x


Dixie Turner is a certified 200hr RYT with a penchant for questioning what this even means. She comes from London, but prefers Berlin because sometimes people smile more. She’s interested in exploring personal awareness through felt body sense, diverse somatic and mobility practices and dancing around queer spaces.

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