Purpose – Week 1 – Pt. 3

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Why you are whole and perfect as you are

Dear Creatrix,

How do you feel today?

What did you think about the last lesson? Do you have more clarity on your purpose, your gifts, talents and callings already?

Today we will have a look at ourselves, and it’s quite cute to watch the excitement of my highest self as I sit down to write this.

So let’s get right to it.

In the last lesson we saw that when it comes to the purpose or the meaning of life – life does not necessarily have one automatically, it only has the meaning we give to it.

This means that if we believe that life is a struggle, then we will live a life full of struggles.

If we believe life is a joyful affair, then that is what we will experience.

Now, of course, we are human beings and don’t live in isolation – so what we believe about life has been informed by the people we grew up with and what they believed, and therefore we also experienced life according to those beliefs, that we were taught from childhood on.

So, if for you it’s difficult to just believe that life is a joyful affair, because all you’ve ever experienced were struggles, then you are now aware that life has always been full of struggle, because whatever you believed to be true is what formed your reality and that’s the manifestation of what you used to believe.

And the best thing about this is, that if you think it’s easy to make a switch here, it will be easy. If you think it’s difficult, however, it will be difficult.

So whatever you wish to change – it has to start with you changing your belief about yourself and this world, as only when you change your belief, you will also begin to see the evidence of that changed belief in your reality.

And it helps to test this with simple things, to see how it works.

For example, you could go out and think of an elephant before you do, and set the intention to see an elephant somewhere during your time out. And you will surely see one in one form or another.

On a billboard or in a toy store, or somewhere where you would least expect it – let yourself be surprised.

(Just don’t doubt your abilities – believe! and let yourself be surprised)

I did this the other day, when I went for a walk with my dog, and I set my intention to see an owl.

I walk this walk often, so I know what is there, but I thought I’d still give it a try, just to see if it REALLY works and just before I turned the last corner to go back home there was a papier-mâché owl, that a kid must have placed on the fence (through our connection with the universe, which transcends time and space and so made this possible).

Because this is how we create our reality: we think of something we want and trust that it will be there – and it will be.

This is also why the colour purple is such a good support for us in this chapter, because it helps us to see our wishes fulfilled.

So, whatever we believe to be true is true because according to our beliefs, we create it. As whatever we focus on, we materialize.

And as we create our realities, we also create ourselves.

For that reason, today, we will look at the beliefs we have about ourselves and the exercise that comes with this, is definitely going to be challenging, as it will require much love and honesty.

But I will guide us there gently.

And we’ll start here:

You and I, and everyone we know, is whole and perfect, no matter what either of us has done, what we have experienced and what our lives look like right now – or what we think of ourselves right now.

Because right now, you and me, and everyone else, has the potential to do and be whatever we wish – we just have to change the way we see ourselves and what, we think, is possible for us. And everything we did so far, was always the very best we could under the given circumstances.

And while we are at this: Every single moment is perfect, too.

Because it shows us where we are. And from here we can create our futures, by making the best out of every situation we find ourselves in. Too often we think that what creates our future is our past, that the same things are bound to repeat, or that there is a certain fate awaiting us. But that’s not true in general (it’s only true as long as we believe that).

I always like to think of an analogy Wayne Dyer made when it comes to this, as I think it’s quite powerful:

Our past is like the bubbles you can see behind a motorboat in the water.

They are there, but they are not the ones driving or moving the boat forward.

We are directing, stirring the boat, and the motor is pushing it forward.

But as the bubbles are always there, though, if we didn’t know how the boat worked, we could think that the bubbles cause the boat to move forward.

And right now, most of us don’t know who actually moves the boat, or decides about our lives.

We think the bubbles, our past experiences, do, as they have always been there, when it is actually our beliefs about what is possible or impossible for us now, that does – they are the motor and we are the director.

The stirring wheel is in our hands.

Our future is only determined by what we think and do now, right in this moment. Not by what we thought or did or experienced in the past. That has simply informed the way we think and believe now. But as we learn new things, we can change what we think and believe, and with that, what we experience.

It’s only that when we think the same thoughts now, based on the same believes that we had then, that we also see our past repeating.

It’s the same reason why some people are more successful than others. They don’t have more talent or are better necessarily, they just believe in themselves more.

Think about this and really let it sink in.

You decide what you think. And you can decide what you believe – you just have to get clear about what you want and then change it to that, to make it your new reality.

You decide if you want to think what you thought in the past or things which are different from what you thought in the past. And whatever you choose now, in this moment, will determine your future.

So we will begin to practice that now, and to find the clarity we need to create a new different future for ourselves, that is not built on our past, but on what we actually wish for and long for and which allows us to fully be ourselves.

As this is the last day of the first week, and the first week is all about assessing what we like and don’t like about our current situation to find out what we want to keep and cultivate and what we are ready to let go of, we will see today, which of our beliefs about ourselves and our future and (im)possibilities we can let go of so that we can begin to feel fully empowered to live our purpose and to live our callings.

For this, will start today by reminding ourselves that we are whole and perfect and that there’s nothing that can ever be wrong with us – or that we have to prove to anyone.

And if you have any doubts about that, we will move them out of the way, today.

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When I entered on my self-actualization journey, I…

🌈 You have the power to create your reality.

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