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“But many of us seek community solely to escape the fear of being alone. Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving. When we can be alone, we can be with others without using them as a means of escape.”
― Bell Hooks, All About Love: New Visions
Woman standing looking over landscape and sunset- this is what it can look like to live your best life
Our mental well-being is strongly linked to our physical well-being and vice versa.

Once we know how to take really good care of our bodies, we can deepen our positive relationship with ourselves mentally as well.

We create the world we experience – if we want to change our experience, we need to change the way we interact with the world and to act differently we change our thinking 🙂 It’s fun!

If you’d like support with that, book a session with me.

We can train our minds, to help ourselves to live our best lives and with that open up possibilities for a peaceful, clear, fulfilled and loving present & future.

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Which Side are You on? How to Make the Most Important Decision of Your Life.

Which Side are You on? How to Make the Most Important Decision of Your Life.

How can we make the most important decision of our lifetime, when for most of us, most of the time it does not feel like we’re deciding at all?

It feels more like things have been decided, the choices have been made, and that we are dealing with the consequences.

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A Magical year


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How to…

Life can be tricky. Especially since many of the things we’ve learned and experienced have come to be in traumatized cultures and societies. But we can change our ways and find new modes of being and acting, so we can live more freely, and experience more love and joy. Here are some places to start. If you have ideas or wishes of what else to add, please let me know!

How To Create Lasting Change Without Getting Sidetracked

How To Create Lasting Change Without Getting Sidetracked

If you are looking to create lasting change in your life, and the fact that you are on this website points in that direction, then I have a really simple trick for you to make the changes you desire stick.

„Knowledge that is not in the bones is just a rumour.“

This quote is attributed to the Asaro People from Papua New Guinea.

When I first heard the quote from Richard Strozzi-Heckler as part of a course I took on embodiment and purpose, it brought a great bit of clarity into my life, and I hope it will do the same for you.

How to Turn Your Home Into a Sanctuary, Today

How to Turn Your Home Into a Sanctuary, Today

Let’s turn our homes into places where we can restore and resource ourselves. For that, I’d love to show you how you too can start to turn your home into a sanctuary, today!

I think we can all agree that things have to change, if we want to sustain our planet and ourselves.

Dear Future Self

Dear Future Self is an ongoing series which takes a look at the presence in its impermanence.
The idea is to capture a certain moment in time, a feeling, a wish, an encounter or experience and to recognize, that the perspective on that moment will change.
My future self will know more than I do now, will have had more and different experiences than my current self, and will therefore have a different view on what I’m noting now. Going back and forth, between these notes, also documents the steps in personal development and shifts and changes on an individual level.
Self-Actualizing, personal development, the search for more options, or simply experiencing growth and change for any reason, might feel weird, scary or uncertain. Yet impermanence or becoming is something we all share.


15 /// Dear Future Self – What is Freedom?

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20 /// Dear Future Self – Do You Speak Up?

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18 /// Dear Future Self – What Do You Grieve?

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17 /// Dear Future Self – What Do You Do, When You Don’t Do What you Wanted to Do?

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Get an experiential understanding of how I can help you to become your best and most powerful & magical self.

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A Magical Year

This is a self-learn course with monthly live Q&As, exercise, practices and a good and cost-effective way to really turn your life around. 

By bringing in constant improvements, which are actually fun and don't feel like work, you can make your life magical, and yourself more happy, relaxed, stress-resistant, creative, loving and feel a new connection to the world around you.

A Magical Year is a transformational 12-month journey to find more joy, love, clarity, confidence and connection and start living a truly fulfilled, generous and magical life.

Archetype Posters

Working with archetypes can support you on your journey to strengthen your intuition, to get to know yourself better, and to empower you.

Recognizing yourself in these archetypes can help you to see your life and your role in it more clearly, and will allow you to step back enough to let your life unfold in the best possible way.

All 109 Archetypes I've developed are available as posters in the shop.

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Sustainable Business Directory

The Sustainable Business Directory presents businesses hand-selected for excellent products and service, sustainable production, employee and animal welfare.

All businesses listed here are run by women*, non-binary people and allies and they are based all around the world.

You can apply to get your business listed here, or simply enjoy this new shopping experience. What are you looking for today?

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#13 /// Dear Future Self – Do You Believe in God?

#13 /// Dear Future Self – Do You Believe in God?

I have to admit that I have my difficulties.

I grew up believing in God. Not that long ago, I opened my very first diary to a random page and read about how grateful I was, that I always had God to talk to.

Then my education made me believe that there was no God. I came to the conclusion that God, or any kind of belief, was used to explain things we couldn’t explain ourselves yet.

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#12 /// Dear Future Self – What are Your Goals?

#12 /// Dear Future Self – What are Your Goals?

What are your goals? My next big goal is to find a beautiful place somewhere and to fill it with new life.

A place that can become a home for me and my family, but also a place for people to come together.

I’m thinking of an abandoned farm, monastery or factory. With lots of space for things to develop. I’d love to bring in community to set it up and bring it to life as well.

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How can you best be of service to this world?

How can you best be of service to this world?

What does it look like to be of service to the world?
I wake up happy, I go to bed happy. I get so much more done in a day than I ever would have imagined.

I’ve solved a washing machine problem this morning, tended to my plants, had breakfast, planned for some future articles, checked my emails and danced a little in the kitchen.

In no way would this have been possible a year ago.

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Our world needs you.
In your full power.

Start exploring new ways to be in this world.

How can I benefit from coaching? Life is precious, and it's a limited period of time we have on this earth, in this form. We can use this time to grow, experience, love, serve and learn.

Each of us gets to choose in every moment how their life is going to continue, but often we don't make the choices we want, but the ones we think are expected from us. And that leads to chaos, unhappiness and confusion because we're not aligned with our inner knowing.

Once we realize that we have the power to choose and change our circumstances, life enters into a more natural flow.

But to get there, we have some unlearning to do. We need to uncover the subconscious believes that keep us stuck, we need to leave our comfort zones and stretch ourselves, and we have to form new habits that serve us better. And that's what I'm here for, I will help you to become fiercely interdependent.

If you would like to work with me as a coach, I can guide you to find new options that are more aligned with your inner knowing, and to learn to trust your inner voice, to clear blockages that have been holding you back and to open up space for what really matters in your life.

On this journey you can find clarity, confidence, love, freedom, connection and so much more.

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