Have you listened to the eye-opening Michael Singer Podcast yet?

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My recommendation: The Michael Singer Podcast

The Michael Singer Podcast has enriched my life immensely and I can’t recommend this podcast highly enough for anyone who would like to get a deeper understanding of this world.

There are not that many episodes.

Start at the beginning. In the first episode, Michael Singer tells the story of a bird who has landed on the water, and drifts on the surface of the water for so long that he forgets that he can fly.

Of course, the bird has nice moments, when the sun shines on his back, when the water is all peaceful and he’s floating in just the right way.

But eventually the waves and storms come and they are all but pleasant. So, he spends most of his time trying to control the waves, which of course he can’t.

He tries to think differently, or to build protections, but nothing works. The only thing that will be able to protect the bird from the waves and storms is to remember that he can fly.

And so it is, with us people.

We spend most of our days attempting to protect ourselves from whatever turmoil might come our way, but to no avail.

We, too, have forgotten how to fly. Not literally, but we have forgotten about our true nature and the inherent abilities we have.

We are strong, we are creative and we can be at peace. If, instead of trying to control the outside, we looked inward to rediscover and nourish the strength and infinite wisdom we have, we could be free, just like the bird if he only just spread his winds.

In one of the later episodes, he suggests that a good place to start practising inner peace is the weather. It surrounds us every day, so the opportunity to practice is there in any moment.

We will never be able to change the weather. I mean, I hope we will be able to stop climate change before it is too late, but we will nonetheless have to deal with the weather at any moment.

Now we can get upset that it’s raining on a day we had hoped for sunshine, or the other way around. We can get upset at the heat or the cold, but the only thing that will change is our mood.

We can’t change the weather, but we can change what we think about it and how we react to it.

If you find this difficult, try saying this:

‘It’s just weather. It’s not personal.’

Weather has been here long before us and it will be here long after our bodies have dissolved. It will do its thing, no matter what plans we make.

So, we might as well accept it and move on.

It’s weather doing its thing. Nothing personal.

Of course, he will explain that more eloquently than me and he has so much more to say.

If you’d like to get inspired and find more ease, this is a fantastic free podcast to go to and Michael Singer a truly inspiring new friend to surround yourself with.

Find the Michael Singer podcast:

Here’s a link to all episodes of the Michael Singer podcast.

We also practice what he teaches in the I AM CREATOR School: we train our minds to find more calm and make our peace with an ever-changing world, not by trying to control the outside world, but by become a gentle steward of our minds, observing what is going on and gently guiding ourselves to the best available option in each situation. Curious? Learn More & Join.

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