The Mentoring Programme

Do you want to know what the heck you’re doing?
What is it about this life that makes everything so complicated?

Life can actually be very easy. If you would like to find that out for yourself, then this is for you.

With this eleven month mentoring programme, you develop a clear plan for your life and bring clarity into every aspect of it.

Are you ready to start stepping into your full power?

Individual Feedback

Get your questions answered and receive feedback on your process so that you can grow in every area of your life.

In group settings, it can be difficult to ask your personal questions, especially if you are still struggling with taking up space.

With 1-to-1 mentoring, you can ask me and share anything privately, without having to pay for regular coaching sessions.

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Set your focus

This mentoring programme allows you to work on your issues in your own time, while receiving personal feedback for your unique journey.

While the questions and tasks I send you centre around a different topic each week – so that we can address all areas of your life during the programme – you get to decide where you put your personal emphasis.

You know best what’s important for you and where you would like to put your main focus, and I support you in that.

How It Works

2 Questions & a task

The first three Mondays of each month, you will receive two questions and a task that will help you open up to more love and freedom in your life and to move towards becoming your best self.

your reply

Then you have time to reflect on the questions and answer them, do the task and note the questions that arise for you and mail answers and questions to me until Sunday evening.

My Answer

By Tuesday evening, you will receive a personal answer from me. This will be feedback, suggestions to deepen your observation or how to approach things with a different perspective to create new experiences, as well as answers to your questions.

There’s no better time to start, than now.

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We’re all struggling to keep up with the changes going on around us and the ones we know that are still ahead of us.

There is really no better way to deal with any kind of uncertainty than to stop struggling with yourself. Get to know yourself so you can face any obstacle with a smile.

Clean up all areas of your life so that you can get clarity and know what you have to do to feel safe, well and love. Develop a routine to give you the structure to deal with the important things and the freedom to be creative and spontaneous in any way that you wish to be. There is no better time to start, than now.

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment

Are you willing to make the necessary changes in your life to live a happy, fulfilled, purposeful life, no matter what is happening in the world around you?

You have to make that choice for yourself…

If you are ready to learn the skills and gain new perspectives that can help you achieve that over the next 11 months, then not only should you get your spot in the mentoring programme.

Show up every week and every day for yourself from now on.

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Do you really need a mentoring programme for that?

Well, you don’t if you love what you do, you feel connected to those around you and your life is filled with purpose and personal success.

But if that’s not 100% true, then this will help you to get there. As I can only attend to so many people personally, this is a great chance for you to catapult your growth and get the support you need.

Reserve your spot before all spots are taken, and enter a new chapter of your life. The one where you are in charge.

Join open-minded and ready to learn how to take control of your life and success.

This is not a time to just wait and see, most people will do that. It is time to gain the RIGHT skills, and to start acting so you can thrive instead of just trying to survive.



you're not where you want to be in life


it seems difficult to change things, to break with habits


you're uncertain about your purpose and your future


you're tired of feeling overwhelmed

In 11 month


You have a clear idea of what you want your life to look like


You know what you need to achieve your goals


You know your purpose and live it, every day


You have the energy and clarity to live joyfully

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Why should you become your best self?

Because for all we know, we only have this lifetime. It’s up to us how we spent it.

Most of us are caught in the past. We relive the patterns we learned from our parents, which they learned from their parents, and so on.

But we do not have to stay stuck with unhealthy behaviours and believes that don’t serve us. We can break the circle and allow for a way of living that supports us instead of limiting us.

The strategies are all there, you just have to start implementing. And it’s not going to get easier than with this mentorship.

Start playing a different game

Instead of seeing life as a challenge, begin to see it as a gift. A gift that has been waiting for you to unwrap it and embrace it all along.

Life is full of possibility and love and beauty, once you shift your focus you will see this for yourself.

Over the 11 month of this mentorship, you will learn how to live with ease, find clarity and not only see life as a gift, but discover that you are a gift to the world as well.

You’ll be able to start tapping into your potential and learn how to put it to good use.

Your life experience, good or bad, make you who you are and give you a unique insights and skills that you can share with the world.

Your perspective is valuable, you have meaning to contribute to all of our lives, and the world is waiting to see you live your purpose.

Not convinced? Sign up for the mentorship and you’ll be surprised by how differently you will start to experience the world – and yourself in it.

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Every change starts with you.

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We’ve been taught to believe that we need to control our outer environment to find inner peace or happiness. Yet, it’s the other way around.

Once we learn how to switch that perspective and start doing our inner work, the world around us changes.

If you start changing yourself, you will see how you also change the world. Much more effectively and effortlessly, than you ever have before.

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What You Get

Mentorship Programme

33 Mentoring sessions, each of which includes two questions and a task, as well as one written feedback to your answers and questions.

a magical year

If you sign up before the end of August you will get the full A Magical Year Self Learn Course, including videos and other resources, for free.

access to a private community

To meet with others and learn and grow together.

lots of love

Everything I do, I do with love. Because it’s the antidote to all that we fear. If you would like to have more love in your life, I will send you some every week of this programme and beyond. I can’t wait to see you prosper.


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Why is this for you?

You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want MORE out of your life – less anxiety and more hope, less confusion and more certainty, success, impact, joy, love and freedom…

I believe that this mentorship, is a foolproof way for you to find what you’re looking for.

Think about what you’ve learned in your life and what you’re passionate about.

What do you want to bring back or want more of? What do you not want any more?

Let’s make the life you desire your new reality.

I can’t wait to see you flourish.