The Absolutely Best Way to Find Your Life’s Purpose is…

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…to ask yourself the question: What is my life’s purpose?

I’m not sure who said it first, but wisdom is not having the answers, to have wisdom means to know how to ask the right questions.

To ask about our life’s purpose is the beginning of the journey to a fulfilled life.

“What is the purpose of my life?” is probably the single most important question of our lives.

Just last week, I talked to a client who admitted that she didn’t know if that is a question she feels comfortable asking. And I understand that.

Many of us might have been brought up, thinking that certain questions were not for us to answer, I know I have been brought up that way – but that most certainly doesn’t make it true.

And the problem with not finding answers to questions we might have, is that we are keeping up a system of inequality if we continue to think that we do not have the same power other people have.

Every time we think or say or believe that we cannot answer a question ourselves, we give away our authority and power.

We have all the answers within. Each and every one of us.


We give that power to other people, who, we think, are smarter or more equipped, or whatever, but the only difference between ourselves and them is that in those moments,  they are trusting themselves to find the answers whereas we are not trusting ourselves to do the same.

So if we want to live a full and rich and empowered life, we need to ask ourselves: What’s the purpose of my life?

Without an answer, we cannot and will not be able to truly live our best lives, or be our best selves because we think that there are places we can’t go and things we can’t do.

In the I AM CREATOR School, we dedicate the whole month of January to getting very clear on our life’s purpose – and not just that, we also bring our Core Values to our awareness, and get clarity on the difference between our life’s purpose, our life’s vision and our calling.

I made a video about the difference between our life’s purpose, vision and calling, too, if you’d like to gain more clarity on these distinctions for yourself right now:


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Our life’s purpose

Our life’s purpose is to expand our consciousness, to grow, to explore, to learn and to become aware.

But what does that look like in practice? We explore this question in depth in the I AM CREATOR School, so come and join us – it’s much more fun to do this together!

But to give you an idea: it starts with uncovering and releasing all of you. Because we each bring unique and special gifts into this world.

Some might be hidden deep within our soul, others we can start to see more easily when we look back on our lives and see repeating patterns, or events that have changed our lives forever.

Some, we can find through astrology or, with other tools, like creating a Wheel of Colours to uncover our gifts and callings.

What effect does finding our life’s purpose have on our well-being?

Unhappiness, sickness, anxiety, confusion – everything we don’t want – resides in the space between our current state and our highest potential. It is only through living our highest or full potential that we can overcome these things.

But to live our highest potential, we need to know what that is. And for that, we need to embark on the journey of getting to know ourselves.

And this journey begins with the question: What’s my life’s purpose?

Join the I AM CREATOR School now, to start living yours!


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A Comprehensive Guide to Integrating Mindfulness Into Your Everyday Life

A Comprehensive Guide to Integrating Mindfulness Into Your Everyday Life

In the 12 months of the I AM CREATOR School, we are looking at twelve different key areas, that are essential to living life with ease, love and success. Training our mind to become more mindful is one of these key areas.

But as with all of my teachings, I don’t just want to discuss the benefits of mindfulness or why it is so important, I want to help you to easily integrate a mindfulness practice into your life.

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