19 /// Dear Future Self – How Can We Be Soft?

by | Aug 8, 2022 | future self, More About the Mind | 0 comments

Dear future self,

I just listened to this wonderful compilation, what a perfect way to start the day!


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“Stretch your mind far enough to soften your heart – stay grounded on both sides. This is tenacious tenderness and tender tenacity.” Quote from the video.

Tenderness, softness can be so difficult in testing times.

I’ve already mentioned the book You Can Heal Your Heart by Louise Hay & David Kessler in the last post. I can only recommend it again.

Like this compilation, it’s such a kind and tender gift. The stories shared, the options shown, and the emphasis on how we can change everything in our lives by changing the way we think about it, has changed me and opened me up to new ways of seeing things.

For the longest time, I saw myself as a victim to my circumstances. I doubted that I had any power over them. I thought I did not have the opportunities that other people had, because of who I was, where I came from and what I knew.

But only the last bit it true. I did not know how to change my situation, something so fundamentally different from not being able to change the situation.

Yet, I feel like we often equate the two. We think that because we don’t know how to change something, that we can’t. But we can always find out. That’s the beauty of the times we live in.

Stretch your mind far enough to soften your heart.

What a beautiful thing to do.

We, I, the people around me keep calling it doing the inner work.

I hear people say, I’ve worked so hard, yet I don’t see the changes.

Everyone I meet has an easier time, being hard on themselves than to be gentle, soft, playful.

I want to find a different expression. I don’t want to think of it as doing inner work.

I want to practice inner gentleness, openness, allowing.

I want to practice being kind and loving.

I want to practice patience and understanding.

Softness allows for change. Tenderness keeps us flexible and open.

We might fear it would make us too vulnerable, but it really makes us strong.

What we’ve looked at, doesn’t have control over us any more.

Once we’ve looked the tiger in the eye, we can see ourselves in him.

These days I love to cry. I can cry when other people tell me things, I can cry when I have feelings coming up that need to be felt.

I know tears mean change and I love to welcome that

I can cry freely and I can laugh freely.

I feel wide open.

Tenacious tenderness, doesn’t that sound yummy, like you just want to keep it as a coat for the day?

I might wrap myself in tenacious tenderness until I’ve fully absorbed it and can radiate it out into the whole wide world.

Stretch your mind far enough to soften your heart.

Go beyond what you thought you could do and remember, you can do anything, all you have to do is to find out how.

If you want help with that, message me.

Lots of love and softness I send to you 😘



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