Why be a force for good?

As women, we have always had to use all our strength to be recognized for what is inside of us. Just by being ourselves, we have developed many superpowers that can benefit us in the current challenges.

At this point, we all have to rethink our world if we want to preserve it. And for that, we need you more than ever – as a force for good.

However, the everyday demands often do not leave enough time to concentrate on the big picture. The pandemic and now a war that is so close, do not make this any easier. So, what can we do to use our full power effectively?

We need to get out of the vicious circle that many of us are trapped in. The vicious circle consists of not getting enough sleep, not enough time to pay attention to nutrition, dissatisfaction or stress at work, with family, financial worries and not feeling like we are enough.

To avoid these feelings, we distract ourselves, with self-punishment or by trying to make up for the suffering by treating ourselves. Often this triggers a guilty conscience because we subconsciously feel that what we have rewarded ourselves with is actually not good for us at all.

Whether it’s candy, a few glasses of wine, or a shopping trip, when we feel we need to reward ourselves for our troubles, it’s a clear sign that something isn’t going right in our lives.

The first question we can ask ourselves here is: how do I talk to myself? Am I practising self-love? My favourite tip here is to see if the way we talk to ourselves is how we would talk to another person, or even better, if we talked like this to a child who has made the same “mistake”.

For every problem, there is a solution, yet for some reason we expect much more from ourselves than is humanly possible, or than we would ever expect from others. Many of the strategies we need, to master everything that is important to us, we just never learned. That might be sad to realize, but it’s not a bad thing because today is always the best day to start learning and trying new ways.

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time for everything? Make a plan and sort by priority. But most importantly, start developing a routine in which you don’t have to question certain things over and over again.

Do you set goals for yourself but find it hard to actually reach them? Be conscious of how you talk to yourself and how you could be nicer to yourself. Focus on all the things you do accomplished in a day and congratulate yourself for that! The more you recognize what you do, the more you will be able to trust yourself with other things and the more likely it is, that you will actually do them!

  If you are uncertain how to find the right starting point to become a force for good, arrange a free initial appointment with me, in which we can find out together. You can then create a plan and, if necessary, we can identify blockages that have prevented you from reaching your full potential.

We all need you!

When you become a force for good

you can use your superpowers to create the changes you, we all, need.

your experiences and talents are unique and special

If you show them with pride, you can inspire others. If we want to change something, it is important to create this space from a variety of perspectives. It is important that you contribute to this diversity because without your input the picture would not be complete.

In my work, I have been able to discover that there are four pillars we can build our lives upon. If each of these pillars receives the appropriate attention and strength, it will give us as the best basis to  become a force for good.

If you’re still thinking: But I don’t have time to deal with all of these things!

Then rest assured: If you dare to take the first step, you will quickly save time and find (back) to a happier and more balanced life, in which you can actively shape your life and the environment around you and then gradually the whole world – as a force for good and live filled with joy!

The 4 pillars to become a force for good



Energy holds us together and we get more through exercise, healthy nutrition, enough sleep and through being in connection with other people and living beings and nature.



Knowing what our purpose is gives us motivation and helps us to doubt less. It determines the course we are on. It involves taking care of ourselves and those around us.



Having a routine for what matters most is essential to be able to focus our energies on what matters most and to be spontaneous where we want to be.



The best always comes last: What can we do every day or occasionally to contribute to the well-being of all?

If you start using these four pillars to support your life, you will find yourself in an entirely new cycle in no time and will become a force for good. Let’s start with your mind today: In this new cycle you will get enough sleep and healthy food, you will have time to regenerate and to be attentive to and mindful with yourself and your environment. In this cycle, you don’t have to reinvent every day because you have a daily routine that relieves you of some decision-making. You will know what your responsibilities are in life and what you can contribute to a better world without too much effort. And through this new clarity and openness you will have new experiences and will receive support from unexpected sources. So, where do you want to start to get into your full power and to become a force for good? Write to me and we will arrange a free initial appointment so that you can become a force for good as quickly as possible.
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